"The Comic Strip Presents..." (1982) {The Bullshitters: Roll out the Gunbarrel (#2.8)} TV Season

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Overview "The Comic Strip Presents..." Season 02 Episode 08 (S02E08)



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6.9/ 10 (46 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 3 November 1984

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Full Cast

  1. Allen, Keith (I) as [Bonehead] <1>
  2. Allen, Kevin (I) as [Chuck] <9>
  3. Coltrane, Robbie as [Commander Jackson] <3>
  4. Costello, Elvis as [Stone Deaf A & R Man] <20>
  5. Fagg, Jimmy as [Himself] <5>
  6. Farrington, David as [Troy] <12>
  7. Firth, Julian as [RADA Student] <17>
  8. Hardee, Malcolm as [Builder] <18>
  9. Khan, George (I) as [Thompson] <8>
  10. Martin, Gary (I) as [Stig] <10>
  11. Matthews, Al as [Admiral] <7>
  12. Pillay, Al as (as Alana Pellay) [Herself] <4>
  13. Richardson, Peter (I) as [Foyle] <2>
  14. Sarbutt, John as [Dean] <11>
  15. Sharp, Anthony as (as Anthony Sharpe) [Father] <13>
  16. White, Michael (I) as [Himself] <16>
  17. Freud, Esther as [Girl Backstage] <15>
  18. Hendley, Fiona as [Janie] <6>
  19. Jerome, Suzanne as [Knobs Receptionist] <19>
  20. Tomlinson, Patience as [Daughter] <14>

Full Plot

Janie,daughter of Commander Jackson,the head of D15,has been kidnapped and there are only two men who can save her - former agents Bonehead and Foyle,now working as actors at Tv's Tough Guys school. Hunky,hairy and always scantily clad,they are blackmailed into returning to work and,since they have no car and are sometimes turned off buses,they run everywhere. Finally,during the climactic shoot-out they do what they had intended to do long ago and declare their love for each other. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. King Cobra


  1. Baynes, Jeff (lighting cameraman)

Dress Designers

  1. Hemming, Lindy


  1. Fagg, Hilary (continuity)
  2. Krish, Rachel (production team)
  3. Pomphrey, Roger (production team)
  4. Richardson, Sophie (production team)