"Smurfs" (1981) TV Season

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.4/ 10 (3770 Votes)

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Production Company
Cuckoo's Nest Studios [tw] - (in association with) (1986-1989)
Hanna-Barbera Productions [us]
SEPP International S.A. [be]
Toei Animation Company [jp] - (in association with) (1987)
Wang Film Productions Company [tw] - (in association with) (1986-1989)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 12 September 1981
(Netherlands) - 1 October 1982
(Poland) - 2 May 2005

Running Time
30 (256 episodes)


based-on-comic, blue, blue-skin, cat, character-name-in-title, community, family-relationships, friendship, middle-ages, one-word-title, problem-solving, scheme, smurf, sorcerer, time-travel, village, wisdom,

Technical Support
PFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Adler, Charles (I) as (voice) [Natural 'Nat' Smurf (1984-1990)] <18>
  2. Angel, Jack (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  3. Arbogast, Bob as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  4. Arquette, Lewis as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  5. Auberjonois, Rene as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  6. Barclay, Jered as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  7. Begley Jr., Ed as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  8. Behrens, Bernard as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  9. Bell, Michael (I) as (voice) [Grouchy Smurf/Handy Smurf/Lazy Smurf/Johan (1982-1990)] <11>
  10. Berger, Gregg as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  11. Booke, Sorrell as (voice) (as Sorrell Brooke) [Additional voices]
  12. Brooks, Peter (II) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  13. Camen, Joey as (voice) (as Joey Cadmen) [Additional Voices]
  14. Carmel, Roger C. as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  15. Christopher, William as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  16. Clarke, Philip L. as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  17. Corden, Henry as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  18. Cullen, Peter (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  19. Curtis, Keene as (voice) [Balthazar (1982-1989)]
  20. DeLyon, Leo as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  21. Doucette, Jeff (I) as (voice) (as Jess Doucette) [Additional Voices]
  22. Dysart, Richard as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  23. Edmiston, Walker as (voice) (as Walden Edmiston) [Additional Voices]
  24. Efron, Marshall as (voice) [Sloppy Smurf (1982-1984)] <13>
  25. Eiding, Paul as (voice) (as Paul Riding) [Additional Voices]
  26. Erdman, Richard (I) as (voice) (as Dick Erdman) [Additional Voices]
  27. Erhard, Bernard as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  28. Fraley, Pat (II) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  29. Gautier, Richard as (voice) (as Dick Gautier) [Additional Voices]
  30. Gibson, Henry (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  31. Gocke, Justin as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  32. Gordon, Barry (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices] <4>
  33. Hartman, Phil (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  34. Holt, Bob (I) as (voice) [The King (1982-1990)] <27>
  35. Houser, Jerry as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  36. Ingle, John as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  37. Johnson, Arte as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  38. Kaplan, Marvin (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  39. Kessler, Zale as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  40. Kincaid, Aron as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  41. King, Kip as (voice) [Tailor Smurf] <16>
  42. Kirby, Paul (II) as (voice) [Narator (1985-1990)] <23>
  43. Lembeck, Michael as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  44. Lurie, Allan as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  45. Medalis, Joseph G. as (voice) (as Joe Medalis) [Additional Voices]
  46. Melvin, Allan as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  47. Miller, Sidney (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  48. Moss, Larry (III) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  49. Paulsen, Rob as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  50. Perrin, Vic as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  51. Polic II, Henry as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  52. Proctor, Phil as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  53. Ramirez, Ken as [Hefty Smurf]
