The Hidden (1987) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.9/ 10 (8282 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Heron Communications
Mega Entertainment [us]
New Line Cinema [us]
Third Elm Street Venture

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 20 October 1987
(Portugal) - February 1988
(France) - 23 March 1988
(Netherlands) - 14 April 1988
(Denmark) - 22 April 1988

Running Time

A new breed of criminal. It killed 37 people, robbed 6 banks, 2 liquor stores, a record shop and stole 2 ferraris. Now the fun starts. It just took over a police station. It's only human on the outside...

alien, alien-contact, alien-possession, arsenal, bank, bank-guard, bank-robbery, beaten-to-death, body-switching, boom-box, buddy-cop, chase, corpse, cult-film, dark-humor, daughter, dog, dying-during-sex, falling-from-height, false-identity, fbi, ferrari, flamethrower, gore, heavy-metal-music,

Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Anderson, Deke as [Roadblock Cop] <47>
  2. Aresco, Joey as [Woodfield] <31>
  3. Boyett, William as [Jonathan Miller] <7>
  4. Brooks, Richard (VI) as [Sanchez] <8>
  5. Brown Jr., Alonzo as [Lab Technician] <57>
  6. Brown, Robert (VIII) as [Agent Bach] <60>
  7. Brown, Wren T. as (as Wren Brown) [Patrolman] <48>
  8. Cedar, Larry as [Brem] <9>
  9. Collins, Doug (I) as [Agent Sardi] <55>
  10. Cummings, Bob K. as (as Bob Cummings) [Agent Lowe] <56>
  11. Davis, Duane (I) as [Eddie] <16>
  12. Diamond, Rick (I) as [Paramedic] <58>
  13. Eastin, Steve as [Agent Stadt] <39>
  14. Edwards, Jason (I) as [Adler] <28>
  15. Felder, Clarence as [Lt. John Masterson] <4>
  16. Gibson, Beau as [Jailer] <26>
  17. Gilbride, Joe as [Bank Guard] <46>
  18. Gilpin, Kris as (unconfirmed)
  19. Gulager, Clu as [Lt. Ed Flynn] <5>
  20. Haynes, Loren as [Cop with Aspirin] <41>
  21. Hopson, Lew as [Jail Escort] <54>
  22. Houck Jr., Joy N. as (as J.N. Houck) [DeVries' Neighbor] <29>
  23. Jake (XX) as [Roy the Dog] <62>
  24. Joiner, Michael (I) as (uncredited) [Undercover Policeman]
  25. Levine, Jeff (I) as [Drunk's Friend] <20>
  26. Lieberman, Rick (I) as [Dr. Glass] <23>
  27. Luisi, James as [Ferrari Salesman] <14>
  28. MacLachlan, Kyle as [Lloyd Gallagher] <1>
  29. Marcus, Alan (II) as [Cop in Hotel] <49>
  30. McCann, John (II) as [Senator Holt] <11>
  31. McGee, Jack (I) as [Bartender] <38>
  32. Morante, Mark Edward as [Record Store Clerk] <21>
  33. Mulkey, Chris (I) as [Jack DeVries] <12>
  34. Norris, Buckley (I) as [Reporter] <43>
  35. Nouri, Michael as [Tom Beck] <2>
  36. O Ross, Ed as [Cliff Willis] <6>
  37. Perce, Joe as [Coroner] <27>
  38. Phelan, Mark (I) as [Fielding] <50>
  39. Renzulli, Frank as [Michael Buckley] <15>
  40. Richmond, Branscombe as [Roberts] <52>
  41. Sagal, Joey as [Drunk] <19>
  42. Shaye, Robert as (uncredited) [Man in Silver Mercedes Picking Up a Gorgeous Girl]
  43. Siegler, Marc as (as Mark Siegler) [Doctor] <37>
  44. Skeen, Charlie as [Agent Graves] <59>
  45. Smith, Charles Edward as [Avery] <53>
  46. Trejo, Danny as [Prisoner] <51>
  47. Wentzel, Chris (I) as [Record Store Cop] <61>
  48. Whipp, Joseph as [Dr. Rogers] <24>
  49. Whitaker, Richard B. as (as Richard Whitaker) [Plainclothesman] <34>
  50. White, Ted (I) as [Agent Fowler] <40>
  51. Willis, Donald as [Intern] <25>
  52. Yama, Michael as [Sketch Artist] <35>
  53. Cannon, Katherine as [Barbara Beck] <10>
  54. Caplin, Cate as [Bank Customer] <45>
  55. Christian, Claudia as [Brenda Lee Van Buren] <3>
  56. Clayton, Kristen as (as Kristin Clayton) [Juliet Beck] <17>
  57. Friedman, Jill as [Girl at Record Store] <22>
  58. Kerr, Judy as [Waitress] <32>
  59. Morgan, Luce as [Waitress] <33>
  60. Petrie, Mary (I) as [TV Reporter] <30>
  61. Reis, Whitney as [Liz] <18>
  62. Robinson, Lenna as [Rodeo Drive Girl] <44>
  63. Shaye, Lin as [Carol Miller] <13>
  64. Todd, Rachel as [Reporter] <42>
  65. White, Charlene (I) as [Nurse] <36>


