Tales from the Epic of Kings (2015) Movie

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Based on the popular book of Persian mythology written one-thousand years ago by Ferdowsi, Tales from the Book of Kings is a Transmedia property shaped around the legend of Siyavash and his son Kay Kavus. Siavash was a legendary and beloved Persian prince from the earliest days of the Persian Empire. He was a son of Kay Kavus, then King, and protégé of Rostam, Persia's greatest warrior. Siavash's is forced to self exile, due to the treason of his stepmother, Queen Sudabeh (with whom he refused to have sex and betray his father). He goes into the lands of Persia's arch enemy, Turan where he is eventually killed innocently by order of The Turanian king Afrasiab. But he leaves an heir, who will one day become Persia's greatest king and avenge his father alongside Rostam. Anonymous Plot not found