"The Addams Family" (1992) {Addams Family PTA (#1.12)} TV Season

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Overview "The Addams Family" Season 01 Episode 12 (S01E12)



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Release Date
(USA) - 28 November 1992

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Full Cast

  1. Astin, John as (voice) [Gomez Addams]
  2. Beals, Dick as (voice) [N.J. Normanmeyer]
  3. Cummings, Jim (I) as (voice) [Lurch/Twin Spies]
  4. Taylor, Rip as (voice) [Uncle Fester]
  5. Channing, Carol as (voice) [Grandmama Addams]
  6. Derryberry, Debi as (voice) [Wednesday Addams]
  7. Elias, Jeannie as (voice) [Pugsley Addams]
  8. Linari, Nancy as (voice) [Morticia Addams]
  9. McClurg, Edie as (voice) [Mrs. Normanmeyer]

Music Composers

  1. Moon, Guy


  1. Benenati, Sandy (production assistant)
  2. Casper, Vicki (production coordinator)
  3. Cockrill, Ellen (program executive)
  4. Colyton, Lady (creative consultant) (as The Lady Colyton)
  5. Germain, Linda (word processor)
  6. Harn, Jo (international production coordinator)
  7. Hindman, Debby (production assistant) (as Debby Lathrop)
  8. Kaminski, Karenia (assistant to producer)
  9. Matheny, Bill (story editor)
  10. Menk, Valerie (production assistant)
  11. Moore, Linda (I) (production assistant)
  12. Pollock, Tori (production assistant)
  13. Prewitt, Gail (word processor)
  14. Rodriguez, Rosanne (production coordinator)
  15. Swaney, Joseph (production publicist)
  16. Ziegenhagen, Jill (talent coordinator)


[a depressed Morticia is painting] Gomez Addams: Tish, that picture, it's so... happy! [Concerned, he examines Morticia] Gomez Addams: Are you all right?