"Taiyô no ko Esteban" (1982) {The Abduction of Zia (#1.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Taiy no ko Esteban" Season 01 Episode 05 (S01E05)



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8.9/ 10 (12 Votes)

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(Japan) - 29 May 1982

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Full Cast

  1. Adam, Shiraz as (voice: English version) [Esteban] <1>
  2. Ballard, Jean-Claude as (voice: French version) [Mendoza]
  3. Berman, Matt (II) as (voice: English version) [Captain Gomez] <7>
  4. Chiba, Shigeru (I) as (voice: Japanese version) [Priest]
  5. Dumont, Richard (I) as (voice: English version) [Menator] <10>
  6. Ferrière, Jacques as (voice: French version) [Pedro]
  7. Genda, Tesshô as (voice: Japanese version) [General Gomez]
  8. Hagopian, Dean as (voice: English version) [Kalmec] <11>
  9. Henderson, A.J. as (voice: English version) [Captain Gaspard] <8>
  10. Knight, Adrian as (voice: English version) [Tao] <3>
  11. Labrosse, Terrence as (voice: English version) [Sancho] <5>
  12. Lax, Francis as (voice: French version) [Sancho]
  13. Massey, Walter as (voice: English version) [The Doctor] <12>
  14. Naya, Rokurô as (voice: Japanese version) [Subcommander Gaspard]
  15. Podbrey, Maurice as (voice: English version) [Governor Pizarro] <9>
  16. Ryshpan, Howard as (voice: English version) [Mendoza/Pedro] <4>
  17. Saitô, Sachiko as (voice: Japanese version) [Gwynn]
  18. Topart, Jean as [Récitant des documentaires/Narrator]
  19. Tsujimura, Mahito as (voice: Japanese version) [Metnard]
  20. Umezu, Hideyuki as (voice: Japanese version) [Carmec]
  21. Vrana, Vlasta as (voice: English version) [Kokapetl] <6>
  22. Yanada, Kiyoyuki as (voice: Japanese version) [Wanococha]
  23. Ai, Tomoko as (voice: Japanese version) [Lana]
  24. Berger, Jackie as (voice: French version) [Esteban]
  25. Chaikelson, Janice as (voice: English version) [Zia] <2>
  26. Faris, Anick as (voice: English version) [Lana/Morca/Myeena] <13>
  27. Ganz, Isabelle as (voice: French version) [Zia]
  28. Ikezawa, Haruna as (voice: Japanese version) [Wyna]
  29. Ricard, Kelly as (voice: English version) [Narrator] <7>
  30. Schmitt, Odile as [Tao]
  31. Séléna, Evelyne as [Récitante des résumés/Narrator]

Full Plot

Esteban, Zia, Mendoza, Pedor and Sancho land on the island that they have seen from their raft. From what they can work out, it seems that the island is part of the Galapagos archipelago. Looking for some sign of inhabitants on the island, our friends only find giant animals: an enormous tortoise, gigantic lizards, etc. Pedro and Sancho refuse to eat such monsters. They set off to find some food more worthy of their appetites, only to faint when they come across a monstrous creature. Zia sets out to look for them. After hearing their description of the monster she explains that it is a divine savior, Vilakochiya, who resembles a snake with wings. "It is one of my people's oldest gods. Only I can't think why he should be here on this island". Our friends realize now that thy are not alone on the island. The next night Zia is borne off by a man in a canoe. Esteban swims after them and arrives on the shore of another island. He finds Zia with a young boy. He hides in order to listen to their conversation. "My name is Tao. Don't be afraid. There is no reason to fear me. I knew that you were going to come. I've known for years". Catching sight of Esteban, Tao leaps to his feet brandishing his bow and arrow. Zia begs him not to shoot and the two boys finish by making friends. Anonymous Plot not found


Fabulous Films [gb] - (2008) (UK) (DVD)
Your Family Entertainment [de] - (2009) (worldwide) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Matsumoto, Tetsuo


  1. Ryshpan, Howard (voice director: English voices)