The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.5/ 10 (139 Votes)

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Production Company
Producers-Actors Corporation [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 27 May 1949
(Austria) - 1950
(Chile) - 1950
(Finland) - 12 May 1950
(West Germany) - 19 December 1950

Running Time


character-name-in-title, cowboy, fist-fight, gunfight, old-west, pistol, quick-draw, revolver, shootout, street-shootout, violence,

Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.37 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Andrews, Stanley (I) as (uncredited) [Coffeyville Sheriff]
  2. Bardette, Trevor as (uncredited) [Ezra Johnson - Farmer]
  3. Barnett, Griff as [Deacon Burton] <11>
  4. Barrat, Robert as (as Robert H. Barrat) [Marshal Heck Thomas] <9>
  5. Beery Jr., Noah as [Little Bill/Joe Smith] <7>
  6. Blystone, Stanley as (uncredited) [Jailer]
  7. Bridge, Al as (uncredited) [Deputy Sheriff]
  8. Bucko, Ralph as (uncredited) [Joe]
  9. Burns, Paul E. as (uncredited) [Al - Livery Stable Proprietor]
  10. Chesebro, George (I) as (uncredited) [Deputy]
  11. Clarke, David (I) as (uncredited) [Dalton]
  12. Cox, Victor as (uncredited) [Coffeyville Deputy]
  13. DeNormand, George as (uncredited) [Marshal - Posse Rider]
  14. Dent, Vernon as (uncredited) [Bank Clerk]
  15. Dunn, Eddie (I) as (scenes deleted) [Engineer]
  16. Fenton, Frank (II) as [George Wakeman/Red Buck] <12>
  17. Fowley, Douglas as (uncredited) [Dalton Gang Member]
  18. Haade, William as (uncredited) [Emmett Dalton/Sam Powers]
  19. Hack, Herman as (uncredited) [Coffeyville Deputy]
  20. Hamilton, Chuck (I) as (uncredited) [Marshal]
  21. Hansen, Aleth as (uncredited) [Banjo Player]
  22. Haskell, Al as (uncredited) [Barfly]
  23. Hayden, Harry as (uncredited) [Train Conductor]
  24. Hill, Al (I) as (uncredited) [Deputy Madison]
  25. Howes, Reed as (uncredited) [Grat Dalton]
  26. Ingraham, Lloyd (I) as (uncredited) [Marshal Nix]
  27. Ireland, John (I) as [Bitter Creek] <4>
  28. Kellogg, John (I) as (uncredited) [Undetermined Role]
  29. Kemper, Charles as [Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones] <6>
  30. Kirkwood, James as (uncredited) [Reverend Mears]
  31. Laidlaw, Ethan as (uncredited) [Deputy]
  32. Macready, George as [Marshal Sam Hughes] <2>
  33. Mahoney, Jock as (as Jack O'Mahoney) [Tulsa Jack Blake] <13>
  34. Mallinson, Rory as (uncredited) [Posseman]
  35. Maynard, Kermit as (uncredited) [Cowhand Angry About Barbed Wire]
  36. Nowlin, Herman as (uncredited) [Coffeyville Deputy]
  37. O Connor, Frank (I) as (uncredited) [Man Shouting 'Hold-Up!']
  38. O Malley, Pat (I) as (uncredited) [Deputy Marshal]
  39. Osterloh, Robert as (uncredited) [Wichita Smith]
  40. Palma, Joe as (uncredited) [Card Player]
  41. Parker, Jack (XI) as (uncredited) [Hosteler]
  42. Patterson, Hank as (scenes deleted) [Rancher]
  43. Plues, George as (uncredited) [Barfly]
  44. Reeves, Bob (I) as (uncredited) [Table Pusher]
  45. Scott, Randolph (I) as [Bill Doolin/Bill Daley] <1>
  46. Sheehan, John (I) as (uncredited) [Wayside Innkeeper]
  47. Star, Shooting as (uncredited) [Indian]
  48. Sullivan, Brick as (uncredited) [Bill Broadwell]
  49. Sullivan, Charles (I) as (uncredited) [Dalton Gang Member]
  50. Taylor, Tony (I) as (uncredited) [Little Boy in Church]
  51. Thompson, Al (I) as (uncredited) [Coffeyville Citizen Outside Bank]
  52. Tyler, Harry as (uncredited) [Storekeeper]
  53. Whiteford, Blackie as (uncredited) [Townsman]
  54. Allbritton, Louise as [Rose of Cimarron] <3>
  55. Brissac, Virginia as (uncredited) [Mrs. Burton]
  56. Drake, Dona as [Cattle Annie] <8>
  57. Huston, Virginia as [Elaine Burton] <5>
  58. McKinney, Mira as (uncredited) [Maudie, Storekeeper's Wife]
  59. Meade, Claire as (uncredited) [Mrs. Johnson]
  60. O Neal, Anne as (uncredited) [Woman on Train]
  61. Patrick, Lee (I) as [Melissa Price] <10>
  62. Selbie, Evelyn as (uncredited) [Birdie]
  63. Urecal, Minerva as (uncredited) [Train Passenger]


