"Soul Music" (1997) TV Season

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Ratings / Votes
7.5/ 10 (514 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Channel 4 Television Corporation [gb]
Cosgrove Hall Films [gb]
ITEL [gb]
Ventureworld Films [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 12 May 1997

Running Time
159 (2 parts)

A story of reality, fantasy and the bits in the middle

archchancellor, based-on-novel, cult-tv, death, discworld, drunkenness, dwarf, elephant, foreign-legion, grim-reaper, guild, guitar, harp, hourglass, magic, rat, raven, rock-music, scythe, troll, turtle, wizard,

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Full Cast

  1. Crowden, Graham as (voice) [Mustrum Ridcully] <2>
  2. Harris, George (II) as (voice) <10>
  3. Hibbert, Jimmy as (voice) <7>
  4. Hockley, Andy as (voice) [Imp y Celyn] <3>
  5. Holt, David (I) as (voice) <14>
  6. Jardine, John as (voice) <12>
  7. Lee, Christopher (I) as (voice) [Death] <1>
  8. Morrissey, Neil (I) as (voice) [Mort] <4>
  9. Pringle, Bryan as (voice) [Albert] <11>
  10. Rackstraw, Rob (I) as (voice) <8>
  11. Wrigley, Bernard as (voice) [Asphalt] <5>
  12. Fox, Maggie (III) as (voice) <13>
  13. Gillett, Debra as (voice) [Susan Sto Helit] <9>
  14. Scase, Rosalie (II) as (voice) <6>
  15. Sinden, Melissa as (voice) <15>


  1. Animation
  2. Comedy
  3. Fantasy
  4. Music

Full Plot

Based on Terry Pratchett's Novel. On Discworld (a world carried by four elephants standing on a huge turtle in space), a small girl, Susan Sto Helit, has got a major problem. Her grandfather is Death, who wants to forget that he has just "processed" his adopted daughter and her husband who was Susan's mother and father as this is causing him great grief and Death is a person that can remember everything, much to his chagrin. Susan find herself pressed into taking over Death's "duty" but finds that she is falling in love with an elf/human, Imp, who is slowly being taken over by a kind of "musical" force that is forcing Imp and his friends to play Rock Music to the Discworld. The Rock Music is proving to be a great success, but it has got plans for Imp and everybody wanting to play it and it is up to Susan, the head of the wizards, the Archchancellor and Death (that is, if he can be found and made to remember who/what he is.) to stop it before it conquers the entire Discworld... Lee Horton The young druid Imp y Celyn comes to Ankh-Morpork to become a famous musician, but a new guitar from a mysterious shop possesses him with a new kind of music - the Music with Rocks In. To make matters worse, Death, saddened by the death of his adopted daughter, has gone away to try and forget, and his granddaughter Susan suddenly has the family duty passed on to her. Ben Evans Plot not found

Movie Certificate

PG (UK)(DVD rating)


Channel 4 Television Corporation [gb] - (1996) (UK) (TV)
Vision Video [gb] - (2001) (UK) (DVD)


  1. Atack, Phil (technical coordinator)
  2. Davies, Nicola (IV) (pre-production assistant)
  3. Downs, Hilary (production assistant)
  4. Slattery, Phil (production controller)


Death: I need to imbibe vast ammounts of alcohol. CMOT Dibbler: I give you... the "Band with Rocks in"-tour-bus! Glod Glodson: It's a farm-cart. CMOT Dibbler: It's a tour-bus! Glod Glodson: I know a farm-cart when I see one, even if it *is* painted blue... Death: I shall leave your room exactly as you left it... Susan Sto Helit: Thank you. Death: ...- a *mess*! Death: Oh... bugger!