"The Beast" (2001) {The Price (#1.1)} TV Season

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Overview "The Beast" Season 01 Episode 01 (S01E01)



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(USA) - 13 June 2001

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Full Cast

  1. Andrews, Naveen as [Tamir Naipaul] <5>
  2. Babatundé, Obba as [Mr. Lowry]
  3. Burke, Michael Reilly as [Jeremy Anglade]
  4. Cassidy, Ian Paul as [Ryan Brown]
  5. Daniel, Robert Pike as [London Newscaster]
  6. Eastman, Rodney as
  7. Everett, Tom as [Rory Carmichael]
  8. Gedrick, Jason as [Reese McFadden] <3>
  9. Langella, Frank as [Jackson Burns] <1>
  10. Nguyen, Oanh as [Techie #2]
  11. Paulin, Scott as [Agent Miller]
  12. Pellegrino, Mark (I) as [Bobby James/Robert Tibideau]
  13. Riegert, Peter as [Ted Fisher] <4>
  14. Rossi, Luigi Francis Shorty as (credit only) (as Melvin 'Shorty' Rossi) [Harry]
  15. Titizian, Hrach as [Computer Tech Steve Jordan]
  16. Werntz, Gary as [Harry]
  17. White, Bradley (I) as
  18. Williams, Sulo as [WNS Tech Marco]
  19. Chinh, Kieu as [Penelope]
  20. Crewson, Wendy as [Maggie Steech] <8>
  21. Dickey, Dale as
  22. Grace, April as [Sonya Topple] <7>
  23. Harris, Harriet Sansom as [Mrs. Sweeney] <6>
  24. Mitchell, Elizabeth (I) as [Alice Allenby] <2>


  1. Gerrior, Rene (production assistant)
  2. Jorgensen, Petra (script supervisor)
  3. Mendel, Robert Brooks (location manager)
  4. Patel, Geeta (associate to writer)
  5. van Klaveren, Rorie D. (assistant production coordinator)