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(Hollywood) USA

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7.0/ 10 (63412 Votes)

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Production Company
Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. [us]
Walt Disney Feature Animation [us]
Walt Disney Pictures [us] - (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Israel) - 17 June 1999
(Malaysia) - 17 June 1999
(Singapore) - 17 June 1999
(Colombia) - 18 June 1999
(USA) - 18 June 1999

Running Time

An immortal legend. As you've only imagined.

1880s, 1890s, 1910s, 19th-century, 20th-century, acceptance, adopted-son, adoption, africa, animal-capture, anthropomorphic-animal, anthropomorphism, ape-man, baby, bare-chested-male, based-on-novel, betrayal, blockbuster, cage, camp, character-name-in-title, coming-of-age, curiosity, dead-father, dead-mother,

Technical Support
LAB:Technicolor, USA
PFM:35 mm
PFM:Digital - (Texas Instruments DLP 1280 x 1024, 1.5 : 1 anamorphic)
RAT:1.66 : 1 - (negative ratio)
RAT:1.85 : 1 - (intended ratio)

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Full Cast

  1. Angel, Jack (I) as (voice) <11>
  2. Ashton, Joseph as (voice) <12>
  3. Bergen, Bob (I) as (voice) (as Robert Bergen) <13>
  4. Blessed, Brian as (voice) [Clayton] <1>
  5. Bodine, Billy (I) as (voice) (as Billy Warden Bodine) <14>
  6. Bumpass, Rodger as (voice) (as Roger Bumpass) <16>
  7. Cummings, Jim (I) as (voice) <19>
  8. Dempsey, Taylor (I) as (voice) <22>
  9. Eiding, Paul as (voice) <25>
  10. Ewing, Blake McIver as (voice) (as Blake Ewing) <26>
  11. Geiger, Michael (II) as (voice) <28>
  12. Gershin, Scott Martin as (voice) (as Scott Gershin) <29>
  13. Goldwyn, Tony as (voice) [Tarzan] <4>
  14. Hall, Jon Robert as (voice) (as Jonnie Hall) <34>
  15. Hawthorne, Nigel as (voice) [Professor Porter] <5>
  16. Henriksen, Lance as (voice) [Kerchak] <6>
  17. Karpel, Adam as (voice) <43>
  18. Knaus, Darren T. as (voice) (uncredited)
  19. Knight, Wayne (I) as (voice) [Tantor] <7>
  20. Linz, Alex D. as (voice) [Young Tarzan] <8>
  21. Lucchese, Ricky as (voice) <46>
  22. Marsden, Jason as (voice) <52>
  23. Perl, Michael (I) as (voice) (uncredited)
  24. Proctor, Phil as (voice) <58>
  25. Simms, Frank (I) as (voice) <67>
  26. von Detten, Erik as (voice) <73>
  27. Whyte, Joe as (voice) <74>
  28. Anderson, Beth (I) as (voice) <10>
  29. Close, Glenn as (voice) [Kala] <2>
  30. Cressida, Kathryn as (voice) (as Kat Cressida) <18>
  31. Curzon, Aria Noelle as (voice) (as Aria Curzon) <20>
  32. Derryberry, Debi as (voice) <23>
  33. Deutsch, Patti as (voice) <24>
  34. Driver, Minnie as (voice) [Jane] <3>
  35. Gleason, Amy as (voice) <31>
  36. Harmon, Linda (II) as (voice) <37>
  37. Hughes, Jennifer L. as (voice) <40>
  38. Lynn, Sherry (I) as (voice) <48>
  39. MacKay, Melissa (I) as (voice) <49>
  40. O Donnell, Rosie as (voice) [Terk] <9>
  41. Rotter, Jessica as (voice) <62>


