"The Pacific" (2010) {Peleliu Airfield (#1.6)} TV Season

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Overview "The Pacific" Season 01 Episode 06 (S01E06)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
8.3/ 10 (475 Votes)

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Production Company
DreamWorks SKG [us]
Home Box Office (HBO) [us]
Playtone [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 18 April 2010
(Hungary) - 19 April 2010
(Finland) - 9 May 2010
(Germany) - 19 August 2010
(Japan) - 22 August 2010

Running Time


115-degrees-farenheit, 60-mm-mortar, aerial-bombardment, airfield, arm-blown-off, arm-sling, artillery-barrage, battle, battle-of-peleliu, bazooka, binoculars, blood, camera-shot-of-feet, canned-peaches, canteen, cigarette-smoking, corpse, coughing-blood, dead-animal-in-water, death-of-friend, dismemberment, doctor, evacuation, exploding-body, explosion,

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Full Cast

  1. Allsop, Warwick as (as Warwick Allsopp) [Doctor] <16>
  2. Bertoli, Sebastian as (uncredited) [Marine 6]
  3. Brochmann, Byron J. as (uncredited) [US Marine - B Core]
  4. Chisholm, Ben (II) as (uncredited) [Marine]
  5. Dale, James Badge as [PFC Robert Leckie] <1>
  6. Davine, Richard as (uncredited) [Wounded Marine]
  7. de Vanny, André as [Crazy Marine] <17>
  8. Fletcher, Brendan (I) as [PFC Bill Leyden] <5>
  9. Ford, Leon as (as Leon Willem Ford) [1st Lt. Edward 'Hillbilly' Jones] <6>
  10. Gaylyn, James as [Tee] <19>
  11. Gibson, Scott (I) as [Capt. Andrew Haldane] <7>
  12. Hanks, Tom as (voice) (uncredited) [Narrator]
  13. Holmes, Ashton as [PFC Sidney Phillips] <8>
  14. Hubbard, Ross as (uncredited) [Marine]
  15. Huggett, Richard (I) as [Maj. Coyle] <20>
  16. Ikefuji, Shinji as (uncredited) [IJA Officer]
  17. Kelvy, Alexander as [Pvt. Daniels] <21>
  18. Kyriakidis, Jacob as [Radio Man] <22>
  19. Lees, Andrew (I) as [PFC Robert Oswalt] <23>
  20. Lubicz, Adam as [Amtrac Driver] <24>
  21. Ludlow, David (II) as [Pvt. Lil'One]
  22. Malek, Rami as [PFC Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton] <9>
  23. Mazzello, Joseph as (as Joe Mazzello) [PFC Eugene Sledge] <2>
  24. McCann, Martin (I) as [Cpl. R.V. Burgin] <10>
  25. Mercay, Pascal as [Battalion Operations Officer] <25>
  26. Milligan, Chris as (uncredited) [Marine]
  27. Moore, Toby Leonard as [2nd Lt. Stone] <11>
  28. Nobbs, Keith as [PFC Wilbur 'Runner' Conley] <12>
  29. O Farrell, Conor (I) as [Dr. Sledge] <13>
  30. Rickards, Gareth as [Gareth Rickards] <26>
  31. Seda, Jon as [Sgt. John Basilone] <3>
  32. Sweet, Gary (I) as [Sgt. Elmo 'Gunny' Haney] <14>
  33. Valent, Ned (I) as (uncredited) [Springbutt]
  34. Young, Dylan (I) as [PFC Jay De L'eau] <15>
  35. Cropper, Linda as [Mary Frank Sledge] <4>
  36. Fisher, Lia as [Rose] <18>

