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6.5/ 10 (61 Votes)

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Production Company
La Plante Productions [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(UK) - 10 January 2005
(Finland) - 27 March 2005
(Sweden) - 29 September 2006

Running Time


affair, dark-heroine, e-mail, second-part, stalker,

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Full Cast

  1. Ball, Nicholas (I) as [John Dawson]
  2. Bonneville, Hugh as (uncredited) [James Lampton]
  3. Brightwell, Paul as [DS Brian Hall] <6>
  4. Caine, Charlie as [DS John Bilkins]
  5. Chapman, Sean (I) as [DCI Frank Lane]
  6. Cottle, Matthew as [DC Gareth Buckley]
  7. Curran, Jake as [Michael Judd]
  8. Donachie, Ron as [George Hart]
  9. Durden, Richard as [Dr. Vernon Briers]
  10. Freshwater, Geoffrey as [Bob Smythe]
  11. Grubb, Andrew as (as Andy Grubb) [Officer]
  12. Hillyer, Terence as [Eddie Myers]
  13. Lockyer, Thomas as [DI Ken Miles] <4>
  14. Marsh, Matthew (I) as [DCI Mike Hedges] <2>
  15. Pavlo, Chris as [Jamail Hanks]
  16. Rutherford, Matthew as [Dr. Simon Jerrard]
  17. Torrens, Pip as [DCS Les Branton] <5>
  18. Valentine, Anthony (I) as [Edward Sumpter] <7>
  19. Wenner, Martin as [Alistair Morrison]
  20. Wu, Tom as [Dr. Colin Mathers]
  21. Zimmermann, Jeremy as [Priest]
  22. Burton, Amanda (I) as [Commander Clare Blake] <1>
  23. Dee, Sara (I) as [Margaret Rawlins]
  24. Fletcher, Sarah (II) as [Nurse]
  25. Gilbreath, Alexandra (I) as [Vera Judd]
  26. Goodman, Gillian (I) as [Gina Moore]
  27. Grier, Tania as [Dr. Antonia Brierley]
  28. Henry, Kate (I) as [DC Jill Bullick]
  29. Hogg, Lisa as [Nurse]
  30. Kidd, Anne as [Marjorie Norton]
  31. Love, Patti as [Brenda Thornton]
  32. McInnerny, Lizzy as [Sara Dawson]
  33. Miller, Poppy as [DI Carol Browning] <3>
  34. Reeves, Saskia as [Eileen Judd] <8>
  35. Turner, Joan as [Mrs. Sunnelly]
  36. Whitburn, Katherine as (as Katharine Whitburn) [Police officer]
  37. Wooldridge, Susan (I) as [Dr. Jane Wellesley]
  38. Wright, Anita as [Joan Taylor]


  1. Crime
  2. Drama

Full Plot

Commander Blake is still dealing with the aftermath of the James Lampton case. Not only has he pleaded not guilty to the murders for which he is accused, it now means that Blake will have to testify about their sexual relationship. With the added news coverage, Blake finds that the sister of one of Lampton's victims is now stalking her. Blake's own sister, who is terminally ill with cancer, moves in with her. In a separate case, a computer hacker who has gained access to online medical records and changing information is terrorizing St. Barnaby's hospital. His first victim is someone who had a severe allergy to nuts and the second is someone who is allergic to penicillin. The hacker threatens to kill one patient every 24 hours if he doesn't receive 20 million pounds. garykmcd Plot not found

Movie Certificate

15 (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Meacock, Jim


  1. Maidment, Rex

Dress Designers

  1. Dimou, Fotini


Independent Television (ITV) [gb] - (2005) (UK) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Fisher, Ardan


  1. Alder, Matt (floor runner)
  2. Anisiobi, Susan Chika (accountant trainee) (as Chika Anisiobi)
  3. Beardsley, Jack (I) (location assistant)
  4. Bennett-Smith, Ross (auditor) (as Ross Bennet-Smith)
  5. Bowman, Robert (II) (caterer) (as Robert Bowan)
  6. Brown, Hannah (I) (floor runner)
  7. Cardy, James (caterer)
  8. Cowan, Guy (chef)
  9. D'Orsi, Lucy (police advisor)
  10. D'Orsi, Raffaele (police advisor)
  11. Davis, Lara (I) (floor runner)
  12. Davis, Lara (I) (production assistant)
  13. Dobbs, Richard (II) (script editor)
  14. Earnshaw, Nicky (production assistant)
  15. Finnigan, David (production assistant)
  16. Greenacre, Benjamin (location manager) (as Ben Greenacre)
  17. Hill, Ian (VIII) (advisor: forensic pathology) (as Dr. Ian Hill)
  18. Jefferies, Polly (production coordinator)
  19. Lucraft, Sarah (production accountant)
  20. Martin, Colin (VI) (caterer)
  21. Masters, Phoebe (production secretary)
  22. McMillan, Suzy (caterer)
  23. Revington, Helen (unit nurse)
  24. Rothman, Hannah (I) (researcher)
  25. Schofield, Mark (I) (floor runner: second unit) (as Mark Scholfield)
  26. Simpson, Charlie (II) (location assistant)
  27. Sutherland, Callum (legal advisor)
  28. Triefus, Fran (assistant accountant)
  29. West, Elizabeth (I) (script supervisor: second unit) (as Liz West)
  30. Wilson, Liz (IX) (advisor: forensic biology) (as Dr. Liz Wilson)
  31. Wilson, Louise (IV) (legal advisor)
  32. Wilson, Pamela (V) (head of development)