The Philosophers (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
An Olive Branch Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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indonesia, international-school, jakarta-indonesia, philosophy, philosophy-teacher, school, teacher, teacher-student-relationship,

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Full Cast

  1. Artist, Jacob as [Parker]
  2. Blagden, George as [Andy]
  3. D Arcy, James (I) as [Mr. Zimit]
  4. Hassan, Taser (I) as [Nelson]
  5. Homayoun, Darius as [Toby]
  6. Sabara, Daryl as [Chips]
  7. Sebastian, Toby as [Russell]
  8. Sinha, Abhi as [Kavi]
  9. Stroma, Freddie as [Jack]
  10. Wakefield, Rhys as [James]
  11. Coulthard, Philippa as [Poppie]
  12. Findlay, Katie (I) as [Bonnie]
  13. Gott, Natasha as [Yoshiko]
  14. Ho, Chanelle Bianca as [Mitzie]
  15. Kiehl, Cinta Laura as [Utami]
  16. Le-Vu, Melissa as [Plum]
  17. Lowe, Sophie as [Petra]
  18. Mitchell, Maia as [Beatrice]
  19. Moriarty, Erin (II) as [Vivian]
  20. Wilson, Hope Olaide as [Omosedé]
  21. Wright, Bonnie as [Georgina]


  1. Drama
  2. Fantasy
  3. Sci-Fi
  4. Thriller

Music Composers

  1. Davis, Jonathan (I) (score composer)
  2. O'Toole, Nicholas (score composer)


  1. Radel, John (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Gyde, Shani


Dutch FilmWorks (DFW) [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Yeh, William


  1. Armand, Dita (account assistant)
  2. Badhu, Use (armory assistant)
  3. Basuki, Nardi (production accountant)
  4. Buckner, Frank (production assistant)
  5. Fahmi-Lubis, Ismail (II) (making-of/b-roll photographer)
  6. Fazari, Rachmi (production assistant)
  7. Gunawan, Emma (travel coordinator)
  8. Hadi, Syamsul (II) (still photgrapher)
  9. Hasibuan, Medina Effendi (production assistant)
  10. Hastuti, Widri (production assistant)
  11. Isdiyanto, Bocor Nogusta (digital imaging technician)
  12. Jackson, Kyle Dean (head of post production)
  13. Mahardika, Debbie (accounting staff)
  14. Manaf, Abdul (II) (location manager)
  15. Mozad, Adele (unit location manager: JKT)
  16. Nirmanto, Nanki (production assistant)
  17. Nugraha, Moyo Ismaya (unit location coordinator: belitung)
  18. Prajitno, Nono Bambang Adi (set coordinator)
  19. Putri, Fajarina (account assistant)
  20. Rbibo, Daniel (insurance services)
  21. Sandrayanti, Yustina Anita (production co-ordinator)
  22. Sasmanto, Dwi Agung (unit location coordinator: yogya)
  23. Singh, Rahul (XII) (production assistant)
  24. Singh, Ria (I) (assistant to Cybill Lui (Indonesia)
  25. Singh, Ria (I) (assistant to Ms. Lui: Indonesia)
  26. Sokol, Oksana (I) (script supervisor)
  27. Susanto, Johanes Willy (production assistant)
  28. Sustisna, Tisna (production assistant)
  29. Tono, Edos (production assistant)
  30. Utomo, Susilo Priyo (unit location manager: bromo)
  31. Vanyo, Nikolai (production assistant)
  32. Yogarini, Liliana (construction production assistant)