"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (1987) {Get Shredder! (#8.1)} TV Season

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Overview "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Season 08 Episode 01 (S08E01)



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6.4/ 10 (10 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 10 September 1994

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Full Cast

  1. Clarke, Cam as (voice) [Leonardo/Rocksteady]
  2. Coleman, Townsend as (voice) [Michelangelo/Boss Car Thief]
  3. Cummings, Jim (I) as (voice) [Drakus/Berserko]
  4. Fraley, Pat (II) as (voice) [Krang/Burne Thompson]
  5. Gordon, Barry (I) as (voice) [Donatello/Bebop]
  6. Martin, Bill (IV) as (voice) (as William E. Martin) [Shredder]
  7. Paulsen, Rob as (voice) [Raphael/Car Thief]
  8. Renaday, Peter as (voice) [Splinter/Vernon Fenwick]
  9. Darling, Jennifer as (voice) [Irma Langinstein]
  10. Jacobs, Renae as (voice) [April O'Neil]

Music Composers

  1. Brown, Dennis C.


Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) [us] - (1994) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Grives, Peter


  1. Arnold, Maria (I) (production assistant) (as Marie Arnold)
  2. Blu, Susan (I) (dialogue director)
  3. Castro, Jose E. (electronic titles)
  4. Edwards, Jeff (X) (production assistant)
  5. Hindman, Jason (production assistant)
  6. Rock, Diorena B. (script coordinator)
  7. Wise, David (I) (story editor)


Raphael: Leonardo, explain to me again why we're creeping around in the dead of night instead of home in our nice, damp lair? Michelangelo: Yeah dude. We just blasted the Technodrome into Dimension X. Leonardo: The Technodrome may be gone, but Shredder and Krang are still loose. Donatello: And this is the best chance we'll ever get to put those goons away for good. Raphael: And I still say we have some vacation time coming. Bebop: Gee boss, you sure bluffed your way out of that one! Shredder: I never bluff. Drakus: Well, well, well... my old friend Krang. We meet again. Although as I recall, the last time we met, you had a body. Krang: I've never seen you before in my life! Drakus: Don't tell me the mighty Krang doesn't remember his greatest weapons engineer! Krang: Drakus! You... Drakus: Yes, me. The one who helped you design the Technodrome. The one you betrayed! Krang: I am overlord of Dimension X! Drakus: Then did you have to destroy my home world as well? Krang: I didn't want any of your pesky relatives coming after me, Drakus! Drakus: I am Drakus no more! After you blasted me out of Dimension X, I took on a new name: Berserko! And a new mission: Revenge. Krang: It was nothing personal. I had no further use for you! Drakus: Well I have a use for you... Drakus: Behold, the Annihilator! Krang: It's a toy compared to the Technodrome. Drakus: It may be smaller, but it's more mobile and it packs 20 times the firepower! There's just one problem, the drive systems are malfunctioning, and you will tell me how to fix it. Krang: Why should I help you? Drakus: I'll give you one very good reason... [places Krang on a podium] will you tell me what I need to know? Krang: I'd rather rot in a septic tank! Drakus: Heh... Later. But first I think you will tell me, when I turn up the heat! [switchs a device on, that releases a heat beam on Krang] And when my Annihilator is fully operational, I'll crush you! And your precious Technodrome! Krang: Will you listen to me! The Technodrome isn't even here! It's in Dimension X! Drakus: Don't lie to me, Krang. Burne Thompson: [Held captive by Shredder] The story of the year's right under our noses, and we can't cover it! April O'Neil: Do they really have an explosive devise? Vernon Fenwick: They certainly do! I saw them carry it down to the basement. Burne Thompson: The basement? Why didn't you try and stop them? Vernon Fenwick: Chief, a good reporter's not supposed to get involved in the story. Shredder: 31 minutes. For once you didn't make it on time, turtles. Donatello: Channel 6 is still there. Raphael: I knew he was bluffing. Shredder: I "never" bluff. [Channel 6 begins to explode, crumbling to the street] Donatello: ...It's not possible. Michelangelo: April... Irma... Do you suppose they got out in time? Leonardo: [to Shredder] You miserable maggot! Shredder: [to Bebop and Rocksteady] Destroy them! Shredder: My might is too great for you wretched, teenaged punks! Michelangelo: [Tackling Shredder] Cowabunga, dude! Drakus: Who are you creatures anyway? Leonardo: We're the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And you are finished! Burne Thompson: Thanks to you, I've lost my station! Every time that lunatic Shredder makes trouble, it's because of you freaks! Well... I'll get back on the air somehow. And from now on, I'll let the public know just what a menace you are! Michelangelo: Man, what an ingrate. Donatello: Do whatever you want, Burne. The real threat is Shredder! Burne Thompson: You're the threat! You're the menace to society! You're the ones who... where'd they go? [a manhole cover closes shut nearby] Burne Thompson: Those cowards! They ran away! April O'Neil: Cowards? They've captured Berserko, didn't they? And besides, they'll be back! And no matter what you say, they'll keep on fighting to save this city from the forces of evil! Especially Shredder.


- The Channel 6 News Building is destroyed in this episode.

- This marks the last appearance of Irma.