  1. Adventure
  2. Animation
  3. Drama
  4. Family
  5. Romance

Full Plot

The movie is about the life of Tarzan. Tarzan was a small orphan who was raised by an ape named Kala since he was a child. He believed that this was his family, but on an expedition Jane Porter is rescued by Tarzan. He then finds out that he's human. Now Tarzan must make the decision as to which family he should belong to... Extron Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 5,656,030 (Germany) (31 December 2000) AD: 874,116 (Netherlands) (31 December 2000) AD: 511,308 (Netherlands) (31 December 1999) AD: 827,688 (Sweden) (30 December 1999) AD: 331,155 (Sweden) (25 November 1999) AD: 202,824 (Sweden) (14 November 1999) BT: USD 130,000,000 GR: USD 171,085,177 (USA) (20 February 2000) GR: USD 171,071,889 (USA) (13 February 2000) GR: USD 171,057,806 (USA) (6 February 2000) GR: USD 171,035,652 (USA) (30 January 2000) GR: USD 171,010,381 (USA) (23 January 2000) GR: USD 170,989,476 (USA) (16 January 2000) GR: USD 170,950,103 (USA) (9 January 2000) GR: USD 170,824,884 (USA) (26 December 1999) GR: USD 170,791,274 (USA) (19 December 1999) GR: USD 170,766,576 (USA) (12 December 1999) GR: USD 170,740,064 (USA) (5 December 1999) GR: USD 170,714,113 (USA) (28 November 1999) GR: USD 170,662,597 (USA) (21 November 1999) GR: USD 170,604,854 (USA) (14 November 1999) GR: USD 170,535,377 (USA) (7 November 1999) GR: USD 170,445,708 (USA) (31 October 1999) GR: USD 170,383,451 (USA) (24 October 1999) GR: USD 170,259,620 (USA) (17 October 1999) GR: USD 170,066,044 (USA) (10 October 1999) GR: USD 169,812,824 (USA) (3 October 1999) GR: USD 169,497,568 (USA) (26 September 1999) GR: USD 169,067,188 (USA) (19 September 1999) GR: USD 168,548,792 (USA) (12 September 1999) GR: USD 167,862,342 (USA) (5 September 1999) GR: USD 166,496,093 (USA) (29 August 1999) GR: USD 165,477,219 (USA) (22 August 1999) GR: USD 164,071,910 (USA) (15 August 1999) GR: USD 161,851,795 (USA) (8 August 1999) GR: USD 158,352,002 (USA) (1 August 1999) GR: USD 152,518,073 (USA) (25 July 1999) GR: USD 142,973,292 (USA) (18 July 1999) GR: USD 129,005,420 (USA) (11 July 1999) GR: USD 111,097,897 (USA) (4 July 1999) GR: USD 77,575,147 (USA) (27 June 1999) GR: USD 34,361,342 (USA) (20 June 1999) GR: GBP 17,694,331 (UK) (9 January 2000) GR: GBP 17,469,366 (UK) (2 January 2000) GR: GBP 17,169,520 (UK) (26 December 1999) GR: GBP 16,972,421 (UK) (19 December 1999) GR: GBP 16,803,010 (UK) (12 December 1999) GR: GBP 16,507,125 (UK) (5 December 1999) GR: GBP 16,114,013 (UK) (28 November 1999) GR: GBP 15,476,044 (UK) (21 November 1999) GR: GBP 14,560,057 (UK) (14 November 1999) GR: GBP 13,256,005 (UK) (7 November 1999) GR: GBP 11,317,165 (UK) (31 October 1999) GR: GBP 3,713,863 (UK) (24 October 1999) GR: GBP 508,525 (UK) (17 October 1999) GR: GBP 140,378 (UK) (10 October 1999) GR: USD 54,000,000 (Worldwide) (12 September 1999) (except USA) GR: USD 51,500,000 (Worldwide) (22 August 1999) (except USA) GR: USD 448,191,819 (Worldwide) GR: USD 6,146,676 (Argentina) (6 December 2000) GR: SEK 47,018,172 (Sweden) (30 December 1999) OW: USD 34,361,342 (USA) (20 June 1999) (3,005 screens) OW: GBP 140,378 (UK) (10 October 1999) (32 screens) WG: USD 10,541 (USA) (20 February 2000) (40 screens) WG: USD 10,127 (USA) (13 February 2000) (41 screens) WG: USD 16,666 (USA) (6 February 2000) (43 screens) WG: USD 19,329 (USA) (30 January 2000) (51 screens) WG: USD 16,091 (USA) (23 January 2000) (54 screens) WG: USD 3,035,186 (USA) (1 August 1999) (1,611 screens) WG: USD 4,879,671 (USA) (25 July 1999) (2,281 screens) WG: USD 7,535,288 (USA) (18 July 1999) (2,838 screens) WG: USD 10,811,295 (USA) (11 July 1999) (3,131 screens) WG: USD 19,343,051 (USA) (4 July 1999) (3,103 screens) WG: USD 24,055,796 (USA) (27 June 1999) (3,049 screens) WG: USD 34,221,968 (USA) (20 June 1999) (3,005 screens) WG: GBP 80,809 (UK) (9 January 2000) (240 screens) WG: GBP 80,664 (UK) (2 January 2000) (295 screens) WG: GBP 46,201 (UK) (26 December 1999) (329 screens) WG: GBP 110,751 (UK) (19 December 1999) (390 screens) WG: GBP 246,104 (UK) (12 December 1999) (442 screens) WG: GBP 326,216 (UK) (5 December 1999) (448 screens) WG: GBP 539,579 (UK) (28 November 1999) (459 screens) WG: GBP 754,412 (UK) (21 November 1999) (467 screens) WG: GBP 1,018,135 (UK) (14 November 1999) (464 screens) WG: GBP 1,312,368 (UK) (7 November 1999) (464 screens) WG: GBP 2,989,584 (UK) (31 October 1999) (473 screens) WG: GBP 3,055,218 (UK) (24 October 1999) (475 screens) WG: GBP 188,024 (UK) (17 October 1999) (33 screens) WG: GBP 140,378 (UK) (10 October 1999) (32 screens)

