"So You Think You Can Dance" (2005) {Top Eight Perform (#7.12)} TV Season

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Overview "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 07 Episode 12 (S07E12)



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6.1/ 10 (6 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 7 July 2010

Running Time
120 (including commercials)


achilles-tendon-cut, african-jazz, afro-jazz, ballroom-dancing, bollywood-dance, broadway-dance, broadway-hit, cha-cha, choreographer's-assistant, contemporary-dance, dance-rehearsal, dancing-injury, hip-hop, indian-music, injured-ribs, jazz-dancing, male-dancing-partnership, medic, musical-theater, old-injury, quick-step, re-injury, reference-to-david-beckham, stand-in,

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Full Cast

  1. Bell, Billy (IV) as [Himself - Contestant]
  2. Boyd, Kent as [Himself - Contestant]
  3. Cheesman, Sean (I) as [Himself - Choreographer]
  4. Dumo, Napoleon as [Himself - Choreographer]
  5. Genereux, Jean Marc as [Himself - Choreographer]
  6. Kovalev, Pasha as [Himself - Dancer]
  7. Liff, Spencer as [Himself - Choreographer]
  8. Lythgoe, Nigel as [Himself - Judge] <2>
  9. Mahajan, Nakul Dev as [Himself - Choreographer]
  10. Roldan, Robert (II) as [Himself - Contestant]
  11. Ruiz III, Jose as [Himself - Contestant]
  12. Sandoval, Dominic (I) as [Himself - Dancer]
  13. Scott, Dave (IX) as [Himself - Choreographer]
  14. Shankman, Adam as [Himself - Judge] <4>
  15. Torbert, Adéchiké as (as AdéChiké) [Himself - Contestant]
  16. Wall, Travis (I) as [Himself - Choreographer]
  17. Wong, Alex (IX) as (archive footage) [Himself - Contestant]
  18. Deeley, Cat as [Herself - Host] <1>
  19. Dumo, Tabitha as [Herself - Choreographer]
  20. Fedoke, Comfort as [Herself - Dancer]
  21. Froderman, Lauren as [Herself - Contestant]
  22. Galiano, Courtney as [Herself - Dancer]
  23. Galvan, Ashley as [Herself - Contestant]
  24. Gottlieb, Lauren as [Herself - Dancer]
  25. McCormick, Kathryn as [Herself - Dancer]
  26. Michaels, Mia as [Herself - Judge] <3>
  27. Moore, Mandy (III) as [Herself - Choreographer]
  28. Mosseau, France as (as France Mousseau) [Herself - Choreographer]
  29. Shean, Katee as [Herself - Guest Dancer]
  30. Tejwani, Marla as [Herself - Guest Dancer]


  1. Mergian, Levon (production staff)
  2. Tejwani, Marla (assistant to choreographer)
  3. Welch, Thadeus (production staff)


Himself - Judge: [about Alex Wong's injury] He was asked if it hurt and he said, only in his heart. Herself- Judge: [on Lauren Froderman's performance] Pure murder-ation. Herself- Judge: [to Billy Bell] You are fab-u-licious. Herself- Judge: [critiquing Ashley Galvan and Robert Roldan's quick-step performance] It wasn't the kiss of death. It was just a bad kiss. A really bad kiss. Himself - Judge: Small things can be big. Herself- Judge: What are you saying?