"Shine on Harvey Moon" (1982) {Getting Results (#2.1)} TV Season

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Overview "Shine on Harvey Moon" Season 02 Episode 01 (S02E01)



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(UK) - 10 September 1982

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Full Cast

  1. Arthur, John (III) as [Derrick] <15>
  2. Baxter-Worman, Jerry as (as Joel Baxter-Warman) [Simpson] <18>
  3. Benjamin, Christopher (I) as [Mr. Hartley] <10>
  4. Brierley, Roger as [Mr. Compton] <12>
  5. Cranham, Kenneth as [Harvey Moon] <1>
  6. Gallagher, Bernard as [Merrick] <8>
  7. Haft, Linal as [Monty Fish] <11>
  8. Long, Matthew (I) as [John Smith] <13>
  9. Mackriel, Peter as [Matt] <19>
  10. McHale, Tony as [Projectionist] <22>
  11. O Connor, Rory (IV) as [Snooker Player] <20>
  12. Planer, Nigel as [Lou Lewis] <4>
  13. Sutton, Dudley as [Connie Rosenthal] <9>
  14. Sweeney, Steve (I) as [Roper] <21>
  15. Whitlock, Lee as [Stanley Moon] <6>
  16. Armstrong, Debbie (I) as (as Deborah Armstrong) [Dorothy] <14>
  17. Holliman, Valerie as [Streetwalker] <17>
  18. Ireland, Vicky as [Pat] <16>
  19. Robson, Linda (I) as [Maggie Moon] <5>
  20. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Nan] <2>
  21. Steed, Maggie as [Rita Moon] <3>
  22. Victory, Fiona as [Harriet Wright] <7>

Full Plot

Whilst Lou's black market activities flourish Harvey is stuck in a dull job in a wireless factory working for the tight-fisted Hartley. However,when a woman is injured as a result of negligence,Harvey calls a strike. He and Rita have to masquerade as a happy,united couple at an interview to get Stanley into the grammar school for which Harriet has recommended him.A combination of misunderstandings and Stanley's tall stories about his father's war exploits ensures entry but Maggie feels her father is neglecting her to spend time with Stanley. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found

Dress Designers

  1. Killeen, Sheelagh


  1. Clement, Dick (script editor)
  2. Hilliard, Adrian (stage manager)
  3. La Frenais, Ian (script editor)
  4. McDonald, David (I) (floor manager)
  5. Robinson, Margaret (IV) (production assistant)
  6. True-May, Brian (location administrator)