SingStar Party (2004) (VG) Video Game

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6.3/ 10 (26 Votes)

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Release Date
(New Zealand) - 26 November 2004

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Full Cast

  1. Ashford, Nick as (as Ashford & Simpson) [Himself]
  2. Babydaddy as (as the Scissor Sisters) [Himself]
  3. Bono, Sonny as (as Sonny & Cher) (archive footage) [Himself]
  4. Boom, Paddy as (as the Scissor Sisters) [Himself]
  5. Bourne, James as (as Busted) [Himself]
  6. Carmichael, Jesse as (as Maroon 5) [Himself]
  7. Copeland, Stewart (I) as (as the Police) [Himself]
  8. Cuccurullo, Warren as (as Duran Duran) [Himself]
  9. Dusick, Ryan as (as Maroon 5) [Himself]
  10. Foundations, The as (as the Foundations) [Themselves]
  11. Hadley, Tony as (as Spandau Ballet) [Himself]
  12. Hardy, Bob (II) as (as Franz Ferdinand) [Himself]
  13. Heaton, Paul as (as The Beautiful South) [Himself]
  14. Hemingway, Dave as (as The Beautiful South) [Himself]
  15. Horn, Trevor as (as the Buggles) [Himself]
  16. John, Elton as [Himself]
  17. Kapranos, Alex as (as Franz Ferdinand) [Himself]
  18. Kay, Jay (I) as (as Jamiroquai) [Himself]
  19. Keeble, John (I) as (as Spandau Ballet) [Himself]
  20. Kemp, Gary (I) as (as Spandau Ballet) [Himself]
  21. Kemp, Martin (I) as (as Spandau Ballet) [Himself]
  22. Le Bon, Simon as (as Duran Duran) [Himself]
  23. Levine, Adam (V) as [Himself]
  24. Little Richard as [Himself]
  25. Madden, Mickey as (as Maroon 5) [Himself]
  26. Marley, Bob (I) as (archive footage) [Himself]
  27. Marquis, Del as (as the Scissor Sisters) [Himself]
  28. McCarthy, Nick (III) as (as Franz Ferdinand) [Himself]
  29. Michael, George (II) as [Himself]
  30. Norman, Steve (I) as (as Spandau Ballet) [Himself]
  31. Presley, Elvis as (as Elvis) (archive footage) [Himself]
  32. Rhodes, Nick as (as Duran Duran) [Himself]
  33. Rotheray, Dave as (as The Beautiful South) [Himself]
  34. Shears, Jake as (as the Scissor Sisters) [Himself]
  35. Simpson, Charlie (V) as (as Busted) [Himself]
  36. Sinclair, John (VIII) as (as the Buggles) [Himself]
  37. Stead, David as (as The Beautiful South) [Himself]
  38. Sting (I) as (as the Police) [Himself]
  39. Summers, Andy as (as the Police) [Himself]
  40. Taylor, Andy (VII) as (as Duran Duran) [Himself]
  41. Taylor, John (IV) as (as Duran Duran) [Himself]
  42. Taylor, Roger (III) as (as Duran Duran) [Himself]
  43. Thomson, Paul (IV) as (as Franz Ferdinand) [Himself]
  44. Valentine, James (IV) as (as Maroon 5) [Himself]
  45. Waterman, Pete (III) as (as Busted) [Himself]
  46. Welch, Sean (III) as (as The Beautiful South) [Himself]
  47. Willis, Matt (I) as (as Busted) [Himself]
  48. Withers, Bill as [Himself]
  49. Beckham, Victoria as (as Spice Girls) [Herself]
  50. Bedingfield, Natasha as [Herself]
  51. Brown, Melanie (I) as (as Spice Girls) [Herself]
  52. Bunton, Emma as (as Spice Girls) [Herself]
  53. Cantrell, Blu as [Herself]
  54. Cher (I) as (as Sonny & Cher) [Herself]
  55. Chisholm, Melanie as (as Spice Girls) [Herself]
  56. Dee, Kiki as [Herself]
  57. Dido (I) as [Herself]
  58. Halliwell, Geri as (as Spice Girls) [Herself]
  59. Hylton, Javine as (as Javine) [Herself]
  60. Keys, Alicia as [Herself]
  61. Knowles, Beyoncé as (as Destiny's Child) [Herself]
  62. Lauper, Cyndi as [Herself]
  63. Matronic, Ana as (as the Scissor Sisters) [Herself]
  64. Minogue, Kylie as [Herself]
  65. Pink (I) as [Herself]
  66. Rowland, Kelly (I) as (as Destiny's Child) [Herself]
  67. Simpson, Valerie (I) as (as Ashford & Simpson) [Herself]
  68. Tiffany (I) as (as Tiffany) [Herself]
  69. Williams, Michelle (IV) as (as Destiny's Child) [Herself]

Movie Certificate

G (New Zealand)


  1. Bates, Richard (VI) (lead programmer)
  2. Green, Arran (production assistant)