The Little Match Girl (1974) (TV) TV

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(Hollywood) USA

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7.3/ 10 (12 Votes)

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Production Company
ATV [gb]

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Release Date
(USA) - 10 December 1974
(France) - 2 December 1977

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Full Cast

  1. Brown, Edwin (I) as [Blind Man]
  2. Hall, Michael (I) as [Butler]
  3. Henry, Paul (I) as [Pieman]
  4. Howe, David (II) as [Arthur]
  5. Jones, Robert Gray as [Father]
  6. Pitt, Norman as [Rich Man]
  7. Roberts, Ivor (I) as [Charlotte's father]
  8. Baxter, Lynsey as [Little Match Girl]
  9. Casimir, Golda as [Washerwoman]
  10. Fiddick, Marion as [2nd Spinster]
  11. Field, Susan (I) as [Cook]
  12. Kean, Georgina as [Harriet]
  13. Lanyon, Annabelle as [Charlotte]
  14. Ollerenshaw, Maggie as [Tart]
  15. Parker, Sarah Jessica as (uncredited)
  16. Phillips, Dorothea as [1st Spinster]
  17. Richards, Susan (I) as [Grandmother]
  18. Steele, Anna as [Charlotte's mother]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

As a little girl is daydreaming out the window, her wicked father comes home. It's Christmas Eve. She tells her father that she was thinking about her Grandmother and of how nice Christmas was when she was alive. The father, angry and bitter, tells the girl that she must be out early to sell the matches or she can think about a beating. He tells her she needs to keep her mind on selling the matches and that she cannot come home until every one of them is sold. Then he laments about how, since her momma died, she is more than pain and trouble and is always in the way. Diane Kucharski, Plot not found

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA