Surviving in L.A. (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Primitive Dog [us]

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Release Date
(Germany) - 5 November 2013

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Sometimes a down turn... is the right turn.


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Full Cast

  1. Acquaviva Jr., Billy as (as Bill Acquaviva) [Gun Store Customer] <26>
  2. Alicino, Casey as [Sitcom Grip] <49>
  3. Beaudoin, Richard as [Transvestite Hooker] <34>
  4. Birznieks, David as [Peter] <13>
  5. Carr, Scott as [Infomercial Actor] <38>
  6. Carvajal, Osbaldo as [Drive-by Shooter] <35>
  7. Chencho as [Ice Cream Vendor] <53>
  8. Cruz, Ezra as [Carlos] <7>
  9. Dimaggio, Mike (I) as [Claire's Husband] <40>
  10. Douglas, Kirk M. as [Boat Show Customer] <28>
  11. Drake (I) as [Max the Dog] <59>
  12. Dudycha, Stephen as [Sitcom Grip] <47>
  13. Foster, San as [Echo Park Neighbor] <31>
  14. Franklin, Roshawn as [Jerome] <8>
  15. Frost, Mathew as [Commercial Director] <17>
  16. Gonzales, Jose (IV) as [Hispanic Couple] <23>
  17. Guardado, Arely as [Child] <58>
  18. Guardado, Omar as [Child] <55>
  19. Guardado, Ulises as [Child] <54>
  20. Huguley, Jay as [Mark] <2>
  21. Jochim, E. Bruce as [Gun Store Clerk] <15>
  22. Kabil, Namik as [Bouncer] <19>
  23. Kasper, Gary as [Biker] <21>
  24. Kercheval, Ken as [Charlie] <4>
  25. Keyes, Geoffrey R. as [Director] <20>
  26. Landry, Jacques (III) as [Sam] <9>
  27. Martin, Jeremy (II) as [Sitcom Grip] <46>
  28. Nicodemus, Todd England as (as Todd Nicodemus) [Sitcom Grip] <48>
  29. Ost, Steve as [Gun Store Customer] <27>
  30. Pope, Martin (II) as [Real Estate Agent] <16>
  31. Ramirez, Jose (III) as [Grocery Clerk] <33>
  32. Rothbard, Bill as [Ted] <12>
  33. Sierra, Rubin as [Infomercial Actor] <39>
  34. Sinclair, Kurt as [Marvin] <11>
  35. Skoryna, Sam as [Restaurant Waiter] <43>
  36. Urrutia, Alexander as [Child] <57>
  37. Urrutia, Peter as [Child] <56>
  38. Vasquez, Gil (I) as [Gang Member] <37>
  39. Vincent, Ernie (II) as [Mr. Wilkins] <14>
  40. Walden, Robert (I) as [Walter] <3>
  41. Williams, Easy as [Homeless Man] <24>
  42. Wright, Colm as [Sitcom Audition Executive] <45>
  43. Zarate, Miguel (I) as [Drive-by Shooter] <36>
  44. Blanco, Elizabeth (I) as [Grocery Clerk] <32>
  45. Cignoni, Diana as [Claire] <5>
  46. Frost, Anna (I) as [Echo Park Neighbor] <29>
  47. Gonzales, Maria (III) as [Hispanic Couple] <22>
  48. Jurcan, Melissa as [Echo Park Neighbor] <30>
  49. Kelly (IX) as [Dinner Guest] <42>
  50. Lagunzad, Caren as [Makeup Girl] <51>
  51. O Neill, Abbi Lake as [Kate] <1>
  52. Pettiford, Valarie as [Suzanne] <6>
  53. Regina, Audrey as [Dinner Guest] <41>
  54. Roberson, Connie as [Laurie] <10>
  55. Rodman, Joan as [Job Interviewer] <18>
  56. Rozenas, Audrone as [Claire's Masseuse] <25>
  57. Shomer, Clare as [Dog Walker in Park] <52>
  58. Wagner, Christine (I) as [Sitcom D.P.] <50>
  59. Wiltgen, Erin as [Eleanor] <44>


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. Romance

Full Plot

Kate McCarthy, a former teen sitcom star who trashed her life through drug abuse, is forced to live, fresh out of rehab, on the one remaining piece of property, her business manager, Charlie has kept out of foreclosure - a run-down apartment building in east L.A. With her one remaining trendy friend, Claire, who's still an addict and trapped in a loveless marriage, they are both contemptuous of her new tenants. Walter, is a failed screenwriter, Suzanne, is a nurse trying to keep her teenage son, Jerome away from gangs, Carlos, is an overachieving physics major, Sam is a homeless man living on her front lawn and Mark, her divorced building manager, is getting his veterinarian degree from UCLA. Kate is in total isolation until her dog is wounded during a random drive by shooting. It's then that Mark jumps into action and with grudging support and brutal honesty helps Kate to get back on her feet. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Riehl, H. Anton


  1. Thorngren, David

Film Editors

  1. Meshelski, Tom


  1. Pope, Aaron (script supervisor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA