"Shine on Harvey Moon" (1982) {Fools Rush In (#3.8)} TV Season

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Overview "Shine on Harvey Moon" Season 03 Episode 08 (S03E08)



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(UK) - 20 July 1984

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Full Cast

  1. Brierley, Roger as [Mr. Compton] <10>
  2. Burnett, Cliff as [Joshua] <17>
  3. Cranham, Kenneth as [Harvey Moon] <1>
  4. Fenton, Leonard as [Erich Gottlieb] <6>
  5. Foreman, Jamie as [Plumber's Mate] <19>
  6. Haft, Linal as [Monty Fish] <8>
  7. Kingston, Mark (I) as [Leo Brandon] <9>
  8. Laurence, Lee as [Market Trader] <23>
  9. McGinn, Barry as [Councillor Wilkins] <22>
  10. Peake, Trevor as [Swimming Pool Attendant] <20>
  11. Robinson, Keith (XXIX) as [Fascist Thug] <16>
  12. Walters, Hugh as [Fascist Speaker] <15>
  13. Whitlock, Lee as [Stanley Moon] <5>
  14. Whittingham, Christopher as [Plumber] <18>
  15. Beresford, Susan as [Councillor Pleat] <21>
  16. Bertish, Suzanne as [Frieda Gottlieb] <7>
  17. Dale, Janet as [Mrs. Pelham] <14>
  18. Lacey, Rebecca as [Gloria Pelham] <13>
  19. Quirke, Pauline as [Veronica] <11>
  20. Robson, Linda (I) as [Maggie Moon] <4>
  21. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Nan] <2>
  22. Steed, Maggie as [Rita Moon] <3>
  23. Winstanley, Michele as [Janice] <12>

Full Plot

The Moons are unable to pay for Stanley to go on a school outing but Harvey's pride causes him to turn down the headmaster's offer to finance him from school funds. Orthodox Erich disapproves of Harvey dating Frieda and refuses to support his anti-Fascist meeting,though Harvey's tolerance almost stops short of Leo when he finds out from Maggie that he is gay. However the two men are reconciled at the dog track where Leo's greyhound is racing and where Harvey is robbed of his winnings by two Black Shirts who attended his meeting. Monty Fish helps him to turn the tables on his attackers as well as helping him to get on the right side of Erich. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found