"Shine on Harvey Moon" (1982) {All, or Nothing at All (#4.6)} TV Season

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Overview "Shine on Harvey Moon" Season 04 Episode 06 (S04E06)



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(UK) - 9 August 1985

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Full Cast

  1. Bryant, Fred (I) as [Chas] <17>
  2. Cranham, Kenneth as [Harvey Moon] <1>
  3. Evans, Tenniel as [Geoff Barratt] <8>
  4. Fenton, Leonard as [Erich Gottlieb] <7>
  5. Kingston, Mark (I) as [Leo Brandon] <9>
  6. Murphy, Glen (I) as [Alfie] <11>
  7. Portsmouth, Brian as [Postman] <19>
  8. Stacy, Neil as [Alastair] <13>
  9. Welling, Albert as [Ryder] <12>
  10. Whitlock, Lee as [Stanley Moon] <5>
  11. Bertish, Suzanne as [Frieda Gottlieb] <6>
  12. Day, Edwina as [Lady in Hat Shop] <15>
  13. Logan, Jenny as [Di] <18>
  14. Mitchell, Charlotte (I) as [Lady in Salon] <16>
  15. Pearson, Judith as [Market Customer] <20>
  16. Quirke, Pauline as [Veronica]
  17. Reid, Anne (I) as [Joan] <14>
  18. Robson, Linda (I) as [Maggie Moon] <4>
  19. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Nan] <2>
  20. Steed, Maggie as [Rita Moon] <3>
  21. Winstanley, Michele as [Janice] <10>

Full Plot

Erich dies suddenly and Frieda is amazed to get a visit from Joan Gottlieb, a Gentile who married Erich in Manchester before Frieda came to England, and has evidence that she lent him the money for his first bakery. As she is still his legal wife she is claiming her rights, including the house, but Harvey, using his professional contacts, learns from a Manchester lawyer that Erich separated from her and so she is entitled to nothing. Rita's supplier, Alistair, offers her a partnership making face cream but she refuses when she finds that she is expected to do all the work. Leo hopes to get a shop in the West End with Rita but it falls through. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found