"The Prisoner" (2009) {Episode 5: Schizoid (#1.5)} TV Season

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Overview "The Prisoner" Season 01 Episode 05 (S01E05)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.4/ 10 (64 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 17 November 2009
(Belgium) - 7 May 2010
(UK) - 15 May 2010
(Japan) - 21 June 2010
(Spain) - 14 August 2010

Running Time
60 (with commercials)


announcement, apartment, arrival, bar, bare-chested-male, bicycle, blood, building, bus, cake, card, cherry, church, cigarette-smoking, clinic, club, deception, desert, doppelganger, dream-sequence, dreamer, elevator, female-doctor, firefighter, flashback,

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Full Cast

  1. Butler, David (IV) as [Shopkeeper/Access Man] <15>
  2. Campbell Bower, Jamie as [11-12] <8>
  3. Caviezel, Jim as [6/Michael] <2>
  4. James, Lennie as [147] <5>
  5. McKellen, Ian as [2/Un-Two] <1>
  6. Regan, Vincent as (uncredited) [Surveillance Target]
  7. Atwell, Hayley as [4-15/Lucy] <3>
  8. Blake, Rachael as [M2] <7>
  9. Haines, Jessica as (uncredited) [Surveillance Target]
  10. Stewart, Sara (I) as [Surveillance Target] <6>
  11. Stuurman, Renate as [21-16] <17>
  12. Wilson, Ruth (II) as [313] <4>

Full Plot

Both 313 and 147 mention encounters with Six that Six denies remembering. While 313 and 147 believe it's because Six is having a mental breakdown, Six soon realizes it is because there is a double of him wandering around The Village. Calling himself 2x6, the double, who is a vengeful version of Six, has the sole mission of killing Two. Despite his disdain for Two, Six wants to stop his double from accomplishing this task as he believes it will make him no better than those he despises. There is also a double of Two wandering around the Village, calling himself the Untwo or the Numberless, who has a different purpose. Meanwhile, Two discloses to 11-12 where The Village is located. 11-12 spends some one-on-one time with his mother, M2, for the first time in his life. She confirms and expands on what Two has previously told their son, which includes why 11-12 will spend the rest of his life in The Village. 313 is having nightmares and comes to face those nightmares directly when she finds a portal to another world. And Six begins to have a concurrent life as Michael with memories of Six. As Michael, he begins to understand who is sent to The Village. Huggo Duplicates of Number 2 and Number 6 suddenly appear in the Village. Number 2's double, who calls himself 2x6, seems to be a more vengeful and angry version of the original who says he's there to murder Number 2. The leader of the Village's double calls himself the un-2 and walks about talking to residents and philosophizing. The fact that there are two 2's and two 6's is causing a good deal of confusion and leads to several confrontations. Number 2's son, 11-12, meets his mother, apparently for the first time and she explains a bit of the Village's history to him. She also explains to him why he will never be able to leave. garykmcd Plot not found

Total Business

CP: ITV Studios Limited 2009

Music Composers

  1. Gregson-Williams, Rupert


  1. Hoffmeister, Florian (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Clive, Jane (co-costume designer)
  2. Sheppard, Anna B. (as Anna Sheppard)


American Movie Classics (AMC) [us] - (2009) (USA) (TV)
IPA Asia Pacific [us] - (2010) (Taiwan) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Miles, Yan


  1. Bentley, Robert (VII) (location manager: Cape Town)
  2. Connelly, Gary (production executive)
  3. Downing, Rory (business affairs manager)
  4. Espach, Jaco (location manager: Namibia)
  5. Fiddaman, Cherry (financial controller)
  6. Flannery, Frances (script editor)
  7. Fletcher, Terry (I) (script supervisor)
  8. French Greenslade, Louisa (assistant to the producer) (as Louisa French-Greenslade)
  9. Groenmeyer, Lathiem (production coordinator)
  10. Heij, Carol (production coordinator)
  11. Kilian, Grant (production secretary)
  12. Kirby, John (I) (acting coach: Jim Caviezel)
  13. Klarenbeek, Eduard (assistant location manager: Cape Town)
  14. Kruger, Stefan (accountant)
  15. Kruger, Stefan (production accountant)
  16. Lewis, Nathon S. (personal assistant: Jim Caviezel) (as Nathon Lewis)
  17. Miles, Yan (titles: concept)
  18. Rutman, Paul (additional material)
  19. Scanlon, Jennie (script executive)