Full Plot

The battle on Peleliu goes on as the Marines continue towards the airfield. It's only the second day of fighting on the island but water is in short supply and the heat is excruciating. They are under constant bombardment from Japanese artillery located in the Peleliu Hills but the only way they can get there is to cross the airfield, a vast, open expanse. Bob Lechie is wounded and subsequently evacuated to a nearby ship. Sledge proves to be a steady hand in the battle. Back in the USA, Sid Phillips drops in on Eugene Sledge's parents. garykmcd Despite the suffocating 115-degree heat and a lack of clean drinking water, Sledge, Leckie and the other Marines confront the highly-fortified enemy as they attempt to capture the Peleliu airfield. After seeing his comrades badly injured, Leckie himself is wounded and evacuated from the island. Sledge witnesses the shocking truth about what is sometimes required to survive and fight another day. HBO Publicity Plot not found

Movie Certificate

16 (Netherlands)


  1. Adefarasin, Remi (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Rose, Penny (I)


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  1. Alec, Rob (double: Sledge) (uncredited)
  2. Ambrose, Hugh (historical consultant)
  3. Atherton, Simon (I) (master armorer)
  4. Baker, Camilla (assistant to cast)
  5. Barr, Rowan (I) (production runner)
  6. Becker, Samantha (I) (assistant: Mr. Spielberg)
  7. Bermudez, Engeline (assistant accountant)
  8. Bermudez, Noel (I) (production accountant)
  9. Blow, Miles (laboratory technician)
  10. Bower, Pamela (II) (assistant: Gene Kelly)
  11. Bunch, Sean (military advisor)
  12. Calevro, Kami (post production accountant)
  13. Caracciolo, Manuel (production runner)
  14. Chodorov, Marjorie (post accountant)
  15. Cleary, Mark (II) (laboratory technician)
  16. Cline, Morgan (I) (assistant: Mr. Goetzman)
  17. Costanzo, Margherita (production assistant)
  18. Currier, Charles (military advisor)
  19. Dart, Jessica (assistant location manager)
  20. Daubeny, Nick (supervising location manager)
  21. Diamond, Allison (assistant: Mr. Hanks)
  22. Downes, Karen (II) (unit assistant)
  23. Dray, Michael (II) (unit assistant)
  24. Dunne, Tommy (senior armory technician)
  25. Duxbury, Traci (assistant accountant)
  26. Dye, Dale (senior military advisor) (as Capt. Dale A. Dye)
  27. Dye, Julia (military advisor)
  28. Farnsworth, Freddie Joe (technical advisor: military)
  29. Flavin, John (assistant to directors)
  30. Forbes, Jane (script supervisor)
  31. Fox, John (III) (supervising armorer)
  32. Freeman, Suzie (first assistant accountant)
  33. Garcia, Roberto (I) (assistant military advisor)
  34. Gattuso, Serena (production coordinator)
  35. Giaudrone, Nicole (assistant: Mr. Yost)
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  37. Gubbins, Ben (armorer)
  38. Haecker, Nancy (scout)
  39. Hartstone, Lauren (title designer)
  40. Hausmann, Alan (webbing master)
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  42. Henry, Michael (XXIV) (laboratory technician)
  43. Hood, Dean (financial controller)
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Merriell Shelton: Saw you readin' last night. Eugene B. Sledge: My Bible? Merriell Shelton: Writin', too. Ain't supposed to write shit down, you know. Gives the Japs valuable intel if they find it. Eugene B. Sledge: Guess I won't show it to 'em, then. Merriell Shelton: [he grins] Got a smoke? [Eugene hands him two cigarettes] Thanks, Sledgehammer. Cpl. R.V. Burgin: "Sledgehammer." I like that. PFC Bill Leyden: [in mild disgust] Jesus Christ. Merriell Shelton: Don't worry, we got a nickname for you too, Bill Leyden. We call you Ball-Peen Hammer. Like a little hammer, for a little man. PFC Bill Leyden: All right, "Snafu." Shit... 'n' ass... fuck-up. Merriell Shelton: Little joke from the little man. [they all smile] Capt. Andrew Haldane: History is full of wars that were fought for a hundred different reasons. But this war. Our war. I have to believe that it's all worthwhile, because our cause is just. Capt. Andrew Haldane: History is full of wars that are fought for a hundred different reasons. But this war, our war... I have to believe that every step across that airfield, every man that is wounded, every man I lose... and it is all worthwhile, because our cause is just.