Sunset at Dawn (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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If he's coming for you they paid him.


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Full Cast

  1. Abato, Paul as [Mad Dog]
  2. Cassel, Seymour as (rumored) [Boxing Trainer]
  3. Close, Kathy (IV) as [Gabey]
  4. Conaway, Jeff as [Bobby Baggs]
  5. Estevez, Joe as (rumored) [FBI Chief]
  6. Gable III, Clark as (as Clark James Gable) [Shippy]
  7. Gable, John Clark as [Costello] <3>
  8. Martino, Ric as [The Italin]
  9. Z Dar, Robert as (rumored) [Ganster]
  10. Lizzi, Vikki as [Maria] <10>


  1. Action
  2. Drama
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

This motion picture is based on a true story. The crime story about an Italian child that commits his first murder at age five in Italy. Then and while he grows up getting paid he commits multiple other hits. He then becomes one of the biggest hit men ever for the Mafia. The Unknown Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 200,000


  1. Theess, Oliver


  1. Dante, Victor (caterer)
  2. Eslick, Tracy (assistant to location scout)


- Grandson of "Clark Gable", Clark James Gable gets introduced as an Actor, in the motion picture "Sunset at Dawn", by Writer, Director, Stunt Coordinator OLIVER THEESS. Clark Jame Gable plays a hired gun runner, along side his father John Clark Gable, who is the son of "Clark Gable", they appear together in this motion picture.

- "John Clark Gable" is the son of Legendary "Clark Gable". Star of the Warner Brothers hit motion picture Gone with the Wind. Along with other hit motion pictures such as Boom Town with Spencer Tracy, and Misfits with Marylin Monroe.