The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (2007) (VG) Video Game

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7.0/ 10 (103 Votes)

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Production Company
Big Ant Studio [au]

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All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 2 October 2007

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Full Cast

  1. Bennett, Jeff (I) as (voice) [Cyril/Mole-Yair/Scratch] <8>
  2. Burton, Corey (I) as (voice) [Volteer] <7>
  3. Jarvis, Martin as (voice) [The Chronicler] <5>
  4. Oldman, Gary as (voice) [Ignitus] <3>
  5. Richardson, Kevin Michael as (voice) [Gaul/Terrador/Sniff] <4>
  6. Skene, Clint as (voice) [The Assassin]
  7. West, Billy (II) as (voice) [Sparx] <2>
  8. Wood, Elijah as (voice) [Spyro] <1>
  9. Summer, Cree as (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited) [Cynder]
  10. Whitman, Mae as (voice) [Cynder] <6>


  1. Adventure

Full Plot

Taking place where "The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning" left off, "The Eternal Night" continues Spyro's epic journey to defeat the Dark Master. When Cynder leaves the Dragon Temple, he sets off to find her, and often engages in telekinetic communication with a mysterious dragon called The Chronicler. He learns that he must stop the Dark Master from escaping the Well of Souls, a plan made by the dreaded Ape King, Gaul. John Plot not found

Movie Certificate

PG (Australia)


Sierra Entertainment [us] - (2007) (USA) (VHS)


  1. Paquet, Philippe (technical director)
  2. Tornabene, Michael (quality assurance)
  3. Toyias, Andrea (talent coordinator)


