Sutla (1999) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
5.4/ 10 (11 Votes)

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Production Company
Solar Films [ph]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Philippines) - 27 September 1999
(Philippines) - 12 December 2001

Running Time


attempted-murder, caress, cave, christmas, church, death, drowning, father, female-frontal-nudity, flashback, funeral, marriage, mother, patriarchal, rape, school, sexy-pinay, silk, silk-factory, silkworm, suicide, teacher, wedding,

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Full Cast

  1. Aquino, Ed as (as Edwin Aquino) [Orlando's Father] <10>
  2. Estrada, Gary (I) as [Rolando] <2>
  3. Mendiola, Reny as [Priest] <28>
  4. Migallon, Oscar as [Secondary Sponsor] <19>
  5. Nelmena, Reynante as [Secondary Sponsor] <21>
  6. Nisce, Oscar as [Guitarist] <23>
  7. Novella, Rogelio as [Organist] <22>
  8. Oliva, Jun as [Secondary Sponsor] <18>
  9. Padilla, Ivan (II) as [Dalisay's Infant] <24>
  10. Peralta, Alex as [Secondary Sponsor] <20>
  11. Ramirez, Jethro as [Lito] <5>
  12. Rillo, Gregorio as (as Rev. Fr. Gregorio Rillo) [Priest] <27>
  13. Romulo, Romy as [Berong] <7>
  14. Ventura, Ray (II) as [Mang Antonio] <4>
  15. Almeda, Priscilla as [Sutla] <1>
  16. Andres, Diding as (as Diding De Andres) [Orlando's Mother] <11>
  17. Cristobal, Melvi as [GRO] <12>
  18. Dominguez, Dinah as [Remedios] <6>
  19. Dy-Liacco, Betsy as [Neighbor]
  20. Galang, Princess as [Bridesmaid] <17>
  21. Hager, Maureen as [Young Sutla] <25>
  22. Lopez, Samantha (I) as [Dalisay] <3>
  23. Manzano, Jacklyn as [Bridesmaid] <15>
  24. Manzano, Jocelyn as [Bridesmaid] <16>
  25. Ortega, Joanna as [Bridesmaid] <14>
  26. Propero, A.J. as [Bridesmaid] <13>
  27. Prospero, Jessette as (as Jesette Prospero) [Lucing] <8>
  28. Rosal, Patricia (II) as [Young Dalisay] <26>
  29. Yaneza, Idda as (as Idda Yanesa) [Lito's Mother] <9>


  1. Drama
  2. Romance

Movie Certificate

R-18 (Philippines)

Music Composers

  1. Cuenco, Jong (as Ernani 'Jong' Cuenco Jr.)


  1. Trofeo, Ricardo Jose (as Ricardo 'D-Boy' Trofeo Jr.)


Solar Films [ph]

Film Editors

  1. Vinarao, Along (as Arcadio 'Along' Vinarao)


  1. Abuan, Emy (public relations officer: Solar Films)
  2. Aguilar, Randall (production assistant)
  3. Aguilos, Edna (production accountant)
  4. Apuyan, Lea (caterer) (as Leah Apuyan)
  5. Atienza, Luz (secretary: Solar Films)
  6. Bayed, Nita (schedule master)
  7. Borgonia, Eduardo (accounting department: Solar Films)
  8. Caliboso, Fred (coordinator: Bacnotan)
  9. Celestino, Juanario (shipping department: Solar Films)
  10. Constantino, Ronald (publicity and promotions)
  11. Cuartero, Nestor (publicity and promotions)
  12. de Guzman, Mar (publicity and promotions)
  13. Domondon, Samuel (resident editor: Solar Films)
  14. Dy-Liacco, Betsy (script continuity) (as Lilibeth Dy-Liacco)
  15. Espina, Dodong (shipping department: Solar Films)
  16. Fajardo, Dennis (accounting department: Solar Films)
  17. Mesa-Bayuga, Mynne (accounting department: Solar Films) (as Mynne Mesa)
  18. Negrillo, Jhonny (coordinator: Bacnotan)
  19. Negrillo, Rolando (coordinator: Bacnotan)
  20. Noriesta, Danny (utility)
  21. Noriesta, Eric (utility)
  22. Ramirez, Susan (sales manager: Solar Films)
  23. Roberto, Freddie (II) (crowd control)
  24. Romero, Alex (III) (advertising manager: Solar Films)
  25. Sacristia, Bernadette (field cashier)
  26. Salazar, Oskee (publicity and promotions)
  27. San Buenaventura, Emer (coordinator: Solar Films)
  28. Tiu, Cecille (artist: Solar Films) (as Cecil Tiu)
  29. Wee, Pilar (accounting department: Solar Films)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Bacnotan, La Union, Philippines
  2. Balaoan, La Union, Philippines
  3. Bangar, La Union, Philippines
  4. Luna, La Union, Philippines
  5. San Gabriel, La Union, Philippines
  6. Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, Philippines