"Silent Witness" (1996) {Darkness Visible: Part 2 (#1.6)} TV Season

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Overview "Silent Witness" Season 01 Episode 06 (S01E06)



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6.9/ 10 (16 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 14 March 1996
(Hungary) - 13 April 2007

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Full Cast

  1. Armstrong, William (I) as [Trevor Stewart] <6>
  2. Aubrey, James as [DI Hartley]
  3. Bacon, Rick as (as Richard Bacon) [TV Reporter]
  4. Coyle, Brendan (I) as [Liam Slattery] <5>
  5. Glenister, Philip as [PC Denning] <8>
  6. Keith, Ian (II) as [P.C. Jarvis]
  7. McGlynn, John (I) as [D.I. Tom Adams] <2>
  8. Parks, Sam (I) as [Fred Dale]
  9. Shaw, Ian (I) as [PC Johns]
  10. Steer, Matthew (I) as [Ricky Ryan] <12>
  11. Stott, Ken as [Sergeant Bob Claire] <4>
  12. Trinder, Richard as [Bomb Disposal Officer]
  13. Troughton, Michael (I) as [Allen Symonds]
  14. Truter, Gregor as [Sergeant Lathwell]
  15. Twomey, Milo as [PC North]
  16. Whitlock, Lee as [Stevo]
  17. Acquah, Janice as [Marcia Evans] <9>
  18. Burton, Amanda (I) as [Sam Ryan] <1>
  19. Fenwick, Kate as [Tracy Tennant]
  20. Gemmell, Ruth as [D.C. Kerry Cox] <7>
  21. Hepburn, Doreen as [Beryl Ryan] <11>
  22. Higgins, Clare (I) as [D.S. Farmer] <3>
  23. John, Caroline as [Mrs. Claire]
  24. McCabe, Ruth (I) as [Wyn Ryan] <10>
  25. Pallas, Cécile as [Natalie Johns]
  26. Strong, Gwyneth as [Patricia Denning]

Full Plot

Sam continues her investigation in the prisoner's death and believes the police are covering up. When a police constable whose wife reported was cracking up is found dead, the investigating officers themselves believe something is amiss. Sam continues to be harassed by someone unknown and has to call in the bomb squad when she receives a mysterious parcel and subsequently someone tries to run her off the road. Liam and Sam renew their relationship but she is faced with a difficult choice. garykmcd Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Burgon, Geoffrey


  1. Tufano, Brian (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Lansdown, Les

Film Editors

  1. MacDonnell, John (I)


  1. Burrell, Richard (II) (location manager)
  2. Dawson, Elaine (assistant production accountant)
  3. Hills, Sue (I) (continuity)
  4. Palmer, Sonia (script editor)
  5. Rhodes, Joseph (I) (location manager)
  6. Richmond, Paul (I) (production executive)
  7. Ryan, Ted (III) (police advisor)
  8. Spence, Patrick (script editor)
  9. Whitwell, Helen (advisor: forensic pathology)