"Tears Before Bedtime" (1995) {(#1.3)} TV Season

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Overview "Tears Before Bedtime" Season 01 Episode 03 (S01E03)



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(UK) - 22 January 1995

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Full Cast

  1. Charleson, Andrew as [Rev. Geoffrey Short]
  2. Grower, Julius as [William Baylis] <4>
  3. Hope, Richard (I) as [Stuart Freeman]
  4. Howitt, Peter (II) as [Ben Farlow] <5>
  5. Mount, Michael (V) as [Jack Turner]
  6. Purefoy, James as [Jimmy Turner]
  7. Rawlins, Adrian as [David Baylis] <2>
  8. Witcher, Guy as [Hugo Freeman]
  9. Barry, Toni as [Debbie]
  10. Beattie, Louise as [Maureen]
  11. Bond, Samantha (I) as [Sarah Baylis] <1>
  12. Corrigan, Antonia as [Allegra Freeman]
  13. Cowper, Nicola as [Lisa]
  14. Cox, Julie (I) as [Katherine]
  15. Gubbins, Candida as [Tilda]
  16. Hershkovitz, Galit as [Nina]
  17. Hynes, Jessica as (as Jessica Stevenson) [Maggie]
  18. Keevil, Harriet as [Mary Grainger]
  19. Lumberg, Rachel as [Sheila]
  20. Manville, Lesley as [Beattie Freeman]
  21. Pernicci, Anna as [Eva]
  22. Purvis, Libby as [Robin]
  23. Quilligan, Veronica as [Teresa Turner]
  24. Ruck-Keene, Emily as [Lily Baylis] <3>
  25. Thomas, Sian (I) as [Susan]


  1. Seager, Chris (I) (director of photography)

Film Editors

  1. Fisher, Ardan