Movie Certificate

G (Canada)(Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Quebec)
T (Italy)
o.Al. (Germany)(uncut) (re-rating) (2012)
Atp (Argentina)
F (Canada)(Ontario)
PG (Canada)(Nova Scotia)
TE (Chile)
K-8/5 (Finland)
U (France)
o.Al. (Germany)(cut) (1999)
I (Hong Kong)
A (Mexico)
AL (Netherlands)
PG (New Zealand)
7 (Norway)
PT (Peru)
M/6 (Portugal)
G (Singapore)
All (South Korea)
T (Spain)
Btl (Sweden)
7 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
7 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
U (UK)
K (Greece)
PG (Australia)
G (Philippines)
Livre (Brazil)

Music Composers

  1. Mancina, Mark


American Broadcasting Company (ABC) [us] - (2001) (USA) (TV)
Bandur Film [xyu] - (2000) (Yugoslavia) (theatrical)
Buena Vista Home Entertainment [nl] - (2005) (Netherlands) (DVD)
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Gaumont Buena Vista International (GBVI) [fr] - (2000) (France) (theatrical) (re-release)
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Film Editors

  1. Perler, Gregory


  1. Anderson, Bruce (III) (assistant production manager)
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Young Tarzan: I'll be the best ape ever! Tantor: That sounded like Tarzan. It sounded like - like he was in trouble. Terk: Yeah? Why doesn't he get his new friends to help him? I don't care. Tantor: Thaaaaat's IT! I've had it with you and your emotional constipation! Tarzan needs us, and we're gonna help him! You got that? [places Terk on his back] Tantor: Now pipe down, and hang on tight! We've got a boat to catch. [Tantor charges off a cliff and into the ocean] Tantor: I've never felt so alive! Terk: Good, 'cause I'm gonna kill you! Tarzan: No matter where I go, you will always be my mother. Kala: And you will always be in my heart. Kerchak: You came back. Tarzan: I came home. [Jane draws Tarzan on the chalkboard] Professor Porter: Shall I, ahem, leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment? Professor Porter: Oh, Janie Jane! What an amazing discovery! A man with no language, no human behavior... Jane Porter: And no respect for personal boundaries. Professor Porter: How do you mean? Jane Porter: [gets extremely close to Professor Porter] He was this close to me, daddy, just staring at me. [Goes back to blackboard and finishes drawing of Tarzan] He was confused at first, as if he had never seen another human before. His eyes were intense... and focused, and... I've never seen eyes like those before. Professor Porter: Oh. Shall I - ahem - leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment? Jane Porter: Oh, daddy, stop it. Jane Porter: Oh, Tarzan, you have no idea what's in store for you. You're going to see the world, and all kinds of people will want to meet you. Leaders, scientists, writers. Professor Porter: Yes, Darwin and Kipling. Queen Victoria! Jane Porter: I haven't met her, but I hear she's awfully nice. Professor Porter: Oh, those magnificent creatures, shivering in cages. What is this world coming to? [He hits his fist on the wall; suddenly the ship shifts to the side, from Tantor getting on board] Oh, by Jove. Don't know my own strength. Clayton: Hiding, are we? Good! I could use a challenge, because after hunting you, gathering up your little ape family will be all too easy! Kala: Close your eyes. Now forget what you see. Kala: [puts Tarzan's hand to his chest] What do you feel? Young Tarzan: My heart. Kala: [puts Tarzan's head by her chest] Come here. Young Tarzan: Your heart. Kala: See? We're exactly the same. Jane Porter: I was saved! I was saved by a flying wild man in a loincloth. Clayton: Even if you hadn't grown up a savage, you'd be lost. There are no trails through a woman's