"The Pacific" (2010) {Iwo Jima (#1.8)} TV Season

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Overview "The Pacific" Season 01 Episode 08 (S01E08)



Ratings / Votes
7.9/ 10 (481 Votes)

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Production Company
DreamWorks SKG [us]
HBO Films [us]
Playtone [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 2 May 2010
(Hungary) - 3 May 2010
(Spain) - 3 May 2010
(Germany) - 2 September 2010
(Japan) - 5 September 2010

Running Time


amphibious-assault, bare-breasts, bare-chested-male, barracks, battle, bazooka, beach, book, brother-brother-relationship, brushing-teeth, bunker, burned-alive, cafeteria, california, camp-pendleton-california, carnage, cigarette-smoking, combat, congressional-medal-of-honor, corpse, cottage, d-day, death, death-of-commanding-officer, death-of-husband,

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Full Cast

  1. Bliss, Ian (I) as [Capt. Le Francois] <9>
  2. Braswell, Dwight as [PFC 'Steve' Evanson] <4>
  3. Chisholm, Ben (II) as (uncredited) [Marine]
  4. Cottee, Karl as (uncredited) [Cpl. Pegg]
  5. Dale, James Badge as [PFC Robert Leckie] <1>
  6. Davine, Richard as (uncredited) [Medic, marine]
  7. Esler, Ben as [PFC Charles Tatum] <10>
  8. Hardy, Eddie as [Marine]
  9. Hill, Les (I) as [1st Lt. Ben Sohn] <12>
  10. Leeder, Stephen as [Lt Gen. Alexander Vandegrift] <13>
  11. Lucente, Luigi as [Carlo Basilone] <14>
  12. Malek, Rami as [Cpl. Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton] <5>
  13. Mazzello, Joseph as [PFC Eugene Sledge] <2>
  14. McCann, Martin (I) as [Cpl. R.V. Burgin] <6>
  15. McIntyre, Liam as [Lew] <15>
  16. Milligan, Chris as (uncredited) [Marine]
  17. Mitchell, Ben L. as [Marine]
  18. Pantano, Paul as [Angelo Basilone] <16>
  19. Seda, Jon as [Sgt. John Basilone] <3>
  20. Shapiro, Bruce as [Radio Announcer] <17>
  21. Sicari, Joseph R. as [Salvatore Basilone] <18>
  22. Wright, Sammy as [Demo Marine]
  23. Young, Dylan (I) as [PFC Jay De L'eau] <8>
  24. Goldoni, Lelia as [Dora Basilone] <11>
  25. Parisse, Annie as [Sgt. Lena Basilone] <7>
  26. Walsman, Leeanna as [Cpl. Lucy Otis] <19>

Full Plot

The men have been relieved on Peleliu and return to Pavuvu where they are resting and awaiting their next assignment. Sledge sees something being thrown out in the trash and decides to keep it. Back in the USA, John Basilone requests re-assignment from his bond promotion duties and is transferred to Camp Pendleton as an instructor. There he meets Sgt. Lena Riggi, who is in charge of the mess hall. She's no pushover and it takes several attempts before she will even go out with him. Basilone's enlistment is up in a few months and he must decide if he is going to return to civilian life or sign up for another tour and accompany his men to Iwo Jima, their next assignment. He and Lena decide they are going to make the most of the time they have together. garykmcd Increasingly frustrated by his role campaigning for war bonds, Basilone convinces the Marines to allow him to train troops headed for combat. Transferred to Camp Pendleton, he enjoys a whirlwind romance with an initially reluctant female Marine, Lena Riggi. But the couple know they are living on borrowed time, as Basilone is soon to take part in the Marine landing on Iwo Jima. HBO Publicity Plot not found

Movie Certificate

16 (Netherlands)
Not Rated (USA)


  1. Windon, Stephen F.

Dress Designers

  1. Rose, Penny (I)


HBO Home Entertainment [us] - (2011) (USA) (DVD)
HBO Hungary [hu] - (2010) (Hungary) (TV)
Home Box Office Home Video (HBO) [us] - (2010) (USA) (TV)
Veronica [nl] - (2010) (Netherlands) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Cody, Alan (I)


  1. Ambrose, Hugh (historical consultant)
  2. Atherton, Simon (I) (master armorer)
  3. Baker, Camilla (assistant to cast)
  4. Barr, Rowan (I) (production runner)
  5. Becker, Samantha (I) (assistant: Mr. Spielberg)
  6. Bermudez, Engeline (assistant accountant)
  7. Bermudez, Noel (I) (production accountant)
  8. Bower, Pamela (II) (assistant: Gene Kelly)
  9. Bunch, Sean (assistant military technical advisor)
  10. Calevro, Kami (post production accountant)
  11. Carruthers, Linda (legal coordinator)
  12. Chodorov, Marjorie (post accountant)
  13. Cleary, Mark (II) (laboratory technician)
  14. Cline, Morgan (I) (assistant: Mr. Goetzman)
  15. Coady, Ruth (assistant production coordinator)
  16. Costanzo, Margherita (production assistant)
  17. Currier, Charles (military advisor)
  18. Dart, Jessica (assistant location manager)
  19. Daubeny, Nick (supervising location manager)
  20. Diamond, Allison (assistant: Mr. Hanks)
  21. Duxbury, Traci (assistant accountant)
  22. Dye, Dale (senior military advisor) (as Capt. Dale A. Dye)
  23. Dye, Julia (military advisor)
  24. Elliott, Melissa (I) (end titles)
  25. Farnsworth, Freddie Joe (technical advisor: military)
  26. Firth, Guy (caterer)
  27. Flavin, John (assistant to directors)
  28. Fox, John (III) (supervising armorer)
  29. Freeman, Suzie (first assistant accountant)
  30. Garcia, Roberto (I) (assistant military advisor)
  31. Gattuso, Serena (production coordinator)
  32. Giaudrone, Nicole (assistant: Mr. Yost)
  33. Granger, Toby (unit assistant)
  34. Grose, Karen (project manager)
  35. Gubbins, Ben (armory assistant)
  36. Haecker, Nancy (scout)
  37. Hartstone, Lauren (title designer)
  38. Hausmann, Alan (webbing master)
  39. Heath, Maude (location manager)
  40. Henry, Michael (XXIV) (laboratory technician)
  41. Hood, Dean (financial controller)
  42. Hood, Matthew (IV) (payroll officer)
  43. Huynh, Kim-Anh (payroll assistant) (as Kim-Ann Huynh)
  44. Izumihara, Yutaka (military advisor)
  45. Johnston, Marcus (unit assistant)
  46. Kenny, Angela (I) (production accountant: Australia)
  47. Kervin, Kerrie (unit assistant)
  48. Kline, Kelsey (production coordinator: USA)
  49. Knight, Daryl (paramedic: deputy manager)
  50. Lander, Erin (I) (on set production assistant)
  51. Lawrence, Melanie (key assistant accountant)
  52. Lehmann, Mark (I) (armory assistant)
  53. Lidyard, Tony (assistant military advisor)
  54. Lindemann, Bryce (paramedic: general manager)
  55. Lindley, Andrew (I) (payroll accountant)
  56. Lipa, Tali (budget controller)
  57. Liu, Thai (production assistant: USA)
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  107. Yap, Grace (account clerk)


Merriell Shelton: Are my eyes yellow? Sgt. Stone: Are my eyes yellow? Merriell Shelton: Are my eyes yellow?