Slatersville: America's First Mill Village (2014) Movie

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*breaking branches pictures [us]

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(USA) - 2014

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Breaking Branches Pictures announces the production of a new documentary Slatersville: America's First Mill Village. This film will tell the story of the Slatersville Mill and the design and settlement of America's first pre-planned mill village in Slatersville, Rhode Island (a village in the Town of North Smithfield) and its important role in the Industrial Revolution. Slatersville will be directed by award winning filmmaker Christian de Rezendes, a lifelong resident of North Smithfield and owner of Breaking Branches Pictures, also based in the town. Produced in cooperation with the Town of North Smithfield and Town Administrator Paulette Hamilton, Slatersville is a story about Individuals and Community, Ingenuity and Manpower, and Creation and Restoration. "This film will provide an accurate historic representation of the village that set the tone for the Industrial Revolution. I am proud to be part of this partnership." stated Hamilton. This film will bring together historic and humanities scholars, former Mill Workers, and town's residents to personalize this remarkable history. Slatersville is also being produced in light of legislation introduced in the United States Senate and House of Representatives in October of 2011 to establish the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park. The new proposed multi-site park would encompass land in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and would include the village of Slatersville as one of five nationally significant historic districts. Throughout the production, Breaking Branches Pictures will be working with numerous individuals and organizations including the North Smithfield Heritage Association to collect archival material for this film. The filmmakers are expanding their search for those who have history to share through personal stories and/or rare photographs, articles and other materials that can enhance the story of Slatersville. Amanda de Rezendes Plot not found


  1. de Rezendes, Christian


  1. Beauregard, Christopher (transcribing)
  2. Chaves, Rawley (transcribing)
  3. Christensen, Leigh (II) (transcribing)