  54. Ridgely, Robert as (voice) (as Bob Ridgely) [Additional Voices]
  55. Ross, Neil (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  56. Ruskin, Joseph as (voice) (as Joe Ruskin) [Additional Voices]
  57. Ryan, Will (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  58. Rye, Michael (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  59. Schallert, William as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  60. Schell, Ronnie as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  61. Schreiber, Avery as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  62. Smith, Hal as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  63. Stephenson, John (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  64. Stevens, Kris Erik as (voice) (as Kris Stevens) [Narrator (1981-1985)] <24>
  65. Stojka, Andre (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  66. Travalena, Fred as (voice) (as Fred Travalen) [Additional Voices]
  67. Tremayne, Les as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  68. Walston, Ray as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  69. Weinrib, Lennie as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  70. Winchell, Paul as (voice) [Gargamel (1981-1989)/Baby Smurf/Nosey Smurf] <2>
  71. Winters, Jonathan (I) as (voice) [Grandpa Smurf (1986-1990)/Additional Voices] <28>
  72. Young, Alan (I) as (voice) [Miner Smurf (1984-1989)/Farmer Smurf (1982-1990)/Scaredy Smurf] <7>
  73. Aragon, Marlene (I) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  74. Banfield, Bever-Leigh as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  75. Bliss, Lucille (I) as (voice) [Smurfette (1981-1990)] <3>
  76. Blu, Susan (I) as (voice) [Granny Smurf (1988-1989)] <9>
  77. Buzzi, Ruth as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  78. Carroll, Victoria as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  79. Catlett, Mary Jo as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  80. Cole, Selette as (voice) (as Salette Cole) [Additional Voices]
  81. Cronyn, Tandy as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  82. Darling, Jennifer as (voice) [Princess Salvina (1982-1989)]
  83. Deutsch, Patti as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  84. Gary, Linda as (voice) [Dame Barbara (1982-1989)] <21>
  85. Lee, Ruta as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  86. MacMillan, Norma as (voice) (as Norma McMillan) [Additional Voices]
  87. MacNeille, Tress as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  88. Maloney, Patty as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  89. McBroom, Amanda as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  90. McClurg, Edie as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  91. McGee, Cindy as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  92. McWhirter, Julie as (voice) (as Julie Dees) [Baby Smurf (1984-1990)/Sassette Smurf (1985-1990)] <19>
  93. Musick, Pat as (voice) [Snappy Smurf (1985-1990)] <15>
  94. North, Noelle as (voice) [Slouchy Smurf (1985-1990)] <14>
  95. Parris, Patricia as (voice) (as Patty Parris) [Additional Voices]
  96. Peck, Clare as (voice) (as Claire Peck) [Additional Voices]
  97. Pershing, Diane as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  98. Schreffler, Marilyn as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  99. Seaton, Mimi as (voice) (as Mimi Seton) [Additional Voices]
  100. Silo, Susan as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  101. Soucie, Kath as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  102. Stoddart, Andrea as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  103. Stratton, Dee as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  104. Taylor, Russi as (voice) [Puppy (1985-1989)/Smoogle (1988-1990)/Additional Voices]
  105. Tolsky, Susan as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  106. Vaccaro, Brenda as (voice) [Scruple (1986-1989)] <25>
  107. Waldo, Janet as (voice) [Hogatha (1982-1989)] <20>
  108. Walton-Walker, Peggy as (voice) (as Peggy Walton Walker) [Additional Voices]
  109. Ward, B.J. (II) as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  110. Webber, Peggy as (voice) [Farmer Smurf (1981-1982)/Additional Voices] <26>
  111. Witkin, Francine as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  112. Zager, Lynnanne as (voice) [Additional Voices]


