"The Jury" (2004) {Last Rites (#1.5)} TV Season

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Overview "The Jury" Season 01 Episode 05 (S01E05)


(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(USA) - 29 June 2004

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Full Cast

  1. Alban, Carlo as [Douglas Santago]
  2. Brown, Leon Addison as [Phillip Nixon]
  3. Busch, Adam as [Steve Dixon] <2>
  4. Grant, Craig muMs as (as muMs da Schemer) [Curtice Redding]
  5. Hephner, Jeff as [Keenan O'Brien] <6>
  6. Kelly, Michael (V) as [Keen Dwyer]
  7. Lajcik, Tim as [Correctional Officer]
  8. Morfogen, George as [Lewis Gold]
  9. Morton, Joe (I) as [James Byron Milton]
  10. O Neal, Patrice as [Adam Walker]
  11. Rodgers, R.E. as [Off. Zimny]
  12. Seda, Jon as [Victor Torres]
  13. Simmons, Derrick as [Correction Officer]
  14. Simmons, J.K. as [Ron Stalsukilis]
  15. Walker, Eamonn as [Ted Truziak]
  16. Winters, Scott William as [John McCarthy]
  17. Buckley, Betty (I) as [Carla Kohler]
  18. de Pablo, Cote as [Marguerite Cisneros] <3>
  19. Diaz, Natascia as (as Natazcia Diaz) [Veronica Vides]
  20. Graham, Elain R. as [Shawna Springs]
  21. Lamia, Jenna as [Christine Britton]
  22. Lauren, Julie as [Maya Blanchard]
  23. Pope, Stephanie as [LaRue Martin]


  1. Green, Michael (II)

Film Editors

  1. Eluto, Ken


  1. Ambrosino, Justin (production assistant)
  2. Benson, Laura (II) (production coordinator) (as Laura A. Benson)
  3. Corbett, J. John (title designer)
  4. Coss, Daniel (assistant location manager: New York)
  5. DeJesus, Marilyn (payroll accountant) (uncredited)
  6. Fontana, Stephanie (assistant to producer)
  7. Lucas, Michael P. (production secretary)
  8. Occhino, David (I) (stage manager)