"Smash" (2012) {Enter Mr. DiMaggio (#1.3)} TV Season

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Overview "Smash" Season 01 Episode 03 (S01E03)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.1/ 10 (134 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
DreamWorks Television [us]
Madwoman in the Attic [us]
Universal TV [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Canada) - 20 February 2012
(USA) - 20 February 2012
(Hungary) - 4 April 2012
(Spain) - 26 May 2012
(Finland) - 29 August 2012

Running Time



Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Appleman, Hale as [Zach] <26>
  2. Azenberg, Emanuel as (as Manny Azenberg) [Himself] <20>
  3. Baker, Dylan (I) as [Roger Cartwright] <12>
  4. Block, Larry (I) as [Gary Garrison] <27>
  5. Borle, Christian as [Tom Levitt] <4>
  6. Burkhardt, Scott (I) as [Scott] <21>
  7. Cepero, Jaime as [Ellis Boyd] <8>
  8. Chase, Will (I) as [Michael Swift] <10>
  9. Cristofer, Michael as [Jerry Rand] <13>
  10. d Arcy James, Brian as (credit only) (also archive footage) [Frank Houston] <7>
  11. Davenport, Jack as [Derek Wills] <2>
  12. Ferguson, Derek (V) as [Dancer] <33>
  13. Jaffrey, Raza as [Dev Sundaram] <6>
  14. Johnson, Blake Andrew as (as Blake Johnson) [Artie Swift] <16>
  15. King, Christopher (XVI) as [Dancer] <34>
  16. Liff, Spencer as [Dancer] <36>
  17. Saba, James as [Maitre D'] <30>
  18. Santos, J. Manuel as (as Manuel Santos) [Dancer] <38>
  19. Spaeth, Phillip as [Dennis] <18>
  20. Stadlen, Lewis J. as (as Lewis Stadlen) [Ralph Masius] <14>
  21. Story, Jamal as [Dancer] <40>
  22. Tripp, Rickey as (as Ricky Tripp) [Dancer] <41>
  23. Baker, Becky Ann as [Mrs. Cartwright] <11>
  24. Barber, Jenni as [Marlena] <22>
  25. Covillo, Kristine as [Dancer] <32>
  26. DeWolfe, Paxx as [Broadway Hipster] <5>
  27. Federer, Michelle as (as Michele Federer) [Monica Swift] <15>
  28. Goldyn, Jessica Lee as [Lucy] <28>
  29. Hilty, Megan as [Ivy Lynn] <5>
  30. Huston, Anjelica as [Eileen Rand] <9>
  31. Ikeda, Jennifer as [Lianne] <23>
  32. Jones, Rebecca Naomi as [Laura] <24>
  33. Laroche, Jenny as [Dancer] <35>
  34. Li, Li Jun as [Store Clerk] <29>
  35. McPhee, Katharine (I) as [Karen Cartwright] <3>
  36. Messing, Debra as [Julia Houston] <1>
  37. Plantadit-Bageot, Karine as (as Karine Plantadit) [Dancer] <37>
  38. Quinn, Nadia as [Amy] <25>
  39. Rashad, Condola as [Cyn] <17>
  40. Scott, Ellenore as [Dancer] <39>
  41. Steeves, Finnerty as [Moira] <31>
  42. Webber, Katie (I) as [Dancer] <42>
  43. Wise, Savannah as [Jessica] <19>

Full Plot

With Ivy cast as Marilyn and Karen cast in the ensemble, the production moves into the workshop phase, the $200/week paycheck per person which causes some unspoken issues among many of the cast. For Karen, a trip back to Iowa for a friend's baby shower places her life into perspective for her, her friends and her family. Ivy's own insecurities surface as she wonders if she only got the part because she is sleeping with Derek. With the principal female lead cast, the casting moves to the three male leads, the first being 'Joe DiMaggio (I)' (qv). The name that comes to mind for most is Michael Swift, which causes Julia some unspoken anxiety. She eventually admits the reason for her anxiety to Tom, which could add an extra dimension to her already tenuous relationship with Ellis. And Eileen continues to have problems attracting investors, as many of her past investors had always dealt with Jerry, who they trust more than her. Huggo The search begins for a Joe DiMaggio to play opposite Marilyn -- but everyone's first choice, Michael, has a secret. Karen returns to Iowa for a baby shower and must decide what she wants for her future. Eileen begins rounding up investors-but ex-husband Jerry may already have poisoned the well. NBC Publicity Plot not found


  1. Mullen, M. David (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Maginnis, Molly (I)


Canadian Television (CTV) [ca] - (2012) (Canada) (TV)
Dlife [jp] - (2012) (Japan) (TV)
Magyar Televízió [hu] - (2012) (Hungary) (TV) (M1)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (2012) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Henry, William (III) (as Bill Henry)


  1. Alcalde, Ernesto (accountant)
  2. Bergasse, Joshua (choreographer)
  3. Bewley, Dustin (set production assistant)
  4. Brenneman, Justin (script coordinator)
  5. Covino, Frank (location manager) (as Frank C. Covino)
  6. Cruse, David J. (II) (theater technical director) (uncredited)
  7. Day, Sam (I) (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  8. Doherty, George (I) (production coordinator)
  9. Fernandez, Patricia (I) (location assistant)
  10. Ferrone, Kenneth (assistant: Jim Chory)
  11. Flynn, Glen (payroll clerk) (uncredited)
  12. Giannone, Brian (assistant production coordinator)
  13. Hairston, Jerome (I) (executive story editor)
  14. Hewitt, Annelise (production assistant)
  15. Holmes, Eric (VIII) (assistant: Theresa Rebeck)
  16. Jones, Kathryn (VI) (first assistant accountant)
  17. Kazlauskas, John (assistant: David Marshall Grant)
  18. Lovin, Jenny (payroll accountant) (uncredited)
  19. Mallikarjuna, Krutika (production secretary)
  20. Manilla, Paul (production accountant)
  21. Martin, Alexander (IV) (location assistant) (uncredited)
  22. Michaels, Dave (V) (location assistant) (uncredited)
  23. Molinaro, Lisa (script supervisor)
  24. Parees, Marc (assistant: Michael Mayer)
  25. Planitzer, Jason (location scout)
  26. Reeves, Charlie (second assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  27. Rose, Peter Pamela (adr loop group) (uncredited)
  28. Salgado, Valerie (assistant choreographer)
  29. Scutro, Tom (assistant location manager) (uncredited)
  30. Shull, Joshua (location scout) (uncredited)
  31. South, Tommy (assistant location manager)
  32. Weiss, Vanessa (production assistant) (uncredited)
  33. Wellbrock, Ashley (clearance coordinator) (uncredited)
  34. Wiggans, Gregg (assistant: Neil Meron & Craig Zadan)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New York City, New York, USA