"The Dukes" (1983) {The Dukes in Switzerland (#1.13)} TV Season

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Overview "The Dukes" Season 01 Episode 13 (S01E13)


(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(USA) - 30 April 1983

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Full Cast

  1. Angel, Jack (I) as (voice) <7>
  2. Anthony, Chris (XVI) as (voice) <8>
  3. Barclay, Jered as (voice) <9>
  4. Bell, Michael (I) as (voice) <10>
  5. Best, James (I) as (voice) [Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane] <2>
  6. Booke, Sorrell as (voice) [Jefferson Davis 'Boss' Hogg] <3>
  7. Callaway, William (I) as (voice) (as Bill Callaway) <11>
  8. Cherry, Byron as (voice) [Coy Duke] <4>
  9. Clarke, Philip L. as (voice) (as Phil Clarke) <12>
  10. Cullen, Peter (I) as (voice) <13>
  11. Curtis, Keene as (voice) <14>
  12. Erdman, Richard (I) as (voice) (as Dick Erdman) <16>
  13. Harada, Ernest as (voice) <19>
  14. Holt, Bob (I) as (voice) <20>
  15. Jones, Stan (II) as (voice) <21>
  16. Kirby, Paul (II) as (voice) <22>
  17. Leeds, Peter (I) as (voice) <23>
  18. Mars, Kenneth as (voice) (as Ken Mars) <24>
  19. Mayer, Christopher (I) as (voice) [Vance Duke] <5>
  20. Menville, Scott as (voice) <26>
  21. Moss, Larry (III) as (voice) <27>
  22. Polic II, Henry as (voice) <29>
  23. Pope, Tony as (voice) <30>
  24. Proctor, Phil as (voice) <31>
  25. Pyle, Denver as (voice) [Uncle Jesse Duke] <6>
  26. Ridgely, Robert as (voice) (as Bob Ridgely) <32>
  27. Ross, Neil (I) as (voice) (as Neilson Ross) <33>
  28. Rye, Michael (I) as (voice) (as Mike Rye) <34>
  29. Smith, Hal as (voice) <36>
  30. Stephenson, John (I) as (voice) <37>
  31. Welker, Frank as (voice) [Flash/Smokey/General Lee] <30>
  32. Anthony, Chris (XVI) as (voice) <8>
  33. Bach, Catherine as (voice) [Daisy Duke] <1>
  34. Darling, Jennifer as (voice) <15>
  35. Gary, Linda as (voice) <17>
  36. Gerber, Joan as (voice) <18>
  37. McClurg, Edie as (voice) <25>
  38. Page, Laurel (I) as (voice) <28>
  39. Schreffler, Marilyn as (voice) <35>


Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) [us] - (1983) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Iverson, Gil (show editor)


  1. Parker, Ray (III) (story editor)


Vance Duke: I got me a bad feeling about this. Boss Hogg: Rosco, just don't stand there with your teeth in your mouth, get this snow off of my caddie. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane: [Boss Hogg & Rosco are disguised as maids] You know, chubby little buddy, you don't look to bad for a little fat lady. Boss Hogg: Oh, Rosco, you bone headed flea brain, you just blowed up my trillion dollar formula! Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane: Can I get out of this dang dress now? Boss Hogg: Yes, yes, yes yes! You can get out of the dress, out of the car and get out of my life! Miserable numbnoggin.