heart. [after being returned to her camp by Tarzan] Jane Porter: Daddy, they took my boot! [Terk and Tarzan are wrestling] Tantor: Whoa! Okay. It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye. [Tarzan sneaks up behind her to try and scare her] Kala: Don't even think about it. Tarzan: How'd you know it was me? Kala: I'm your mother. I know everything. Now, where have you been? Tarzan: I thought you knew everything. Kerchak: I said he could stay. That doesn't make him my son. Terk: Can you believe that guy? Drops us like a newborn giraffe - kerplop! - then waltzes in and expects us to... Tarzan: Terk, I'm asking you as a friend. [Looks at Terk with big, soulful eyes] Terk: Oh, with the face and the eyes... All right! All right! But you'd better not make me do anything stupid. [Cut to Terk in Jane's dress] I'm going to kill him! Clayton: If I can teach a parrot to sing "God Save the Queen," I can certainly teach this savage a thing or two. Young Tantor: Mom! Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me! Terk: What kind of primitive beasts are responsible for this mess? Tantor: Oh, Terk, I've never seen him so happy. Terk: Eh, I give it a week. Tarzan: Tarzan. Tar-zan. Jane Porter: Tarzan. Oh, I see! Tarzan: Oh, I see! Tarzan: [points at himself] Tarzan. Tarzan: [points at Jane] Oh, I see. Jane Porter: No, no, no. No. Jane Porter: [clears throat, points at herself] I'm Jane. Tarzan: No, no, no. No. Tarzan: [clears throat, points at himself] I'm Jane. Jane Porter: No, no. Jane Porter: [points at herself] Jane. Jane Porter: [points at Tarzan] Tarzan. Jane Porter: [points at herself] Jane. Tarzan: Jane. Jane Porter: Exactly. Professor Porter: Looks like a man but walks like an ape. He could be the missing link! Clayton: Or our link to the gorillas. [repeated line] Clayton: Have we met? Tantor: [Terk is dressed in Jane's dress to lure Kerchak away] Actually, I thought that dress was rather slimming on you. Terk: Oh, really? I thought it was a little revealing. Tantor: What's everybody lookin' at? Tantor: [sees the camp] Ooh! The horror! It's gruesome! Hide me! Terk: Pull yourself together. You're embarrasing me. These things aren't alive. Tantor: I knew that. Professor Porter: [after telling Jane to stay with Tarzan] What am I doing? Captain! Tell them you never found us! After all, people get lost in the jungle all the time! [jumps out of the boat] Jane Porter: [trying to coax a baby baboon to give her back a drawing] All right, enough of this. I want that paper on the count of three. One, two... Oh, look! Bananas! [as the baboon looks away, Jane snatches the drawing away] Jane Porter: Ha ha! I can't believe you fell for that one! [the baby baboon starts crying] Jane Porter: Now, now, don't give me those crocodile tears. What would your parents have to say? [suddenly she hears a growl; turns around to face a band of angry baboons] Jane Porter: See? I told you they'd be cross. Go easy on him, children will be children. Terk: What kind of animal are you? Tantor: You know, I've been thinking lately that Tarzan may be some sub-species of elephant. Terk: Are you kidding... What are you talking about? Tantor: I mean, think about it. He enjoys a peanut, I enjoy a peanut... Terk: He looks nothing like you! [Tarzan takes Clayton's gun and aims it at him] Clayton: Go ahead. Shoot me. [chuckles] Clayton: Be a man. [a shot is heard, but not from the gun; it's Tarzan mimicking a gunshot] Tarzan: Not a man like you! Tantor: [as Tarzan is leaving on the boat] Tarzan! Terk: We're too late! I can't believe it! If only you had asked for directions. Tantor: We didn't even get to say goodbye. Terk: Well, good riddance! Who needs you? Go on, get out of