"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (1987) {Return of the Shredder (#2.1)} TV Season

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Overview "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Season 02 Episode 01 (S02E01)



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7.3/ 10 (27 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 1 October 1988

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Full Cast

  1. Avery, James (I) as (voice) [Shredder]
  2. Clarke, Cam as (voice) [Leonardo/Rocksteady]
  3. Coleman, Townsend as (voice) [Michelangelo]
  4. Cullen, Peter (I) as (voice) [Smash/Mugger/Napoleon]
  5. Cummings, Jim (I) as (credit only) [Additional Voice]
  6. Fraley, Pat (II) as (voice) [Krang/Burne Thompson/Baxter Stockman]
  7. Gordon, Barry (I) as (voice) [Donatello/Bebop/Robber]
  8. Paulsen, Rob as (voice) [Raphael/Robber]
  9. Renaday, Peter as (voice) [Splinter/Vernon Fenwick]
  10. Darling, Jennifer as (voice) [Irma Langinstein/Tiffany]
  11. Jacobs, Renae as (voice) [April O'Neil/Cashier]

Music Composers

  1. Brown, Dennis C. (as D.C. Brown)
  2. Lorre, Chuck

Film Editors

  1. Baker, Brian (XIII)


  1. Blu, Susan (I) (dialogue director)
  2. Coffey, Vanessa (production assistant)
  3. Evans, Donna (II) (production controller)
  4. Hagenow, Maria (production assistant)
  5. Mendelsohn, Jack (I) (executive story editor)
  6. Morgan, Maitzi (assistant dialogue director)
  7. Takamatsu, Trudi (production coordinator)


Michaelangelo: [On TV, April winked at one of the turtles] Right on, babe! Donatello: She was winking at me you know. Michaelangelo: You're totally warped, dude, she was winking at me. Raphael: Get real, it was meant for your's truly. Leonardo: I hate to argue fellas, but I think she meant it for me. April O'Neil: [They all argue] Fellas! If you must know, I was winking at Splinter. Splinter: Age has it's advantages. Bebop: Earth, make way for Bebop and Rocksteady! Rocksteady: And away we go! [Bebop and Rocksteady crash into the portal as it closes and Krang laughs] Rocksteady: Why'd you do that? Krang: Because I enjoy seeing both people and animals suffer. And you, my friends are both!