"The Biskitts" (1983) {Belling the Wild Cat/King Max's War (#1.3)} TV Season

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Full Cast

  1. Beals, Dick as (voice) [Scat]
  2. Cullen, Peter (I) as (voice) [Scratch/Fang/Dog Foot]
  3. Efron, Marshall as (voice) [Mooch]
  4. Gibson, Henry (I) as (voice) [Downer]
  5. Hickman, Darryl as (voice) [Wags]
  6. Holt, Bob (I) as (voice) [Spinner/Bump/Flip]
  7. Houser, Jerry as (voice) [Shiner]
  8. King, Kip as (voice) [Shecky]
  9. Mars, Kenneth as (voice) [Max/Fetch/Snarl]
  10. Darling, Jennifer as (voice) [Wiggle]
  11. Helppie-Shipley, Kathleen as (voice) (as Kathleen Helppie) [Sweets]

Film Editors

  1. Iverson, Gil (show editor)


  1. Aries, Peter (production coordinator)
  2. Poole, Duane (story editor)
  3. Scott, Art (I) (titles)
  4. Strickland, Robin (I) (production assistant) (as Robin Carmichael)
  5. Swale, Tom (story editor)