"Shine on Harvey Moon" (1982) {Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Down And... (#3.2)} TV Season

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Overview "Shine on Harvey Moon" Season 03 Episode 02 (S03E02)



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(UK) - 8 June 1984

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Full Cast

  1. Brierley, Roger as [Mr. Compton] <11>
  2. Cranham, Kenneth as [Harvey Moon] <1>
  3. Fenton, Leonard as [Erich Gottlieb] <7>
  4. Haft, Linal as [Monty Fish] <8>
  5. Jordan, Patrick (I) as [Fireman] <21>
  6. Kingston, Mark (I) as [Leo Brandon] <9>
  7. Marter, Ian as [Policeman] <19>
  8. Merrison, Clive as [Dick Elliott] <10>
  9. Morgan, Richardson as (as Ric Morgan) [Douglas] <13>
  10. Murphy, Martin (I) as [Pub barman] <15>
  11. Osborne, Brian (I) as [Labour club barman] <14>
  12. Rowe, John (I) as [Speaker] <17>
  13. Watkins, Simon as [Policeman] <20>
  14. Whitlock, Lee as [Stanley Moon] <5>
  15. Barton, Lorna as [Alice] <16>
  16. Bertish, Suzanne as [Frieda Gottlieb] <6>
  17. Gill, Sheila as [Speaker] <18>
  18. Mitchell, Sheila (I) as [Mother] <12>
  19. Robson, Linda (I) as [Maggie Moon] <4>
  20. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Nan] <2>
  21. Steed, Maggie as [Rita Moon] <3>

Full Plot

With Lou in a sanatorium Maggie starts to train in nursing. Harvey gets a letter from Harriet to say she is engaged to another man but Rita quickly recovers from her ordeal with the murderer when Monty returns from Liverpool and pays her to host card schools. Harvey comforts landlady Frieda Gottlieb after her synagogue is fire-bombed in reprisals for the King David hotel in Israel. In gratitude she gets her brother to bake Stanley a birthday cake. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found