Spyro: Cynder what are you doing out here? It's dangerous. Cynder: You shouldn't have followed me Spyro. Sparx: That's good enough for me. Let's go. See ya! Huh. Cynder: Please, don't make this any harder for me than it already is. Spyro: I'm just trying to understand. Cynder: I'm leaving Spyro. I don't belong here. After all I've done, all I've put you through... I can't stay. Spyro: Cynder, nobody blames you for what happened. Sparx: Huh, I do. Speak for yourself. Spyro: Sparx... Cynder: No, Sparx is right. And every day that goes by, I'm reminded of it. Spyro, your place is here, your destiny is here. But mine is somewhere out there for me to find. Spyro: Cynder, I don't want you to go. Cynder: Goodbye Spyro... Sparx: Spyro? You okay, buddy? [Spyro passes out] Sparx: Hey... I want to sleep too, but I didn't mean NOW! Let's at least get inside... it's... it's dark out man... and I don't like it. Hello? Anybody home? Yoohoo!?? The Chronicler: You have done well... and now it is time for you to return. But be careful, Spyro, the enemy approaches. Spyro: Wait! you still haven't told me who you are! The Chronicler: You shall know me as the Chronicler. Seek me out... Sparx: [terrified] You're on your own with this one fella. Spyro: This one? How is that different than the last one? Or the one before that? Assassin: [muffled] Prepare to die! Spyro: Huh? Sparx: He said something about preparing to die... either that, or he wants you to repair a pie. Ignitus: [looking into the pool of visions] What's this? Something is coming into focus. [the pool reflects an image of Spyro near a giant tree] Ignitus: This is peculiar. I see you... at the base of a great tree... Amidst a lake of mist and gloom. Spyro: [excited] A tree? I've seen that tree!... In my dreams... [somber] only they usually feel more like nightmares... Ignitus: Young dragon... you've been keeping secrets? What is it you see... in these dreams of yours? Spyro: I'm sorry Ignitus... I thought they would go away... but they only get worse. Ignitus: Relax, Spyro. Think. Spyro: I keep seeing... a mountain draped in shaodw... a face of stone beneath two moons... and darkness. Terrador: The mountain of Malefor. Spyro: There was another... but it was more like I was seeing into the past and the future all at once... And there was a voice... calling himself the Chronicler. That's when I saw the tree. Terrador: Impossible. Sparx: Yeah, no kidding... there isn't even a storm. Cyril: The Chronicler? Sparx: What? Don't encourage him. Volteer: I don't believe it, either. I've not heard that name is ages. Ignitus: Nor has anyone. But there is no way that Spyro could have known. This is fascinating. Spyro: Who is the Chronicler? Ignitus: The Chronicler is an ancient dragon of immeasurable wisdom. Though I've only heard stories. In fact, I've had my doubts as to the legitimacy of the tales. Yet now, I am to wonder... Terrador: As are we all. But if it is true, it is unsettling that the reemergence of the Chronicler would coincide with an attack on the temple... not to mention these other visions that Spyro is having. Ignitus: Yes... very. Tales of the Chronicler are often interwoven with tales of doom. Sparx: Oh goodie! I was afraid we might have to spend the rest of the night without anymore doom. Volteer: It was only a matter of time Ignitus. We've all felt it. A great evil is on the horizon. Ignitus: Perhaps, but we mustn't rush to judgment. This evening has brought about many unexplained things Cyril: We may not have time, Ignitus. The celestial moons are almost at an eclipse, this we know for certain. We must prepare for the worst. The Night of Eternal Darkness draws nigh. Sparx: If "nigh" means soon, I'm outta here. Spyro: What are we doing here? I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be looking for. I think we're lost. Sparx: Hey! Have you tried these yet? Hmm... they're delish. [Sparx munches on some butterflies] Sparx: Mmmm...come on, try some! Spyro: Sparx! Don't eat that... you don't even know what it is. Sparx: [Belching] Nonsense. They're perfectly edible. Sparx: [sheepish] Uh... So... Uh... How is everyone today? Pirate (Azear): Hah hah! Little bug isn't much bigger than a bog-rat! Sparx: Hey! Who you callin' a big you crazy eyed, mangy drool mutt? ...Uh-oh. Pirate (Tuhekar): Get him! Sparx: Mommy!!! Spyro: What is it you want me to do? I think I'm entitled to know what's happening. The Chronicler: You already know what is happening... of the great evil that is awakening. But there is more that you must understand. [a vision of the Mountain of Malefor appears] Spyro: I've seen this place before. It frightens me. The Chronicler: This is an evil place Spyro. It is called the Mountain of Malefor... asylum to the wandering phantoms and lost spirits of those who had turned to darkness. But to the spirits themselves and the black hearted, it goes by another name... Gaul: The Well of Souls. Sparx: Is that your dumb tree? It's beautiful. Can we go now? Spyro: This feels like the right place, but... I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here. Sparx: Wondeful, I'm going to go wait over there... you know, give you a few minutes. Maybe there was a lily pad you forgot to sing on or a rainbow you can talk to... Sparx: Uh, it's my turn to pass out. You're on your own, buddy. Spyro: Oh brother. Scratch: I trust your living quarters are to your liking? Sparx: I dunno. My roommate could be more fun though. Sniff: I thought I told you to be quiet, fool! [to Spyro] And you... get ready to fight. It's hurtin' time baby! Sparx: I really, I mean more than really, hate those birds. Scratch: Fiends and felons! Scoundrels and swindlers! Welcome... to the first event of the evening! Tonight, we bring to you a very special battle, sure to quence your thirst for brutality! Sniff: Enough of this jibba jabba! Let's bring on the pain! The Chronicler: You've come far, young dragon. Spyro: What?! Ignitus said you would help, but you've only led me on a path to nowhere! The Chronicler: Our path through life is not always the path we chose. Sometimes our paths are chosen for us... and it is our destiny to follow it. Wherever it may lead. Sniff: [to Spyro] Get up, lazy fool! It's time to bruise, not