Sex and the Single Alien (1993) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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3.2/ 10 (68 Votes)

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adultery, alien, female-nudity, husband-wife-relationship, independent-film, masturbation, orgasm, strip-club, stripper, telekinesis, telekinetic-sex, ufo,

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Full Cast

  1. Byron, Jey as [Detective] <8>
  2. Fowler, Frank (II) as [Sam Norton] <3>
  3. Kohner, Eric as [Harry Smith] <1>
  4. Ryses, Michael as [Victor] <6>
  5. Alexander, Anastasia as [Roxana] <12>
  6. Blue, Skye as (as Sky Blue) [Ruth] <15>
  7. Cuevas, Diana (I) as [Merry] <11>
  8. Hess, Michele as [Meg] <4>
  9. Parent, Monique as [Jennifer] <9>
  10. Phillips, Julie (I) as [Sherilyn] <7>
  11. Power, De Ann as (as De Ann Power) [Rachel] <13>
  12. Rose, Melanie (I) as [Olivia Smith] <2>
  13. Stoicov, Michaela as (as Michaela Stoicov-Pope) [Gabriela 'Thousand Ways' Skratinova] <3>
  14. West, Tracy (I) as [Beth] <14>


  1. Comedy
  2. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

Harry Smith is your typical sexually-unfulfilled husband whose wife Olivia is more interested in UFOs than in him. With the help of his friend Sam, Harry makes Olivia believe that he has been abducted by aliens, when really he has an affair with the new dancer at the strip club which he and his wife own. But the tables are turned when Harry really is abducted by aliens, and they give him the remarkable ability to bring a woman to orgasm simply by looking at her. Kastore Plot not found