"So You Think You Can Dance" (2005) {Top 6 Perform (#2.20)} TV Season

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Overview "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 02 Episode 20 (S02E20)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.4/ 10 (5 Votes)

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Production Company

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 2 August 2006

Running Time
60 (including commercials)


afro-pop-dance, broadway-dance, broadway-manhattan-new-york-city, contemporary-dance, hip-hop, jive, new-partner, new-partnership, smooth-waltz, waltz,

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Full Cast

  1. Diorio, Tyce as (as Tyce DiOrio) [Himself - Choreographer]
  2. Koumaev, Ivan as [Himself]
  3. Lythgoe, Nigel as [Himself - Judge] <2>
  4. Montez, Ron as [Himself - Choreographer]
  5. Robson, Wade as [Himself - Choreographer]
  6. Schwimmer, Benji as [Himself]
  7. Sparks, Shane as [Himself - Choreographer]
  8. Wall, Travis (I) as [Himself]
  9. Deeley, Cat as [Herself - Host] <1>
  10. Denise, Donyelle Jones as (as Donyelle Jones) [Herself]
  11. Fotopoulos, Natalie as [Herself]
  12. Groskreutz-Burns, Heidi as (as Heidi Groskreutz) [Herself]
  13. Michaels, Mia as [Herself - Guest Judge] <4>
  14. Murphy, Mary (X) as [Herself - Judge] <3>

Music Composers

  1. Clement, Shawn K.

Film Editors

  1. Inatsugu, Narumi


  1. Barrett, Kamilah (dancer: opening sequence) (uncredited)
  2. Chigvintsev, Artem (dancer: opening sequence) (uncredited)
  3. De Rosa, Craig (dancer: opening sequence) (uncredited)
  4. Frias, Alan (dancer: opening sequence) (uncredited)
  5. Michael, Joshuah (dancer: opening sequence) (uncredited)


Herself - Judge: [to Benji Schwimmer] You've got it all. You have what it takes for success. You got backbone. You have wishbone. And you also have the funny-bone. And that's what everyone loves about you. Herself - Guest Judge: [to Donyelle Jones] I think you and I need to form a... big-butt dance coalition. [Donyelle shows off her butt] I'll be president and you be vice-president. Herself - Guest Judge: [to Benji Schwimmer after his hip-hop routine] I thought that was great. But Benji, I can't help but giggle when you come out in the hood. [cut to clip of Benji's gangsta face] It makes me laugh. Herself - Guest Judge: [commenting on Wade Robson's afro-pop choreography] The beauty of dance is there are no rules.