Sweethearts of the Gridiron: An American Story (2014) Movie

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On September 12, 1940, when they took the field for the first time, the Rangerettes made history, and changed the future of football halftime entertainment across Texas and the United States. The Rangerettes, coined Sweethearts of the Nation's Gridiron by broadcaster and NFL Hall of Fame football legend, Red Grange, were actually founded as part of an early, pre-Title IX initiative on the part of Kilgore College president B. E. Masters. Dr. Masters' goals were to equalize the male-female student body ratio at the college, and to encourage women to exercise and participate in sports. Masters hired Gussie Nell Davis in 1939, and the Kilgore Rangerettes stepped out onto the football field for their first performance on September 12, 1940. In outfits made by a company in Dallas that specialized in uniforms for drive-in waitresses, the Rangerettes had the look of a cross between Texas cowgirl and drive-in darling. Less than 24 months later, as Rosie the Riveter took over the job of her brothers at war, the Rangerettes were riveting audiences not only at local football games but also at "bond shows" in support of the war effort, and by 1946 at the Rose Bowl. The Rangerettes were soon famous across the nation. (Source: 2004 Texas Monthly) This documentary shows the importance and history of this organization in the arts, and in shaping the lives of women for almost 75 years. Act I - The history of Kilgore and how the oil field that won World War II led to the creation of America's first dancing drill team, the Rangerettes. Act II - The almost 75 year history of the Rangerettes and how influential the organization has been, not only to the young women who are Rangerettes, but to the state of Texas, where every year almost 20,000 high school students and 1,000 college students participate in dance and drill teams across the state. Act III - The politics of public schools, and the effects recent budget cuts have on Kilgore College and the Rangerettes. Michael S. Wayne Plot not found


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