"The Closer" (2005) {Strike Three (#5.7)} TV Season

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Overview "The Closer" Season 05 Episode 07 (S05E07)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
8.8/ 10 (74 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Shephard/Robin Company, The [us]
Warner Bros. Television [us] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 20 July 2009
(Netherlands) - 23 January 2010
(Germany) - 26 February 2010
(Finland) - 24 February 2011

Running Time
Netherlands:45 (including commercials)


bike, cop-killer, drugs, gang, internal-affairs, internal-affairs-investigation, internal-affairs-investigator, investigation, nazi, police-violence, racism, tattoo, weapon,

Technical Support
LAB:Consolidated Film Industries (CFI), Hollywood (CA), USA - (film processing) (as CFI Laboratory)
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Bailey, G.W. as [Lt. Louie Provenza] <5>
  2. Chan, Michael Paul as [Lt. Mike Tao] <7>
  3. Cruz, Raymond (I) as [Detective Julio Sanchez] <8>
  4. Denison, Tony as [Lt. Andy Flynn] <6>
  5. Gossett, Robert as [Commander Taylor] <4>
  6. Joyner, David (I) as [Uni #1] <20>
  7. Keene, Phillip P. as [Buzz Watson] <9>
  8. Phillips, Derek (III) as [Stomper] <15>
  9. Porter, Ray (I) as [Adrian Beck] <14>
  10. Reynolds, Corey as [Sgt. David Gabriel] <3>
  11. Roussell, Steve as [Tactical Flight Officer] <21>
  12. Simmons, J.K. as [Assistant Chief Will Pope] <2>
  13. Tenney, Jon (I) as [Agent Fritz Howard] <10>
  14. Tyson, Richard (I) as [Ted] <13>
  15. Van de Kamp Buchanan, Ryan as [Detective #1] <18>
  16. Alan, Lori (I) as [Kathy Weber] <16>
  17. McDonnell, Mary (I) as [Captain Sharon Raydor] <11>
  18. Rubin, Brady (I) as [Eleanor] <17>
  19. Sedgwick, Kyra as [Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson] <1>
  20. Spagnoletti, Lauren as [Detective #2] <19>
  21. Turbay, Paola as [Det. Mikki Mendoza] <12>

Full Plot

The Major Crimes squad is pulling out all of the stops to solve the murder of two patrolmen who were obviously ambushed. A teenager, Kevin Weber, is also found dead at the scene and Brenda is convinced he was part of the gang that killed the police. Unfotunatley for her, she comes against Capt. Sharon Raydor whose unit is tasked with investigating all cases where a police officer might have discharged their firearms and killed a citizen. While Brenda works from the assumption that Kevin is guilty until proved otherwise, Capt. Raydor assumes he's innocent until proven guilty. garykmcd Plot not found

Movie Certificate

TV-14 (USA)
12 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Levine, James S.


  1. Harp, David A. (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. LaVoi, Greg


Net5 [nl] - (2010) (Netherlands) (TV)
Turner Network Television (TNT) [us] - (2009) (USA) (TV)
Vox [de] - (2010) (Germany) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Wertman, Butch


  1. Diamond, Pete (II) (assistant to producers) (uncredited)
  2. Geter, Leo (executive story editor)
  3. Hollingsworth, Samantha (I) (key set production assistant)
  4. Martin, Ken (I) (executive story editor)
  5. McLane, Haley (script supervisor) (uncredited)
  6. Parker, Daly (assistant production coordinator)
  7. Sando, Kristin (set production assistant)
  8. Tamburro, Charles A. (aerial coordinator / helicopter pilot)
  9. Uhr, Gabe (set production assistant)


Captain Sharon Raydor: I usually first. Commander Taylor: Then this should be a change for you.