The Greatest Fan Film of All Time (2008) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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4.6/ 10 (71 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 17 May 2008
(USA) - 13 December 2009

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Full Cast

  1. Bruno, Vince (I) as (voice) [Batman]
  2. Derby, Allan as (voice) [Aquaman]
  3. George, Clint as (voice) [Nightwing]
  4. Longstreth, Aaron as (voice) [The Flash]
  5. Longstreth, Larry as (voice) [Superman]
  6. Maida, Raine as (voice) [Guardian]
  7. Manna, Michael as (voice) [Daredevil]
  8. Miller, Paul Matthew as (voice) (as Paul Matthew Molnar) [The Joker]
  9. Montgomery Jr., Rick as (voice) [Captain America]
  10. Pniewski, Matt as (voice) [Toxie]
  11. Schoenke, Aaron as (voice) [The Scarecrow]
  12. Stone, Terry (VI) as (voice) [Wolverine]
  13. Binshtok, Sveta as (voice) [Catwoman]
  14. Dempsey, Maureen as (voice) [Rogue]
  15. Paciotti, Clarissa as (voice) [Wonder Woman]
  16. Powers, Kathryn as (voice) [Silver Sable]
  17. Svasta, Laura as (voice) [Emma Frost]
  18. Weiss, Shelia as (voice) [Jean Gray]


  1. Animation

Full Plot

The world's greatest superheroes are gathered around for Stan Lee's surprise birthday party. All is well until a hand full of villains working for an unknown source tricks the heroes into battling each other to the death. "The Greatest Fan Film of All Time" is the sequel to the critically acclaimed "Batman's Gonna Get Shot in the Face" and is a non-profit fan film. It is also the creators' final fan film. Larry Longstreth Plot not found

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