"Shine on Harvey Moon" (1982) {Kind Hearts and Coronets (#4.1)} TV Season

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Overview "Shine on Harvey Moon" Season 04 Episode 01 (S04E01)



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(UK) - 5 July 1985

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Full Cast

  1. Cranham, Kenneth as [Harvey Moon] <1>
  2. Ellison, Christopher as [Albert] <13>
  3. Evans, Tenniel as [Geoff Barratt] <7>
  4. Fenner, Michael as [Clark] <22>
  5. Garth, David (I) as [Quentin Elliott] <11>
  6. Gunstock, Ashley as [Doctor] <15>
  7. Kay, Richard (III) as [Drunk] <18>
  8. Kingston, Mark (I) as [Leo Brandon] <8>
  9. Merrison, Clive as [Dick Elliott] <10>
  10. Planer, Nigel as [Lou Lewis]
  11. Short, Pip as [Policeman] <20>
  12. Warner, Anthony (I) as [Policeman] <19>
  13. Whitlock, Lee as [Stanley Moon] <5>
  14. Ashton, Lynne as [Nurse] <17>
  15. Bertish, Suzanne as [Frieda Gottlieb] <6>
  16. Donnelly, Elaine (I) as [Sister] <16>
  17. Hargreaves, Johanna as [Hilda] <12>
  18. Healey, Mary (I) as [Lena] <14>
  19. Lewis, Karen (I) as [Nippy] <21>
  20. Quirke, Pauline as [Veronica] <9>
  21. Robson, Linda (I) as [Maggie Moon] <4>
  22. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Nan] <2>
  23. Steed, Maggie as [Rita Moon] <3>

Full Plot

The Moons get a scare when Stanley is rushed to hospital with suspected polio,though it proves to be a false alarm. The path of true love does not run smoothly for Nan when Geoff's objectionable son Albert makes it clear that he opposes their courtship. Harvey,however,is not only appointed as a magistrate,thanks to Dick,but gets to organize a dance to celebrate the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and to which Frieda accompanies him,having broken a date with Adrian Horowitz to do so. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found