  1. Action
  2. Crime
  3. Horror
  4. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

An alien is on the run in America. To get his kicks, it kills anything that gets in its way, and uses the body as a new hiding place. This alien has a goal in life; power. Hotly pursued by another alien (who's borrowed the body of a dead FBI agent), lots of innocent people die in the chase. Rob Hartill When the ordinary citizen Jack DeVries (Chris Mulkey) heists many banks and kills many people, the whole police department chases him under the command of detective Tom Beck (Michael Nouri). They capture him and seriously wounded, he is sent to the hospital, sharing a room with Jonathan Miller (William Boyett), a man with serious gastritis. The FBI agent Lloyd Gallagher (Kyle MacLachlan) comes to the police station looking for DeVries and is assigned to join Tom. When they arrive in the hospital, DeVries is dead and Jonathan is missing. This is the beginning of the hunting for a mysterious and bloody alien. Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The police are hunting a man, who has committed several crimes, mostly auto theft. They eventually captured but not after a long chase and only after he crashes his car and is burned. At the hospital, the man rises and then proceeds to the man in the room with him. He then proceeds to open the man's mouth and a creature comes out of his and enters the man. The man then stands up and walks out of the hospital. An FBI agent goes to the police and says he is looking for the man they just caught. When he goes to the hospital, he takes a photo of the man and gives it to the police and says that they have to find him. After a long chase, the detective, who is frustrated, arrests the FBI agent and demands to know what is going on. He says that he is an alien and that the people they have been pursuing have each been taken over by an alien that he is pursuing. Plot not found

Total Business

CP: © MCMLXXXVII The New Line-Heron Joint Venture, d/b/a The Third Elm Street Venture GR: USD 9,747,988 (USA)

Movie Certificate

16 (Iceland)
18 (West Germany)
-12 (France)
MA (Australia)(DVD rating)
M/16 (Portugal)
R (Australia)
K-16 (Finland)(heavily cut)
18 (Norway)
15 (Sweden)
18 (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Convertino, Michael (I)


  1. Haitkin, Jacques (I) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Daniel, Malissa


20th Century Fox of Germany [de] - (1989) (West Germany) (theatrical)
Alliance Home Video [ca] - (Canada) (VHS)
Asso Film - (video)
Astral Films [ca] - (Canada)
Europa Vision [fi] - (1988) (Finland) (theatrical)
Front Row Filmed Entertainment [ae] - (2007) (United Arab Emirates) (DVD) (Middle East)
Image Entertainment [us] - (USA) (laserdisc)
Lumivision [us] - (USA) (DVD)
Lumivision [us] - (USA) (VHS)
Lumivision [us] - (USA) (laserdisc)
Media Home Entertainment [us] - (USA) (VHS)
Media Home Entertainment [us] - (USA) (laserdisc)
New Line Cinema [us] - (1987) (USA) (theatrical)
New Line Home Video [us] - (USA) (DVD)
Showtime [fi] - (1989) (Finland) (VHS)
Succéfilm AB [se] - (Sweden) (theatrical)


  1. Berens, Steve (I) (owner: "Jake")
  2. Berens, Steve (I) (trainer: "Jake")
  3. Cassell, Jane (choreographer: Ms. Christian)
  4. Clark, Cindy (I) (production assistant)
  5. Dennis, Grace (production accountant)
  6. Dunn, Bob (II) (animal supplier)
  7. Dunn, Bob (II) (animal supplier) (as Bob Dunn)
  8. Ervin, Elizabeth (I) (production assistant)
  9. Evans, Larry (IV) (stand-in)
  10. Folsom, Gerrit V. (location manager)
  11. Franchi, Antonio (mechanic)
  12. Goldstein, Eric J. (II) (production assistant) (as Eric Goldstein)
  13. Jelski, Catherine (assistant: Mr. Sholder)
  14. Johnson, Krister C. (craft service: second unit) (as Krister Johnson)
  15. Jones, Dixie (I) (assistant accountant)
  16. Kiehlbauch, Jeffrey J. (production coordinator)
  17. Lanoff, Lawrence (production assistant: second unit) (as Larry Lanoff)
  18. Liermann, Martha J. (production secretary)
  19. Lowe, Tom (I) (production assistant)
  20. McCarter, Joseph (assistant trainer)
  21. McCurdy, Alan Z. (production assistant: second unit)
  22. Meizler, Jonathan (production assistant: second unit)
  23. Ortiz, Lollie (title designer)
  24. Parker, Vic (II) (security liaison)
  25. Perault, Robert (stand-in)
  26. Rosas, Oscar (craft service)
  27. Rosas, Oskar A. (craft service) (as Oscar Rosas)
  28. Rose, Grant (stand-in)
  29. Welles, Annie (script supervisor)
  30. Wetzel, Jeffrey (I) (production assistant)
  31. Whitaker, Richard B. (technical advisor)
  32. Wood, Deani (script supervisor: second unit) (as G. Deani Wood)
  33. Wood, Deani (set nurse) (as G. Deani Wood)
  34. Wylie, James A. (stand-in)


