The Lineage (2015) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Dirt Lane Entertainment [us]

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  1. Horror

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A group of "daredevil" type college students were told to research and write about a legend of their choice. Instead of going with the typical "Bigfoot" or "UFO" thing they decided to do research on a legend in Montana. It was said that settlers in Montana were cursed with mutant/cannibal type creatures that posed in the town and appeared like normal people. They would then lure people to a remote area in the vast wilderness to feed. This legend was never proven but the diaries and letters recovered from the settlers said that the creatures were run off, however over 100 people have come up missing in the 100+ years since they settled in the area. The college students will go to research this area, what they find will haunt their dreams forever... That is if they make it out alive. Tom H Blog of Horror Plot not found