"Tenchi Muyô!" (1992) TV Season

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8.0/ 10 (522 Votes)

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Production Company
Geneon Entertainment [jp]
Pioneer LDC [jp]

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Release Date

Running Time
25 (26 episodes)


anime, black-humor, cartoon-violence, character-name-in-title, cult-tv, duel, exclamation-point-in-title, female-nudity, female-scientist, fight, fighting, hand-to-hand-combat, high-school-boy, high-school-student, jealousy, kendo, laughing, lightsaber, love, man-with-glasses, martial-arts, martial-arts-training, nudity, outer-space, princess,

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Full Cast

  1. Kikuchi, Masami as [Tenchi Masaki]
  2. Ogata, Kenichi as [Azaka]
  3. Ryan, Michael Scott as (voice: English version) [Kagato]
  4. Sorich, Michael as (voice: English version) [Guard]
  5. Takagi, Wataru as [Kamidake]
  6. Wakamoto, Norio as [Kagato]
  7. Amano, Yuri as [Kiyone]
  8. Darling, Jennifer as (voice: English version) [Ayeka]
  9. Fletcher, Julia as (voice: English version) (as Julia DeMita) [Nagi]
  10. Gerstell, Ellen as (voice: English version) [Mihoshi Kuramitsu]
  11. Kobayashi, Yûko (I) as [Washu]
  12. Kozakura, Etsuko as [Ryo-Ohki]
  13. Mizutani, Yûko as [Mihoshi]
  14. Orikasa, Ai as [Ryoko]
  15. Otsuka, Mizuki as (as Mizue Otsuka) [Nagi]
  16. Takada, Yumi (II) as [Aeka]
  17. Yajima, Masako as [Ken-Ohki]
  18. Yokoyama, Chisa as [Sasami]


  1. Animation
  2. Comedy
  3. Fantasy
  4. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

Life for Tenchi Masaki, a "normal Japanese schoolboy", is shattered one day when a spaceship falls from the sky! Space Pirate Ryoko emerges, attaching quite quickly to Tenchi...and that isn't all! More alien females land at the planet, including the royal princess from the planet Jurai, starting Tenchi off on an adventure he won't forget! David Goodwin Plot not found


Cartoon Network [us]
Geneon Entertainment [us] - (2003) (USA)
Pioneer LDC [jp]


  1. Fletcher, Jack (III) (voice director)


[final lines] Ryoko: I'll tell you something, my Tenchi. You know, the carnival comes and goes... if you wait for a while, it'll always come back to you, Tenchi. Tenchi: I guess you're right, Ryoko... I guess you're right. Mihoshi: I'm telling you, Kiyone, you should learn to relax. Kiyone: And you should learn to panic! [a preview for the next episode] Washu: Coming up next is "No Need For Swimsuits." Ooh boy. Well, they can do whatever they want. Kiyone: Mihoshi, my partner, it's already been a month since you died. You were always such a burden to me, and now, I may never see you again. And that knowledge... makes me so HAPPY! Ryoko: You shouldn't frown so much Ayeka or those wrinkles will never disappear. Ryoko: Uh, honorable, hon-hon-honorable sir, can I honorably, uh, honor, in the honor... [Ryoko hits herself in the head] Ryoko: Can I use your phone? Tenchi Masaki: [Japanese version. Tenchi is being pulled by Ayeka and Ryoko] Ay-yi. Ayeka: [Pulling Tenchi] What did you just say? Mihoshi Kuramitsu: Now calm down Ayeka with a dark past. Ayeka: What are you talking about?

Other Titles

  1. "Tenchi Universe" (1995) (ENG)
    (USA) (dubbed version)


- Tenchi's sword, makes the famous lightsaber sound from the Star Wars films.

- In the final episode, the psychic explosion from the beginning of _Akira (1988)_ (qv) can be seen on a television screen.

- For broadcast on Cartoon Network, the girls had swimsuits digitaly painted on them to either hide their nudity or to suggest that they weren't completely nude even when their bodies were covered. Also, any time an alcoholic drink was mentioned, it was dubbed over with "tea".

- In "No Need for Swimsuits," Ryoko lists her interests as "sleeping late, drinking early, and taking baths in the morning." This might seem typical of Ryoko, but she's actually using a line taken from folklore of the Fukushima prefecture. According to the story, the son and heir of a rich family "Shosuke-san" lost his fortune because he loved "sleeping till late morning, drinking in the morning and taking a morning bath".