"Taiyô no ko Esteban" (1982) {The Amazons (#1.21)} TV Season

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Overview "Taiy no ko Esteban" Season 01 Episode 21 (S01E21)



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8.8/ 10 (12 Votes)

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Release Date
(Japan) - 18 September 1982

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Full Cast

  1. Adam, Shiraz as (voice: English version) [Esteban] <1>
  2. Ballard, Jean-Claude as (voice: French version) [Mendoza]
  3. Berman, Matt (II) as (voice: English version) [Captain Gomez] <7>
  4. Chiba, Shigeru (I) as (voice: Japanese version) [Priest]
  5. Dumont, Richard (I) as (voice: English version) [Menator] <10>
  6. Ferrière, Jacques as (voice: French version) [Pedro]
  7. Genda, Tesshô as (voice: Japanese version) [General Gomez]
  8. Hagopian, Dean as (voice: English version) [Kalmec] <11>
  9. Henderson, A.J. as (voice: English version) [Captain Gaspard] <8>
  10. Knight, Adrian as (voice: English version) [Tao] <3>
  11. Labrosse, Terrence as (voice: English version) [Sancho] <5>
  12. Lax, Francis as (voice: French version) [Sancho]
  13. Massey, Walter as (voice: English version) [The Doctor] <12>
  14. Naya, Rokurô as (voice: Japanese version) [Subcommander Gaspard]
  15. Noël, Hubert as (voice: French version) [Pichu]
  16. Podbrey, Maurice as (voice: English version) [Governor Pizarro] <9>
  17. Ryshpan, Howard as (voice: English version) [Mendoza/Pedro] <4>
  18. Saitô, Sachiko as (voice: Japanese version) [Gwynn]
  19. Topart, Jean as [Récitant des documentaires/Narrator]
  20. Tsujimura, Mahito as (voice: Japanese version) [Metnard]
  21. Umezu, Hideyuki as (voice: Japanese version) [Carmec]
  22. Vrana, Vlasta as (voice: English version) [Kokapetl] <6>
  23. Yanada, Kiyoyuki as (voice: Japanese version) [Wanococha]
  24. Ai, Tomoko as (voice: Japanese version) [Lana]
  25. Berger, Jackie as (voice: French version) [Esteban]
  26. Chaikelson, Janice as (voice: English version) [Zia] <2>
  27. Faris, Anick as (voice: English version) [Lana/Morca/Myeena] <13>
  28. Ganz, Isabelle as (voice: French version) [Zia]
  29. Ikezawa, Haruna as (voice: Japanese version) [Wyna]
  30. Ricard, Kelly as (voice: English version) [Narrator] <7>
  31. Schmitt, Odile as [Tao]
  32. Séléna, Evelyne as [Récitante des résumés/Narrator]

Full Plot

The Great Condor is flying over the Amazon forest. Esteban makes the bird fly low so that they can all admire the river. Suddenly the sky is covered with clouds that hide the sun. The Condor, no longer finding any energy on which to fly, comes lower and lower, in spite of Esteban's efforts at the controls. Finally it crash-lands in the jungle. In vain, Esteban tries to make the Condor take off. "If we don't get out this forest", says Mendoza "we will be the prey of wild beasts". At that moment a giant snake throws itself out of the water at the Condor with such force that Esteban and his friends are thrown clear. Hardly have they picked themselves up and pulled themselves together, than they meet a jaguar. To escape this new threat, the group hurries down a dark passageway formed by the foots of a gigantic tree. Thy come out into an enchanted land. While the children are admiring the view, a drum beat rings out through the forest and two warlike women appear before them: Amazons. The women summon them to follow, threatening them all the while with their weapons. The six friends are greeted by an old priestess, Omuro, who announces them that they are sacrificed to appease the wrath of the Rain God. Mendoza tells her that Esteban has the power to make the sun appear. Omuro does not believe him, but the Queen Sabbat interrupts. "Omuro, give these people a last chance. I want to see what this boy can do". Esteban begs the sun, the storm calms and Sabbat, now convinced that Esteban is really the child of the sun, decides to recognize him with all the honor due to his rank ... She receives the group with the warmest hospitality. Anonymous Plot not found


Fabulous Films [gb] - (2008) (UK) (DVD)
Your Family Entertainment [de] - (2009) (worldwide) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Matsumoto, Tetsuo


  1. Ryshpan, Howard (voice director: English voices)