  1. Western

Full Plot

When the Daltons are killed at Coffeeville, gang member Bill Doolin arriving late escapes but kills a man. Now wanted for murder, he becomes the leader of the Doolin gang. He eventually leaves the gang and tries to start a new life under a new name. But the old gang members appear and his true identity becomes known. So once again he becomes an outlaw trying to escape from the law. Maurice VanAuken Plot not found

Movie Certificate

12 (West Germany)(nf)
K-16 (Finland)
Approved (USA)(PCA #13649)
(Banned) (Sweden)


  1. Lawton Jr., Charles


Columbia Film-Verleih [de] - (1950) (West Germany) (theatrical)
Columbia Pictures [us] - (1949) (USA) (theatrical)
Comet Video [us] - (????) (USA) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Nelson, Charles (I)


  1. Norridge, Donna M. (script supervisor) (uncredited)


[Annie and Rose watch the men leave on another cattle drive] Cattle Annie: I sure wish I was one of 'em. Rose of Cimarron: But you can't be. All you can do is sit here...and hear that tune play...and watch them leave...and wonder if they're going to come back. Cattle Annie: You're talking about love...I'm talking about cows! Bill Doolin: Somebody once said, "No man's bad enough to be shot in the back." Little Bill: Old Ben Franklin said, "We shall hang together or, assuredly, we shall all hang separately." Now that fits us, just like it fit them. Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones: Come on, come on. Let's go! Bill Doolin: What's the hurry? We're taking a rest, remember? Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones: I'm telling you we got to get out of here! Bill Doolin: What's all the rush? Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones: I just robbed a bank! Little Bill: Alone? Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones: Well, there was only one bank! Bill Doolin: I see you still have the habit of sleeping outside. Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones: Yeah, you live longer that way. See, when the shooting starts, I don't have to stop to open the door. Marshal Sam Hughes: Remember, we, the law, will beat them because right is on our side - and that makes a big difference. Rose of Cimarron: Well, they say a man's the best company when he's alone. Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones: Oh, come on, Melissa! Marry me, please? Melissa Price: Ask me sometime when you're sober, Arkansas. Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones: It's a funny thing. She won't marry me when I'm drunk and I won't marry her when I'm sober. Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones: Bill Doolin - married to a woman! Little Bill: Yeah, they make the best wives. Elaine Burton: You know, this is my first opportunity to show off my new husband. Bill Doolin: New husband? Was there an old one? Deacon Burton: You're dead, Bill - and I don't want my daughter married to a dead man. Thomas 'Arkansas' Jones: Bill, that jail ain't big, but it looks harder to get into than most jails is to get out of. Epilogue: And so ended the Doolin Gang. The trails they rode were of their own choosing.

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Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Janss Conejo Ranch, Thousand Oaks, California, USA
  2. Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
  3. Columbia/Warner Bros. Ranch - 411 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, California, USA
  4. Diaz Lake, Lone Pine, California, USA
  5. Iverson Ranch - 1 Iverson Lane, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA