"Screen Two" (1985) {Memento Mori (#8.14)} TV Season

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Overview "Screen Two" Season 08 Episode 14 (S08E14)



Ratings / Votes
7.4/ 10 (96 Votes)

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Production Company
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 19 April 1992

Running Time



Technical Support
OFM:16 mm
RAT:1.33 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Baskcomb, John as [Fat Old Man]
  2. Charleson, Andrew as [Policeman]
  3. Cusack, Cyril as [Percy Mannering] <10>
  4. Denham, Maurice as [Guy Leet] <6>
  5. Eyre, Peter (I) as [Eric Colston] <9>
  6. Flemyng, Robert as [Ronald Sidebottome]
  7. Hewlett, Arthur as [Ancient Man]
  8. Hordern, Michael as [Godfrey Colston] <2>
  9. Lawry, Richard as [Photographer]
  10. Leith, Alan as [Detective]
  11. Lockwood, Preston as [Deaf Old Man]
  12. Maguire, Leonard as [Mr. Willoughby]
  13. Opacic, Paul as [Jeff]
  14. Shelley, Frank (I) as [The Stranger]
  15. Soall, Terence as [Publisher]
  16. Sparrow, Walter (I) as [Stallholder]
  17. Taylor, Dominic (II) as [Young Journalist]
  18. Wood, John (I) as [Ex-Inspector Henry Mortimer] <7>
  19. Asherson, Renée as [Charmian Colston] <3>
  20. Bradley, Elizabeth (I) as [Mrs. Anthony]
  21. Carey, Jan (I) as [Tea Shop Manageress]
  22. Cole, Stephanie (I) as [Dame Lettie Colston] <4>
  23. Cropper, Anna as [Mrs. Mortimer]
  24. Cullity, Brenda as [Tea Room Guest #2]
  25. Delamain, Aimée as [Ambulatory Grannie]
  26. Hayman, Damaris as [Miss Lottinville]
  27. Healey, Mary (I) as [Ward Sister]
  28. Hicks, Barbara (I) as [Tempest Sidebottome]
  29. Hird, Thora as [Jean Taylor] <5>
  30. Leonard, Jacqueline as [Gwen]
  31. Loesser, Brigitte as [Tea Room Guest #3]
  32. Pavlow, Muriel as [Grannie Valvona]
  33. Richler, Emma as [Young Nurse]
  34. Sachs, Hilda as [Tea Room Guest #1]
  35. Smith, Maggie (I) as [Mrs. Mabel Pettigrew] <1>
  36. Stanley, Martina as [Nurse Lucy]
  37. Wanamaker, Zoë as [Olive Mannering] <8>
  38. Withers, Margery as [Grannie Barnacle]


  1. Comedy
  2. Mystery
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

The story sets in UK during the 1940's. Lettie Colston is a bad tempered lady, who treats in a very rude fashion her maid and has a quite strict personality. Charmian Colston, on the contrary, is a very nice woman, but she lives obsessed with Jean Taylor, because she calls every person like that despite his husband, Godfrey Colston, tells her everyday that Taylor's in the hospital. In fact, Lattie visits almost everyday to Jean at the hospital, a very calm old lady, who shares the room with other old women, some of them living in her own world. One day, Lattie receives a mysterious phone call, with a creepy male voice speaking, telling that "remember that you have to die one day". Charmian is receiving the same phone calls as well as Godfrey. Other friends are receiving the phone calls as well, a group of old people who likes to organize social reunions, gathering together in funerals. Lattie and Charmian are too scared because of these phone calls, and they're trying to find out who might be the responsible. Nevertheless, Godfrey has a fetish obsession with woman legs and he's been unfaithful to Charmian with a younger woman, in fact, the girlfriend of an old man, whom Godfrey can't stand because he pretends to be a literary critic. A refined and attractive lady, Mrs. Mabel Pettigrew leads the group during the social events and she offers to care for Charmian at her house, having a very seductive behavior with Godfrey, when she dares to show her legs to him. However, Lattie wants to solve the phone calls mystery with the help of a kind doctor, because the culprit maybe is among them. Alejandro Frias Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Delerue, Georges


  1. Adefarasin, Remi

Dress Designers

  1. Lansdown, Les


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb] - (1992) (UK) (TV)
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) [us] - (1992) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Day, Mark (I)


  1. Crichton, Alec (production operatives supervisor)
  2. Helsby, Thelma (continuity)
  3. Maclean, Susannah (location manager)
  4. Sims, Jeanie (script consultant)
  5. Wright, Jackie (IV) (finance assistant)


- Jack Clayton spent many years trying to set up a film of Muriel Spark's novel, which was first published at the end of the 1950s. He was repeatedly told that too many of the leading characters were old people for any film version to be a box-office success. After the film of "Driving Miss Daisy" had proved a great hit, he tried again, but, even then, could only set the film up as a TV movie, using the same screenplay that he had prepared for the cinema.