here, bald boy! You ingrate! You bald ingrate! [Throws a rock at the water] Terk: Go out and rot, for all I care! [to Tantor] Terk: What are you looking at? Tantor: I'm gonna miss him, too. Clayton: Sorry for the rude welcome, but I couldn't have you making a scene when we put your furry friends in their cages. Tarzan: Why? Clayton: Why? For 300 pound sterling a head. Actually, I have you to thank, old boy. Couldn't have done it without you. Tarzan: Kerchak, forgive me. Kerchak: No. Forgive me, for not understanding that you have always been one of us. Our family will look to you now. Tarzan: No. Kerchak. Kerchak: Take care of them, my son. Take care of them. Ape Boy: Hurry up, Terk! Mungo: Last one there's a dung beetle! Terk: Yeah, first one's gotta eat it! Young Tantor: [Sees Tarzan swimming] Piranha! It's a piranha! Tantor's Mother: Tantor, there are no piranhas in Africa. Elephant #1: Don't tell the kid that. Of course there are piranhas in Africa. Elephant #2: No, she's right. They're native to South America. Elephant #1: Oh, come on, now. Elephant #2: You think I would be standing here if they were? [Meanwhile, Tarzan is trying to get a hair from the first elephant's tail] Young Tantor: Look out, he's right behind you! Tantor's Mother: For the last time, honey, there are no piranhas in... Elephant #1: My butt! Something's got my butt! Jane Porter: [Tarzan has saved her from the baboons] Put me down! Put me down! [the baboons approach] No, pick me up, pick me up, pick me up! Jane Porter: [Hanging from a tree] It can't get any worse, can it? [it starts to rain] Obviously, it can. Clayton: Ah, yes. I remember you. I think this one would be better off stuffed. Kerchak: Everyone, we will avoid the strangers. Do not let them see you and do not seek them out. Tarzan: They mean us no harm. Kerchak: Tarzan, I don't know that. Tarzan: But I do. I have spent time with them. Kerchak: You may be willing to risk our safety, but I'm not. Tarzan: Why are you threatened by anyone different from you? Kerchak: Protect this family and stay away from them. [Tarzan sulks away] Kala: Tarzan, for once listen to Kerchak. Tarzan: Why didn't you tell me there were creatures who look like me? Jane Porter: [Describing how Tarzan walks] He bent his elbows out, and he walked like this. Professor Porter: Oh, I see! Just like Aunt Isabel. Jane Porter: And there were gorillas. Professor Porter, Clayton: Gorillas? Clayton: You found the gorillas? Where, Jane? Where? Jane Porter: He left with them. Professor Porter: Who did? Who? Jane Porter: Tarzan. Clayton: Tarzan? Jane Porter: The ape man. [a gunshot breaks the jungle silence] Tarzan: What was that? Tantor: It wasn't me, I swear. Jane Porter: [after Clayton fires in the air] Mr. Clayton, please. What if it's a gorilla? Clayton: It's no gorilla. Clayton: [Draws a crude gorilla on Jane's chalkboard and points to it with the chalk] Gorilla. Tarzan: [Takes the chalk and examines it] Gor-illa. Professor Porter: [Excited] Oh! Oh! He's got it! Tarzan: Gor-illa! [Proceeds to scribble wildly on the chalkboard] Gorrrrr-illllla! Professor Porter: Oh, perhaps not... Young Tantor: Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me! [Steps into water, then yanks foot back out] Tantor's Mom: It's fine, honey. Young Tantor: But, Mom! What about bacteria? Tantor's Mom: Tantor, can't you see Mummy's talking? [Mummy meaning Mommy] [after being rescued back to camp by Tarzan] Jane Porter: Oh, my goodness! Daddy, I was walking. There was... was a little baby, little baby monkey, and I drew a picture! Professor Porter: Yes, go on. Jane Porter: Suddenly, the monkey starts crying. Professor Porter: Oh, poor thing. Jane Porter: But, I turn around and