The Muppets... Again! (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(UK) - 21 March 2014
(USA) - 21 March 2014
(Australia) - 3 April 2014
(New Zealand) - 3 April 2014

Running Time


muppet, second-part, sequel,

Technical Support
CAM:Red Epic
OFM:Redcode RAW

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Full Cast

  1. Barretta, Bill as (voice) [Swedish Chef/Rowlf/Dr. Teeth/Pepe the Prawn/Bobo]
  2. Burrell, Ty as [Jean Pierre Napoleon]
  3. Collard, Kenneth as [The Berliner]
  4. Gervais, Ricky as
  5. Goelz, Dave as (voice) [Gonzo/Dr. Bunsen Honeydew/Zoot/Beauregard/Waldorf]
  6. Herdman, Richard as [Commuter]
  7. Howard, Luke (I) as [Spanish Train Porter]
  8. Jacobson, Eric (II) as (voice) [Miss Piggy/Fozzie Bear/Animal/Sam Eagle]
  9. Linz, Peter as (voice) [Walter]
  10. Liotta, Ray as
  11. Meads, Pete as [German Audience Member]
  12. Plumridge, Scott as [Irish audience member]
  13. Rajpal, Ricky as [Audience Member]
  14. Rudman, David as (voice) [Scooter/Janice]
  15. Vogel, Matt (II) as (voice) [Sgt. Floyd Pepper/Camilla/Sweetums/Lew Zealand/Crazy Harry]
  16. Whitmire, Steve as (voice) [Kermit/Beaker/Statler/Rizzo/Newsman/Foo-Foo]
  17. Cooper, Pamela Betsy as [German Lady in the Audience]
  18. Fey, Tina as [Nadya]


  1. Adventure
  2. Comedy
  3. Crime
  4. Family

Total Business

SD: January 2013 - ?


  1. Burgess, Don


Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures [us] - (2014) (USA) (theatrical)
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures [us] - (2014) (USA) (theatrical)


  1. Broadfoot, Duncan (assistant location manager)
  2. Brown, Jordan (XXIII) (accounts assistant)
  3. Brown, Monique (III) (production secretary)
  4. Campbell, Alex (XIV) (production assistant)
  5. Daya, Yasmeena (assistant to executive producer / UPM)
  6. Downey, Eleanor (location assistant)
  7. Downs, Joe (construction accountant)
  8. Hanson, Clair (assistant accountant)
  9. Hayes, Charlie (III) (assistant location manager)
  10. James, Ali (I) (location manager)
  11. Johnson, Kelly (VI) (first assistant accountant)
  12. Jones, Jamie (XI) (studio unit manager)
  13. Kozel, Ben (production assistant)
  14. Lee, Kelly (V) (assistant coordinator)
  15. Lobban, Philip (location scout)
  16. Mercer, Dale (I) (assistant choreographer)
  17. Simpson, Charlie (II) (unit manager)
  18. Smith, Fran (III) (assistant to executive producer)
  19. Spiegelberg, Bertie (production coordinator)
  20. Warman, Derek (fire officer)

Other Titles

  1. The Muppets 2 (2014) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. London, England, UK
  2. Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK


- James Bobin is the second director to helm more than one theatrical Muppet film. The other is Brian Henson.