time to snooze! know, I-I can't even look at you. You disgust me. Sparx: Hey, you and me both pal-y. Sniff: Don't touch me. Mole-Yair: Spyro, you are in danger. I have a message for you from another prisoner. Here, take it. [hands Spyro the note] Sparx: Yahoo! Fan mail! Spyro: [reading] "Dear friend... There are whispers going about the ship. Word of your captivity has traveled quickly. Many of the prisoners are uneasy. They say that the Ape King himself has placed a bounty on you... and all of the dragons. These are dark times. But know this, you have allies. I look forward to the day when we can meet. Hunter of Avalar." Sparx: That was thoughtful. I particularly like the part about the dark times and the danger. Scratch: Tonight... we have a special bonus match! Sparx: Cool, a bonus match! Scratch: Spyro the Dragon... versus... the former queen of conquer herself... Cynder! Sparx: AHH!!! I told you she was evil. Hehe, look, my eye's twitching again. Cynder: Just like old times, huh Spyro? Spyro: Cynder, I'm not going to fight you. Cynder: Relax. I'm just trying to put on a show for the crowd while we figure out what to do. Sparx: Don't trust her. She wants to eat me! Sparx: Hey! That guy just gave me an idea! Why don't WE get off the burning boat?! Spyro: Not yet. We need a map to a place called the White Isle... and I think I know where we can find one. Sparx: You know I hate you, right? Sniff: Sucka, you just don't know when to quit. Sparx: Then you don't know us very well. I quit all the time... [Spyro glares at Sparx] Sparx: Sorry... I thought that was gonna sound cooler. [Trying to talk to The Chronicler] Spyro: Okay, I've completed your test. What do I do next? How can I find you? Are you there?... Great, now the voice inside my head is ignoring me. Gaul: So... the traitor returns! Cynder: You can't go through with this Gaul! Gaul: Hahaha! Nothing can prevent this. We are merely here to welcome our Master back into the realm and join him at his side. But fear not Cynder... You've been such a faithful servant, I'm sure he'll take you back... And if not, you will have the honor of being the first to perish by his hand. Long have we waited! Long have we suffered! But soon, our Master will return... and his coming shall bring forth a new age of power for the Apes... and we shall have our revenge! Sparx: Goodbye freaky little turtle monster! Goodbye, goodbye, thanks for everything! Spyro: [Spyro wakes up] What happened? Sparx: Well, let's see... You've been hearing voices in your head and have led us all over the place... which has been great because we're having so much fun... and now we're stranded on an enchanted island and I just can't wait to see what happens next! Spyro: Hold on. I think we found it. [yelling] Hello? Is anyone there? Sparx: Hey! If there is... could we... you know... not wake it up? Because... everything we've met so far has tried to kill us. Mysterious Voice: Expose your heart to summon ghost... then face alone what you fear most. Sparx: I knew it! This place wants us dead! We should've turned back while we had a chance! Spyro: I need to do this, Sparx. Sparx: Yeah? Go ahead. Expose your heart and see what happens! Sparx: [Seeing a giant hourglass] Ooooh... what's this?... I think it's a magic wishing lamp. [whispers] Hello? Genie? You in there? Spyro: This is incredible! The entire history of the dragon race... It looks like it's all here. The Chronicler: [offscreen] It is. Well, most of it. Sparx: [in awe] Did you hear that? It spoke to me! The Chronicler: The records in this hall date back to the beginning of time... nearly. Spyro: The Chronicler! The Chronicler: Yes, Spyro... It is I... And I've been waiting for you. Sparx: Oh, well... I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long. We got a little held up back there... with the uh... well, you know... Riddles Of Doom! The Chronicler: It was a necessary evil. I had to be sure, Spyro. The Chronicler: I haven't had any visitors... in my solitude... for over a thousand years. Sparx: Shocker! Try getting rid of the psychedelic dragon outside! The Chronicler: [Showing Spyro and Sparx into Spyro's Book. a picture of Gaul shows up] You've seen this hideous creature before... Spyro: Why is he in my book? The Chronicler: It was Gaul who led the raid of the temple the night of your birth... when Ignitus rescued your egg... Spyro: ...and when they took Cynder's. The Chronicler: Yes... that was most unfortunate. [shows a picture of babt Sparx] Oh! And look... here is little Sparx. Sparx: He-hey! Nobody needs to see that... ever. The Chronicler: Spyro, you must understand, when she was taken by Gaul, she was poisoned and corrupted, made to do the Dark Master's bidding. Her entire life has been spent in shadow. She knows no other way. And when the Dark Master returns... she will concede. No one can resist the temptation... not even the strongest among us. Spyro: I don't believe that. The Chronicler: Spyro, let me tell you another story. Sparx: Oooh, oooh, oooh! Can I pick the story this time? The Chronicler: There was once a dragon, long ago, whose raw power was far greater than anyone had ever seen or... could imagine. At first, he mastered fire... which was odd because he was not a fire dragon. Then came ice and wind... and other abilities none not possible. Is this story sounding familiar? Spyro: It was a purple dragon... like me. The Chronicler: The first purple dragon... In the beginning, he was encouraged... and secrets of elemental mastery were passed onto him willingly by the elders. But his power... was limitless... it knew no boundary. He consumed... everything. When he would not stop, he was cast into exile. And from his new fortress within the mountain, he built an army... not of dragons, but of apes... and taught them to artificially harness the power of the gems... Our life force. Spyro: You're talking about the Dark Master... The Chronicler: Yes. And in his dark seclusion, the sheer weight of his malice cracked the very foundation of the mountain, splitting the earth, creating a pit of despair... Where the lost souls of this world could reside. Spyro: The Well of Souls! The Chronicler: ...created by the very beast who now seeks to escape it.