there's a whole FLEET OF THEM. An ARMY of monkeys! A huge tree full of monkeys, screaming at me! [imitates a monkey screaming at him] Professor Porter: [laughing at her] She's very good at this! Jane Porter: Terrified! I was terrified! Suddenly, I was swinging, on a vine, in the air! Swinging, in the air! Professor Porter: With the monkeys! Jane Porter: I was in the air! And then, I was all surrounded! Professor Porter: What did you do? Jane Porter: And, daddy! They took my boot! Professor Porter: Your boot- those are the ones I bought you. Jane Porter: And I was SAVED. I was saved by a flying, wild man in a loincloth. Professor Porter: Loincloth? Good lord. Clayton: What is she talking about? Professor Porter: I have no idea. She takes after her mother, you know. She came up with stories like that. Not about men in loincloths of course. Jane Porter: [after being caught in a tree with Tarzan] Now, you stay away from me. Like a very good wild man. [Tarzan doesn't listen] You stay. I'm warning you... My father won't take kind to you. [Tarzan is inches from her face] Now, that's close ENOUGH. [Tarzan touches her face] How dare you... [Tarzan grabs her hand, as she tries to smack him, and he notices a tear in the tip of the finger of her glove. He stares and pulls off her glove and stares at her hand. He then puts his hand next to hers to show that he's human, too. He puts his head on her chest to hear her heartbeat. Once he hears it, he pulls her head to his chest so she can hear his heartbeat] Jane Porter: Oh, dear. Oh, dear, oh, dear, OH, dear! Mmm. Yes, thank you. [pulls away from Tarzan's chest] It's a lovely heartbeat. It's very nice. Tarzan: [imitating Jane] It's very nice. Jane Porter: [thinking as though he's talking about her hair] Oh, thank you. I can't do a thing with it in this humidity and - you do speak? And all this time I thought you were this big, wild, quiet, silent, person-thing! Hmm! And why didn't you tell me? I mean, I must say I'm rather curious of who you are. I'd love to- [Tarzan shuts her mouth with his fingers] Tarzan: [grunts and points to himself] Tarzan. [Jane looks confused] Tar-zan! Jane Porter: Tar-zan? [Tarzan grunts happily] Jane Porter: Oh, I see! Tarzan: [points to self] Tarzan. [points to Jane] Oh, I see. Jane Porter: No, no, no. No. Amph. I'm Jane. Tarzan: [mimiking her tone and gestures] No, no, no. No. Amph. I'm Jane. Jane Porter: No, no. Jane. Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan: [points to Jane] Jane. Jane Porter: Exactly.


- A teapot and set of teacups in the explorers' camp bears a sharp resemblance to Mrs. Potts and her teacup children from _Beauty and the Beast (1991)_ (qv). When Tantor sees them, he is scared that they may come to life. Terk responds "Pull yourself together. You're embarrassing me. These things aren't alive." In _Beauty and the Beast (1991)_ (qv), of course, they are.

- "Deep Canvas": The brand-new technique created by Disney for use in Tarzan, which allows 2D hand-drawn characters to exist seamlessly in a fully 3D environment.

- 'Minnie Driver' (qv) largely ad-libbed the breathless speech in which Jane tells her father and Clayton about meeting Tarzan for the first time.

- When the gorillas pick up Professor Porter and turn him upside-down, a beanbag toy of Little Brother from Disney's _Mulan (1998)_ (qv) falls out of his clothes.

- In the original 'Edgar Rice Burroughs' (qv) novel, Tarzan was adopted by Apes (ie. chimps as seen in _Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984)_ (qv)) and the only gorilla mentioned was Bolgani the Great, who was an enemy of Tarzan and the troop. This is the first Tarzan movie were the apes that adopt him are gorillas instead