  1. Animation
  2. Family
  3. Fantasy

Full Plot

The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in a forest inhabited mainly by their own kind. The smurfs average daily routine is attempting to avoid Gargomel, an evil man who wants to kill our little blue friends. A long running and popular cartoon show. David Landers Classic Saturday-morning cartoon series featuring magical blue elf-like creatures called Smurfs. The Smurfs, named for their personalities, inhabit a village of mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. These loveable creatures are led by Papa Smurf and live carefree... except for one major threat to their existance: Gargamel, an evil but inept wizard who lives in a stone-built house in the forest; and his feline companion, the equally nasty Azrael. Typical stories deal with the Smurfs' efforts to fight off Gargamel, who wanted to do one of several things to the blue creatures including eat them, make them slaves and gain their magical secrets in order to gain dignity among the wizard's fraternity. More than once, the Smurfs had to save Gargamel from his back-firing plans or even eviler wizards. Brian Rathjen Plot not found

Movie Certificate

AL (Netherlands)
G (Australia)
L (Iceland)
G (Canada)(TV rating)
Atp (Argentina)


Belgische Radio en Televisie (BRT) [be] - (19??-????) (Belgium) (TV) (BRT1)
Cinemax [ru] - (2010) (Russia) (all media) (CIS)
Fabulous Films [gb] - (2010) (UK) (DVD)
Kindernet [nl] - (1989-2002) (Netherlands) (TV)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (1981-1990) (USA) (TV)
RTL Entertainment [nl] - (1993-1996) (Netherlands) (TV) (RTL4)
SBS6 [nl] - (2008-) (Netherlands) (TV)
TeleRep - (1985-1986) (USA) (TV)
Telepictures Distribution [us] - (1992-1997) (USA) (TV)
Turner Program Services (TPS) [us] - (1990-1992) (USA) (TV)
Verenigde Arbeiders Radio Amateurs (VARA) [nl] - (1982-1990) (Netherlands) (TV)
Warner Bros. Television [us] - (1997) (USA) (TV)
Warner Home Video [us] - (2008) (USA) (DVD)
Worldvision Enterprises [us] - (1986-1990) (USA) (TV)
Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) [de] - (1983-19??) (West Germany) (TV)


Gargamel: Ooo, those goody-goody Smurfs make me sick! Azrael the Cat: Reow-row-row-reowww! [repeated line] Brainy Smurf: Is it much further Papa Smurf? Papa Smurf: Not much further my little smurfs. Jokey Smurf: [different location] Is it much further Papa Smurf? Papa Smurf: Not much Further my little smurfs Grouchy Smurf: [third location] Is it much further papa smurf? Papa Smurf: Yes it is! Papa Smurf: Everyone what are the first two rules of Smurfdom? #1 Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, Clockwork Smurf, Miner Smurf, Greedy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf, Jokey Smurf: [in unison] No casting spells on your own. Papa Smurf: And #2? Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, Clockwork Smurf, Miner Smurf, Greedy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf, Jokey Smurf: [in Unison] Don't go into Pappa Smurf's lab without permission. Papa Smurf: Nature Smurf, this time your love of animals has gone too far. Natural 'Nat' Smurf: I can't help it, Papa Smurf. Azrael got his foot caught in one of Gargamel's traps. I couldn't just leave him there to die. Papa Smurf: Okay, but as soon as his foot is better, then back he goes. Understand?

Other Titles

  1. "Die Schlümpfe" (1981) (ENG)
    (West Germany)

  2. "I puffi" (1981) (ENG)

  3. "Smurfs' Adventures" (1981) (ENG)
    (USA) (syndication title)

  4. "The Smurfs" (1981) (ENG)
    (Australia) (series title)


- The Smurfs came to be on television when then-NBC president 'Fred Silverman (I)' (qv) saw how much his daughter liked a Smurf doll she had been given.

- The Smurfs made their debut in 1958 in a comic strip drawn by Pierre "'Peyo (I)' (qv)" Culliford in the Belgian magazine Spirou.

- In France the episodes with Johan and Peewit are considered as different TV series and therefore distributed with a different title: "Johan et Pirlouit" (1985).

- Features incidental music from the "Gnomus" movement of Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition".

- SPOILER: This episode originally ended when Weakling rescued Hefty Smurf from the water after he fell off of the collapsing dam. The new ending shows Weakling being honored for his heroism, at which point Papa Smurf reveals that his "Can Do Potion" is actually smurf-berry jam!

- Contrary to popular belief, the phrase that is often described the height of most Smurfs ("three apples high," the direct translation of the French idiom "haut comme trois pommes") was never a precise scientific measurement. It means that something is really small, and an English equivalent would be "knee-high to a grasshopper."

- When choked a Smurf turns