Tom Beck: Doesn't anyone say please any more? Lloyd Gallagher: Please. Tom Beck: How can I refuse? Lloyd Gallagher: You can't. [Lloyd takes Beck for a ride in his Porsche] Tom Beck: Bureau must be paying pretty good these days. Lloyd Gallagher: Pretty good. Tom Beck: Mind me asking how much one of these costs? Lloyd Gallagher: No. Tom Beck: How much? Lloyd Gallagher: I don't know. Tom Beck: You don't know? What did you do, steal it? Lloyd Gallagher: Yeah. Tom Beck: Oh, thank you. That is illuminating. That solves everything. Christ, Miller doesn't have a chance. Hey, why would he come in here and kill a guy for a lousy hundred bucks and a radio? Lloyd Gallagher: Because he likes it. He sees something he wants, he steals it. If something gets in his way, he kills it. And right now, he's hiding out in your city. Tom Beck: You know what bothers me about these two guys DeVries and Miller? Lloyd Gallagher: Neither has a criminal record. They both lead normal lives until a few days ago, and now they're killing people. Tom Beck: Do you read minds or was that just a shot in the dark? Lloyd Gallagher: No, I read minds. Tom Beck: Oh yeah? What was I just thinking? Lloyd Gallagher: That I'm full of shit. Tom Beck: Impressive. Lloyd Gallagher: Not really. Quite simple to read. Tom Beck: What the hell is that? Sanchez: A flame-thrower man, can you believe it? Patrol picked this up off some homeboy on the street. Barbara Beck: Where did you grow up? [Lloyd points upwards] Barbara Beck: What is that? North? Tom Beck: I want to ask you if I'm crazy, or does this seem just a little bizarre? Lloyd Gallagher: Yeah, it's a little bizarre. Tom Beck: I knew that. I just wanted to know if you knew that. Tom Beck: I'll cover you. Lloyd Gallagher: I'd be safer if you didn't. Tom Beck: Fine, I won't cover you. Lloyd Gallagher: Alright, cover me. Tom Beck: Do you want me to fucking cover you or not? Lloyd Gallagher: I need you to cover me. Tom Beck: Fine. I'll cover you. Doctor: Detective Beck. No one deserves to die like that. I don't care what the man's done. Cliff Willis: He killed twelve people, wounded twenty three more, stole six cars, most of them Ferraris. Robbed eight banks, six supermarkets, four jewelery stores and a candy shop. Six of the ones he killed he carved up with a butcher knife. Two of them were kids. He did all that in two weeks. If anyone deserves to go that way, it sure in the hell was him. Lt. John Masterson: Look, Ed, Tom Beck is the best I've got. If I give him to you, I'll never get him back again. My department will then crumble, crime will run rampant, the city will fall into ruin, rampaging hordes will control the streets, and life as we know it will end. Prisoner: Yo, hippy, what kind of dude are you?

Other Titles

  1. L'alieno (1987) (ENG)

  2. The Hidden - Das unsagbar Böse (1989) (ENG)
    (West Germany)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
  2. Los Angeles, California, USA
  3. Park Plaza Hotel - 607 S. Park View Street, Los Angeles, California, USA


- The transfer of the alien from DeVries into Jonathan Miller was accomplished by stop-motion photography. During the stops, stage hands would work at stuffing the creature model into the mock head. Actor William Boyett, upon seeing the alien going into "his" mouth, was so disgusted he refused to watch and actually left the room.

- During an interview on TNT in 1994, 'Claudia Christian' (qv) mentioned The Hidden as being her prior experience with aliens. She said this qualified her to work on _"Babylon 5" (1994)_ (qv).

- Although both Gallagher and his quarry inhabit human bodies, they do seem to have different abilities and limitations. Gallagher is able to spot the other in any body by sight, while his enemy cannot. Also Gallagher seems to be able to repair damage to his host body, while his enemy's presence "uses up" his host in a matter of days.

- When we first see the police squad-room we hear a radio call go out to police car '1L19'. This was also the callsign of the LAPD car hijacked by 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv)'s character in _The Terminator (1984)_ (qv).