"Taiyô no ko Esteban" (1982) {The Lake of Gold (#1.25)} TV Season

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Overview "Taiy no ko Esteban" Season 01 Episode 25 (S01E25)



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7.2/ 10 (11 Votes)

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Release Date
(Japan) - 16 October 1982

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Full Cast

  1. Adam, Shiraz as (voice: English version) [Esteban] <1>
  2. Ballard, Jean-Claude as (voice: French version) [Mendoza]
  3. Berman, Matt (II) as (voice: English version) [Captain Gomez] <7>
  4. Chiba, Shigeru (I) as (voice: Japanese version) [Priest]
  5. Dumont, Richard (I) as (voice: English version) [Menator] <10>
  6. Ferrière, Jacques as (voice: French version) [Pedro]
  7. Genda, Tesshô as (voice: Japanese version) [General Gomez]
  8. Hagopian, Dean as (voice: English version) [Kalmec] <11>
  9. Henderson, A.J. as (voice: English version) [Captain Gaspard] <8>
  10. Knight, Adrian as (voice) [Tao] <1>
  11. Labrosse, Terrence as (voice: English version) [Sancho] <5>
  12. Lax, Francis as (voice: French version) [Sancho]
  13. Massey, Walter as (voice: English version) [The Doctor] <13>
  14. Naya, Rokurô as (voice: Japanese version) [Subcommander Gaspard]
  15. Noël, Hubert as (voice: French version) [Pichu]
  16. Podbrey, Maurice as (voice: English version) [Governor Pizarro] <9>
  17. Ryshpan, Howard as (voice: English version) [Mendoza/Pedro] <4>
  18. Saitô, Sachiko as (voice: Japanese version) [Gwynn]
  19. Topart, Jean as (voice) [Récitant des documentaires/Narrator]
  20. Tsujimura, Mahito as (voice: Japanese version) [Metnard]
  21. Umezu, Hideyuki as (voice: Japanese version) [Carmec]
  22. Vrana, Vlasta as (voice: English version) [Kokapetl] <6>
  23. Yanada, Kiyoyuki as (voice: Japanese version) [Wanococha]
  24. Ai, Tomoko as (voice: Japanese version) [Lana]
  25. Berger, Jackie as (voice: French version) [Esteban]
  26. Chaikelson, Janice as (voice: English version) [Zia] <2>
  27. Faris, Anick as (voice: English version) [Lana/Morca/Myeena] <13>
  28. Ganz, Isabelle as (voice: French version) [Zia]
  29. Ikezawa, Haruna as (voice: Japanese version) [Wyna]
  30. Kumai, Motoko as (voice) [Tao] <3>
  31. Ricard, Kelly as (voice: English version) [Narrator] <7>
  32. Schmitt, Odile as (voice: French version) [Tao]
  33. Séléna, Evelyne as (voice) [Récitante des résumés/Narrator]

Full Plot

In their flight, Esteban, Tao and Zia arrive before a lake with what appears to be gold lining the bottom. To investigate, the children draw near and are soon taken by a group of Indians led by the Doctor and Marinch. The children have desecrated the holy source and must be sacrificed in a ceremony of purification. From a young Indian girl who secretly brings them food, Zia learns that her father Papacamajo has passed this way. He asked the chief Tarashingo to show him the manuscript and then continued his travels, in search of the City of Gold. Tao realizes that there is something in common between this manuscript and that which Marinch now has. In the meantime, Mendoza, Pedro and Sancho, guided by Pichu, arrive at the edge of the lake to witness the ceremony of purification at the same time as the Doctor and Marinch. The chief of the village, Tarashingo, goes into the lake with his body covered in gold. The Indians then throw precious stones into the water. Mendoza, Pedro and Sancho realize that they are on an artificial wall which holds back the waters of the lake. They decide to breach the wall so that during the night the lake will empty, flooding the village and they will be able to pick up the gold and the precious stones without anyone being able to follow them. The next day, the children, prisoners in the temple, hear a great noise and are suddenly surrounded by water. Seeing Mendoza and his two companions, the children realize who has broken the dam. They escape through a crack in a wall as it begins to crumble and they join the three men, guided by Pichu who has in the meantime, got back the manuscript from Marinch. Mendoza, Pedro and Sancho are disappointed not to have got any of the gold or stones but now, armed with the precious manuscript that will lead them to the Cities of Gold, they set off with the children for new adventures. Anonymous Plot not found


Fabulous Films [gb] - (2008) (UK) (DVD)
Your Family Entertainment [de] - (2009) (worldwide) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Matsumoto, Tetsuo


  1. Ryshpan, Howard (voice director: English voices)