The 9th Meteor Ireland Music Awards (2009) (TV) TV

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Production Company
MCD Productions [ie] - (for)
Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ) [ie]

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Release Date
(Ireland) - 18 March 2009

Running Time
Ireland:139 (including commercials)



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Full Cast

  1. Breslin, Niall as (as The Blizzards) [Himself]
  2. Byrne, Nicky as [Himself]
  3. Carmody, Conor as [Himself - Presenter]
  4. Courtney, Brendan as [Himself - Presenter]
  5. Cunningham, Liam (I) as [Himself - Presenter]
  6. Doran, Anthony as (as The Blizzards) [Himself]
  7. Doyle, Craig (II) as [Himself - Presenter]
  8. Duffy, Keith (II) as (as Boyzone) [Himself - Performer]
  9. Dunne, Bernard as [Himself - Presenter]
  10. Elliott, Joe (I) as [Himself - Presenter]
  11. Fanning, Dave as [Himself - Presenter]
  12. Filan, Shane as [Himself]
  13. Flannery, Mick as [Himself]
  14. Foley, Ray (II) as [Himself]
  15. Garvey, Guy as (as Elbow) [Himself]
  16. Gately, Stephen as (as Boyzone) [Himself - Performer]
  17. Graham, Mikey as (as Boyzone) [Himself/Performer]
  18. Harrington, Padraig as [Himself - Presenter]
  19. Iglesias, Enrique (I) as [Himself - Performer] <4>
  20. Jones, Kelly (VIII) as (as The Stereophonics) [Himself - Performer]
  21. Jones, Richard (XXIII) as (as The Stereophonics) [Himself - Performer]
  22. Jupp, Richard (II) as (as Elbow) [Himself]
  23. Keating, Ronan as (as Boyzone) [Himself - Performer]
  24. Kenny, Pat as [Himself - Presenter]
  25. Lundon, Tony as [Himself - Presenter]
  26. Lynch, Aidan as (as The Blizzards) [Himself]
  27. Lynch, Shane (I) as (as Boyzone) [Himself - Performer]
  28. Morrison, James (V) as [Himself - Performer]
  29. Mundy as [Himself]
  30. Murphy, Dec as (as The Blizzards) [Himself]
  31. Murray, Devon as [Himself - Presenter]
  32. O Donoghue, Danny as (as The Script) [Himself]
  33. O Shea, Rick (IV) as [Himself - Presenter]
  34. Potter, Craig (II) as (as Elbow) [Himself]
  35. Potter, Mark (V) as (as Elbow) [Himself]
  36. Power, Glen (IV) as (as The Script) [Himself]
  37. Rea, Stephen (I) as [Himself - Presenter]
  38. Ryan, Justin (III) as (as The Blizzards) [Himself]
  39. Sheehan, Marc (I) as (as The Script) [Himself]
  40. Stereophonics as [Themselves - Performers]
  41. Stokes, Niall as [Himself]
  42. Turner, Pete (VII) as (as Elbow) [Himself]
  43. Velour, Clint as (voice) (as Patrick Cullivan) [Himself - Voiceover] <3>
  44. Walsh, Louis as [Himself - Presenter]
  45. Weyler, Javier as (as The Stereophonics) [Himself]
  46. Wilson, Peter (XIV) as (as Duke Special) [Himself - Performer]
  47. Zindani, Adam as (as The Stereophonics) [Himself - Performer]
  48. Bird, Wallis as [Herself]
  49. Bourret, Caprice as (as Caprice) [Herself - Presenter]
  50. Byram, Amanda (I) as [Herself - Host] <1>
  51. Cartwright, Nancy (I) as [Herself - Presenter]
  52. Cilmi, Gabriella as [Herself - Performer]
  53. Keane, Lorraine as [Herself - Presenter]
  54. Kennedy, Lucy (I) as [Herself - Presenter]
  55. Kennedy, Sinead (I) as [Herself - Presenter]
  56. Lennon, Sonya as [Herself - Presenter]
  57. Mali, Irma as [Herself - Award Hostess] <2>
  58. May, Imelda as [Herself]
  59. Morahan, Caroline as [Herself - Presenter]
  60. Nolan, Anna (II) as [Herself - Presenter]
  61. Ní Chofaigh, Bláthnaid as [Herself - Presenter]
  62. Seoige, Grainne as [Herself - Presenter]
  63. Seoige, Sile as [Herself - Presenter]
  64. Shannon, Sharon as [Herself]
  65. Whitmore, Laura as [Herself - Presenter]


  1. Music


Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ) [ie] - (2009) (Ireland) (TV)


  1. Aiden, Lee (event coordinator) (as Aiden Lee)
  2. Burrowes, Kim (floor manager)
  3. Byrne, Joanne (artist liaison)
  4. Cassidy, Eimear (artist liaison)
  5. Coll, Liam (stage manager: event)
  6. Curran, Janine (floor manager)
  7. Davey, Ciara (production coordinator)
  8. Desmond, Jett (artist liaison)
  9. Dix, Penny (artist liaison)
  10. Harte, Louis (project manager)
  11. Hynes, Lorcan (artist liaison)
  12. Iredale, Sam (artist liaison)
  13. Jackson, Miriam (II) (assistant: dressing rooms)
  14. Keane, Louise (site coordinator)
  15. Kearney, Viv (artist liaison)
  16. Martin, Ciara (I) (artist liaison)
  17. Matthews, Robert (XI) (commercial director)
  18. McAuley, Jennifer (I) (artist liaison) (as Jen McAuley)
  19. McCormack, Lynne (II) (artist liaison)
  20. McDonagh, Leslie (artist liaison)
  21. McGauran, Philip (event sponsorship)
  22. McGuinness, Sioffra (artist liaison)
  23. McNamara, Rionagh (artist liaison)
  24. Morris, Niall (artist liaison)
  25. Nestor, Josephine (talent coordinator)
  26. Ní Ghloinn, Bernadette (broadcast coordinator)
  27. O'Broin, Dara (floor manager)
  28. O'Grady, Diarmuid (autocue operator)
  29. O'Herlihy, Sarah (artist liaison)
  30. O'Neill, Buzz (artist liaison)
  31. Rafter, Jackie (artist liaison)
  32. Roche, Aideen (I) (stage manager)
  33. Ryle, Brendan (artist liaison)
  34. Scarff, Reg (technical supervisor)
  35. Stewart, Maggie (IV) (stage manager)
  36. Wade, Willie (event control)
  37. Wall, Toni (artist liaison)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Royal Dublin Society Exhibition Centre, Ballsbridge, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland