"The Prisoner" (2009) {Episode 3: Anvil (#1.3)} TV Season

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Overview "The Prisoner" Season 01 Episode 03 (S01E03)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.6/ 10 (66 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 16 November 2009
(UK) - 1 May 2010
(Japan) - 7 June 2010
(Spain) - 31 July 2010
(Finland) - 18 July 2011

Running Time
60 (with commercials)


apartment, appointment, attempted-suicide, bag-over-head, bare-chested-male, beer, bicycle, blood, blood-on-one's-hand, bubble, cafe, cell-phone, chains, classroom, clinic, club, coffee, dating-service, desert, despair, dog, drawing, dream-sequence, dreamer, fear,

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Full Cast

  1. Campbell Bower, Jamie as [11-12] <8>
  2. Caviezel, Jim as [6/Michael] <2>
  3. Dowds, Garian as [66-16] <17>
  4. Grier, Warrick as [1955] <15>
  5. James, Lennie as [147] <5>
  6. McKellen, Ian as [2] <1>
  7. Regan, Vincent as [909] <6>
  8. Weissenstein, Wolfgang as [Butler] <18>
  9. Atwell, Hayley as [Lucy] <3>
  10. Blake, Rachael as [M2] <7>
  11. Das Neves, Lauren as [1100] <16>
  12. Esau, Savannah Charon as [832] <21>
  13. Wilson, Ruth (II) as [313] <4>

Full Plot

Number 2 asks Number 6 to work for him as an agent to locate dreamers, that is those who dream of a world other than the Village. Number 6 is under no illusions however and while he agrees to work for him, he does so only to hopefully gain some type of advantage over him. He's paired with 909 and is placed as a teacher of surveillance in a school to observe Number 1955, also a teacher. He uses his position to his advantage by asking his students to find out what exactly is going on. He also learns about Number 1. Life becomes more complicated when 303 learns that he is working as an agent and assumes that she was one of his targets. garykmcd Six learns that the man he knows as Two is only the latest in a series of Two's, and that there is no One nor has there ever been. This rank is to show that even Two is a public servant. Upon a surprise request, Six agrees to work undercover for Two in a cell with 909. They are unaware of any of the other cells, meaning that everyone is possibly working undercover for Two in some capacity. Six is up front in that he is only taking this role to target Two. Six and 909's task is to watch 1955, a teacher who is suspected of being a dreamer. With 1955 being a teacher, Six goes undercover as a teacher himself, his class on surveillance. Six uses this role in an unusual way for his own benefit. Also in his undercover work, Six learns more about others in The Village, including 909, 11-12 and 313, the latter who has a love-hate relationship with Six. Meanwhile, Six remembers more about Lucy, the reason she approached him and her connection to Summakor. And the sleeping woman in Palais Two awakens. She is Two's wife, M2. Huggo Plot not found

Total Business

CP: ITV Studios Limited 2009

Music Composers

  1. Gregson-Williams, Rupert


  1. Hoffmeister, Florian (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Clive, Jane (co-costume designer)
  2. Sheppard, Anna B. (as Anna Sheppard)


American Movie Classics (AMC) [us] - (2009) (USA) (TV)
IPA Asia Pacific [us] - (2010) (Taiwan) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Garrick, Paul


  1. Bentley, Robert (VII) (location manager: Cape Town)
  2. Blakey, Simon (I) (assistant to the producer)
  3. Connelly, Gary (production executive)
  4. Downing, Rory (business affairs manager)
  5. Espach, Jaco (location manager: Namibia)
  6. Fiddaman, Cherry (financial controller)
  7. Flannery, Frances (script editor)
  8. Fletcher, Terry (I) (script supervisor)
  9. Groenmeyer, Lathiem (production coordinator)
  10. Heij, Carol (production coordinator)
  11. Kilian, Grant (production secretary)
  12. Kirby, John (I) (acting coach: Jim Caviezel)
  13. Klarenbeek, Eduard (assistant location manager: Cape Town)
  14. Kruger, Stefan (accountant)
  15. Kruger, Stefan (production accountant)
  16. Lewis, Nathon S. (personal assistant: Jim Caviezel) (as Nathon Lewis)
  17. Miles, Yan (titles: concept)


Two: Fear is always guilt in disguise. 909: Everything's suspicious if you look at it properly.


- WILHELM SCREAM: The scream can be heard when the man disappears before the glowing Rover.