The Darkness (2007) (VG) Video Game

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Ratings / Votes
8.6/ 10 (855 Votes)

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Production Company
2K Games [us]
Starbreeze Studios [se]
Top Cow Productions [us]
Union Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 25 June 2007
(USA) - 25 June 2007
(UK) - 29 June 2007

Running Time


based-on-comic, based-on-comic-book, image-comics, love, revenge, suicide, violence,

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Full Cast

  1. Acevedo, Kirk as (voice) [Jackie Estacado] <1>
  2. Baker, Dee Bradley as (voice) [Insane Darkling] <11>
  3. Baltz, Kirk as (voice) [Anthony Estacado] <6>
  4. Bianchi, David (I) as (voice) [Lucas Hellinger / Civilians] <21>
  5. Boyer, Chris (II) as (voice) [Matty Forehand/George Hadel] <37>
  6. Brantley, Frank as (voice) [Terrence Willis/Mordo the junkie] <36>
  7. Brown, Al (I) as (voice) [Vinny Mortarello] <48>
  8. Burks II, Willis as (voice) [Emerson Darke] <35>
  9. Clotworthy, Robert as (voice) [Frances Fox/Leslie Hound/Daniel Fears] <41>
  10. Dalin, Erik as (voice) [Various]
  11. DeMarinis, Tony as (voice) [Bill Haagensen] <44>
  12. Edgerly, Chris as (voice) [Chester Coleman/Melvin Caines/Silvio Leatherchest] <43>
  13. Eggers, Peter (I) as (voice) [Various]
  14. El-Amin, Hassan as (voice) [Cops] <26>
  15. Ferrara, Johnny as (voice) [Roach Librizzi/Carmine Massimo] <40>
  16. Gorman, Patrick (I) as (voice) [Frank Huntzinger] <47>
  17. Graf, David Alan as (voice) [Bobby Caballero/Alfred Blackmoore/Civilians] <20>
  18. Gregor, Adam as (voice) [Captain Andre Kuchev] <46>
  19. Horvitz, Richard Steven as (voice) [Berserker Darkling] <10>
  20. Knight, William (III) as (voice) [Frank Rottenberg] <49>
  21. Kyson, James as (voice) (as James Kyson-Lee) [Peter Chen/Cops] <27>
  22. Lally, Ken (I) as (voice) [Cannon Driver/German Soldiers] <32>
  23. Leighton, Richard (I) as (voice) [Dutch Oven Harry / Mobsters] <25>
  24. Liu, Patrick (I) as (voice) [Screaming Neighbor]
  25. Locke, Robert J. as (voice) [Joey Skelton / Henry Macall] <39>
  26. Mann, Alex (I) as (voice) [Jimmy the Grape] <9>
  27. Mann, Danny (I) as (voice) [Abe Hunter/Charlie Hazelgrove] <38>
  28. Marino, P.J. as (voice) [Mobsters] <22>
  29. Mathers, James (I) as (voice) [Capt. Edward 'Eddie' Shrote] <5>
  30. McCharen, David as (voice) [Cops] <28>
  31. North, Nolan as (voice) [Young Jackie / Nino Moretti] <14>
  32. Patton, Mike (II) as (voice) [The Darkness] <3>
  33. Richardson, Darren as (voice) [Allied Soldiers] <31>
  34. Schultz, Dwight as (voice) [Uncle Paulie Franchetti] <4>
  35. Schütz, Ludwig as (voice) [German Soldiers]
  36. Sigismondi, Barry as (voice) [Mobsters] <24>
  37. Soleil, Sky as (voice) [Compton Scarr] <42>
  38. Starr, Mike (I) as (voice) [Butcher Joyce] <7>
  39. Stroili, Paul as (voice) ['Bullfrog' Gravano/Mobsters] <23>
  40. Tatasciore, Fred as (voice) [Kamikaze Darkling] <13>
  41. Torre, Oscar as (voice) [Mikey Cimino] <34>
  42. Warner, Martin Charles as (voice) [Nicky Barruci] <45>
  43. Wiklund, Frans (I) as (voice) [Various]
  44. Woodberry, Terry as (voice) [Civilians] <19>
  45. Ambrose, Lauren as (voice) [Jenny Romano] <2>
  46. Darling, Jennifer as (voice) [Gunner Darkling] <12>
  47. Futterman, Nika as (voice) [Cops] <30>
  48. Grefberg, Kimberly as (voice) [Subway Announcer]
  49. James, Charity as (voice) [Dana Cutrone] <33>
  50. Kasch, Molly as (voice) [Civilians] <16>
  51. Michaels, Kerry (I) as (voice) [Chip Feary/Ingrid Pulamski/Civilians] <17>
  52. Michaels, Norma as (voice) [Aunt Sarah] <8>
  53. Olsson, Åsa (I) as (voice) [Various]
  54. Perrin, Angelique (I) as (voice) [Balllayer/Civilians] <18>
  55. Temperilli, Tre as (voice) [Cops] <29>
  56. Wahlgren, Kari as (voice) [Young Jenny / Jane Unger] <15>


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Crime
  4. Drama
  5. Horror

Movie Certificate

M18 (Singapore)

Music Composers

  1. Grefberg, Gustaf


  1. Keegan, Tom (I) (voice director)
  2. Toyias, Andrea (talent coordinator)


Jackie Estacado: Have you ever loved someone who was so beautiful and pure, you couldn't bear to show them your own darkness? The Darkness: Aw... what did they do, Jackie? What did they do to Jenny? [chuckles evilly] Jackie Estacado: I got my first kiss down here. I was fifteen. Some hooker named Candy. She crossed her legs, broke my sunglasses. Good times. Jackie Estacado: There's always a little light in the darkness. Berserker Darkling: I like penguins! Jackie Estacado: I used to know a guy who worked down here. Yeah, Mikey Fat-Lips. Weird son of a bitch. He used to feed his cat subway tokens. One time he asked me to try one, he said they were a good source of iron. Dumb fuck. Crucified: Remember, a powerful enemy now festers within you. Uncle Paulie Franchetti: [in a video recording] You've been a pain in the ass since the day I met you Jackie, pissin' and moanin' 'bout the way I do business. Well you need to learn who's calling the shots! I got a surprise for you Jackie- on your birthday! Have a 'blast'! Berserker Darkling: [urinating on a dead body] Sleep, perchance to dream. And piss! Gunner Darkling: Karate chop! Ya! Berserker Darkling: Are you nuts? Gunner Darkling: Kung fu! The Darkness: Through you I am born. The Darkness: [in an area full of civilians] Useless, dull, pointless *maggots*! Uncle Paulie Franchetti: I loved you like a son Jackie, and you stole from me. You stole my respect and you stole my trust. And when blood takes from blood, someone always pays... Berserker Darkling: Human flesh is porky meat! Mobster1: [back turned to the player] Y'know, I'm surprised I've lasted so long doing this. Always figured someone would sneak up behind me in the middle of the night and shoot me in the back. Mobster2: Uh-huh... Cop: Eddie! He's tearin' us apart! Capt. Edward 'Eddie' Shrote: Well turn on the fucking lights then! He can't do that shit in the light! And don't *fucking* call me Eddie! Capt. Edward 'Eddie' Shrote: Someone get me the power drill. Cop: Sure thing Eddie. Capt. Edward 'Eddie' Shrote: Don't call me Eddie you fucking moron! It's Captain Shrote! Cop: Aw shit! Uh, sure thing Captain Shrote. Berserker Darkling: I want to kill someone. Gunner Darkling: I am unfamiliar with the concept. Gunner Darkling: [attacking an enemy] Maybe not, I guess. Jackie Estacado: I've always believed that everyone has a good side, and a bad side. Even a guy like Eddie Shrote. Sure, he's tortured and killed a few people but then again - you should see his bad side. And for what he did to you? Both sides are as good as dead. Jimmy the Grape: That fat fucking piece of shit Paulie thinks he can't be touched, right? *Wrong!* Wrong, wrong, wrong *wrong*. He's gonna be touched all right, oh boy is he gonna be touched! Jackie Estacado: Keep licking Eddie's ass, ya cunts. Polish his sweet butt crack. Jackie Estacado: A job's not worth doing unless you do it right. Jackie Estacado: Uncle Paulie's a dead man unless he grows a beard and learns to speak *Swahili*. Jackie Estacado: Oh, but he's not going to get the chance. Not for as long as I draw breath. Jackie Estacado: I think... What happens when you die? Well, you don't really die. You come to a place like this. Except it doesn't really feel like a place... It feels more like a memory. Frank Mortis: Hey man, I wouldn't hang around here if I was you. There's something seriously weird going on here - I'm serious man! I mean, meat shipments come in all the time right, but nothin' ever fucking comes out man! It's probably something illegal, like uh... Rhino meat or somethin' y'know!


- The graffiti seen throughout the game was created by active Swedish graffiti artists. They spent a long session creating works on a flat gray or white wall that were photographed and scanned in as textures for the game.

- The game opens and closes with the line "wake up." 'Captain Midnight' by Tomahawk, a song which plays at the start of the end credits, also opens with the same line.

- A movie poster seen in game, "Jimmy Eriksson: Man-At-Arms", is homage to the level designer of the same name.